• WordNet 3.6
    • n guidance the act of setting and holding a course "a new council was installed under the direction of the king"
    • n guidance the act of guiding or showing the way
    • n guidance something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Guidance The act or result of guiding; the superintendence or assistance of a guide; direction; government; a leading. "His studies were without guidance and without plan."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n guidance The act of guiding; a leading or conducting; direction; instruction.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Guidance direction: government
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  • Leonard Ravenhill
    Leonard Ravenhill
    “Men give advice; God gives guidance.”
  • Tristan Tzara
    Tristan Tzara
    “The rest, called literature, is a dossier of human imbecility for the guidance of future professors.”
  • Anne Sullivan
    Anne Sullivan
    “Children need guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.”
  • Robert Jacob Goodkin
    Robert Jacob Goodkin
    “Look to the past for guidance into the future.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Guide
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. guider; prob. from a Teut. root, as in A.S. witan, to know, wís, wise, Ger. weisen, to show, conn. with wit, wise.


In literature:

Paying a fortnight in advance, I withdrew even from the lodging I had taken, and turned to the Lord more absolutely for guidance.
"The Story of John G. Paton" by James Paton
It is to be hoped that this good man may soon submit more to missionary guidance.
"India, Its Life and Thought" by John P. Jones
I'm going to leave you to your own conscience and to the guidance of your virtuous sky-pilot.
"The Scarlet Feather" by Houghton Townley
It is this guidance and this sustaining power that all great souls fall back upon in times of great crises.
"The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit" by Ralph Waldo Trine
Had the guidance of the vanished hand led only to a disappointment like this?
"A Vanished Hand" by Sarah Doudney
How can it give guidance "at the outset"?
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
He recognised with quick penetration successive political necessities and followed their guidance.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)" by Leopold von Ranke
Superstitious awe affects more lightly the consciences of priests than the hearts of those who trust the priests for their guidance.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
Under the guidance of map No.
"Pleasures of the telescope" by Garrett Serviss
Perhaps he would find some wisdom or guidance in the book.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea

In poetry:

Earthly props are useless,
On Thy grace I fall;
Earthly strength is weakness,
Father, on Thee I call,--
For comfort, strength, and guidance,
O, give me all!
"Props" by John Oxenham
To leave awhile the daylight of the real,
Led by the guidance of the master's hand,
For the strange radiance of the far ideal,--
"The light that never was on sea or land."
"The Coming Era" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Search me, O God! and know my heart;
Try me; my secret soul survey;
And warn thy servant to depart
From every false and evil way:
So shall thy truth my guidance be
To life and immortality.
"How precious are thy thoughts of peace" by James Montgomery
If word of mine another's gloom has brightened,
Through my dumb lips the heaven-sent message came;
If hand of mine another's task has lightened,
It felt the guidance that it dares not claim.
"The Iron Gate" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
For lo! The bugle note of war
Is wafted from a southern strand!
O Lord of Battles! we implore
The guidance of Thy mighty hand,
While as of yore, the hero draws
His sword in Freedom's sacred cause!
"Battle Hymn." by Alfred Castner King
With love and trust and truth, my heart
Beats all for thee;
And though our lives may wander far apart,
Till death's decree
Shall pierce my hopes with deadly dart,
Thou still my star of guidance art.
"Good-Night" by Freeman Edwin Miller

In news:

In 1994, when my grandmother received a diagnosis of kidney cancer, her doctors also gave our family a prognosis, but no guidance: She had two to eight weeks to live, they said, and we should consult hospice.
It's possible its western periphery could brush Bermuda over the weekend, but model guidance is pretty consistent in tracking Ophelia 's center safely east of the island.
States are getting new guidance from President Barack Obama about how they can get around provisions in the No Child Left Behind law.
Get some guidance on scheduling your next appointment from a member of Dr Oz's expert panel.
The FI is provided some guidance by various policies and directives from the Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) central office.
Tom Pecora needed some guidance.
There's at least one memo from a local Scouting executive pleading for better guidance on how to handle abuse allegations.
Is it healthy that the video game industry is looking for funding and guidance from the masses.
Houston's oldest and best craft beer bar is still going strong since opening in 2007, thanks to the guidance of beer god Ben Fullelove.
Agencies face 'hodge- podge ' guidance on security clearances.
Parishes and especially families play vital roles in providing guidance, he says.
Increasing demand for railcars , specialty barges and tank containers enabled management to raise its fiscal 2012 earnings per share guidance from $2.55 – $2.70 to $2.95 – $3.10.
( Red Oak )--Members of the Red Oak FFA, under the guidance of Alan Spencer, recently had a great time of fun and learning at the FFA National Convention held in Indianapolis.
The students of the Red Oak FFA are revved up and ready to go as the school year is now underway and there's plenty to do under the guidance of FFA advisor, Alan Spencer.
(Red Oak)--Members of the Red Oak FFA, under the guidance of Alan Spencer, recently had a great time of fun and learning at the FFA National Convention held in Indianapolis.

In science:

To look for guidance in designing better policies.
National Information Infrastructure Development in Canada and the U.S.: Redefining Universal Service and Universal Access in the Age of Techno-Economic Convergence
As determining the influence of the environment on the particle via the guidance condition (1). 2.
On the Experimental Incompatibility Between Standard and Bohmian Quantum Mechanics
Ra jeev, we would like to express our gratitute to him for his generosity and being such a unique source of inspiration and guidance. O. T.
Large N limit of SO(N) gauge theory of fermions and bosons
The guidance condition being the only input in dBB that is additional to quantum mechanics, it goes without saying that any analysis that does not take this condition into account and merely uses the identity (4) and the continuity equation will trivially reproduce the same results as quantum mechanics in every case.
Comments on Struyve and Baere's paper on experiments to distinguish Bohmian mechanics from quantum mechanics
This result is, however, true only provided the guidance condition does not imply a constraint like Y1 (ti ) + Y2 (ti ) = 0 on the trajectories for every ti .
Comments on Struyve and Baere's paper on experiments to distinguish Bohmian mechanics from quantum mechanics