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  • WordNet 3.6
    • n groundhog reddish brown North American marmot
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In the past 60 years, the groundhog has only predicted the weather correctly 28% of the time. The rushing back and forth from burrows is believed to indicate sexual activity, not shadow seeking
    • n groundhog The American marmot, Arctomys monax, more commonly called woodchuck. See cut under Arctomys.
    • n groundhog The aardvark or ant-eater of Africa, Orycteropus capensis. Also called ground-pig and earth-hog. See cut under aardvark.
    • n groundhog One of the fat white grubs or larvæ of some beetles, as the June-bug or the May-beetle. Also called white-grub.
    • n groundhog A Madagascan insectivorous mammal of the family Centetidæ, as the Centetes ecaudatus.
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In literature:

Some there be that still take stock in the groundhog.
"Back Home" by Eugene Wood
Alan would none of it; he was off to his woodchuck or groundhog.
"Thoroughbreds" by W. A. Fraser
First she thought she would run across the plank, but she was afraid of the groundhog at either end.
"Buddy And Brighteyes Pigg" by Howard R. Garis
Mr. Groundhog didn't give me enough sweet potato.
"Sammie and Susie Littletail" by Howard R. Garis
I liked rabbit and groundhog.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
A groundhog saw mill, it was.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves: Volume II, Arkansas Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
She taught me how to drown out groundhogs and chipmunks from their holes.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
The groundhog or woodchuck is the best-known example of the group.
"The Meaning of Evolution" by Samuel Christian Schmucker
It was a groundhog case.
"In The Ranks" by R. E. McBride
Occasionally one is trapped, with bloody groundhog for bait; but I have yet to meet a man who has succeeded in shooting one.
"Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart
Groundhog, have you got a nigger in the wagon?
"Si Klegg, Book 2 (of 6)" by John McElroy
He ordered Groundhog to halt and receive his dues.
"Si Klegg, Book 3 (of 6) Si And Shorty Meet Mr. Rosenbaum, The Spy, Who Relates His Adventures" by John McElroy
Shorty slapped his bayonet on, and brought the point very near Groundhog's abdomen.
"Si Klegg, Book 4 (of 6) Experiences Of Si And Shorty On The Great Tullahoma Campaign" by John McElroy
He ran up against Groundhog.
"Si Klegg, Book 6 (of 6) Si And Shorty, With Their Boy Recruits, Enter On The Atlanta Campaign" by John McElroy
In nearly all places where there are 'coons, squirrels and woodchucks (groundhogs) may be found also.
"Hunting Dogs" by Oliver Hartley
Nowadays ye ain't goin' to find liquor so plenty nowhar, 'cept mebbe at old Groundhog's still.
"The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains" by Charles Egbert Craddock
He also studies groundhogs on the same occasion.
"With Americans of Past and Present Days" by J. J. Jusserand
While groundhogs live and comets shine, you'll be no blushing bride of mine!
"Uncle Walt [Walt Mason]" by Walt Mason

In poetry:

In June, amid the golden fields,
I saw a groundhog lying dead.
Dead lay he; my senses shook,
And mind outshot our naked frailty.
"The Groundhog" by Richard Eberhart

In news:

In the film " Groundhog Day ," Bill Murray wakes up each morning and relives the previous day.
It's a real-life " Groundhog Day .".
I n the film " Groundhog Day ," Bill Murray wakes up each morning and relives the previous day.
Middle East conflict is like ' Groundhog Day .
' Groundhog Day ' feeling at Spartan Stadium leaves Michigan State with a 'hard pill to swallow'.
Anyone listening to the US election campaign speeches over the last few days would be forgiven for thinking they were living in Groundhog Day .
This feels like Groundhog Day .
Jean Quan's Groundhog Day .
Paul Ryan's ' Groundhog Day '.
Like Bill Murray's character in " Groundhog Day ," Rep Paul Ryan appears condemned to repeat the same experiences over and over again.
Groundhog Day 's star: Punxsutawney Phil.
10 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie ' Groundhog Day .
Just as watching a fat rodent sticking his head out of a hole has become tradition every February 2nd, so has watching the movie that takes it's name — it's Groundhog Day .
10 Things You Didn't Know About Groundhog Day .
Groundhog Day was first celebrated on February 2, 1886 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, but the legend of the groundhog's prognosticating prowess was first established a year later.