• WordNet 3.6
    • n greenishness the property of being somewhat green
    • ***


In literature:

The cormorant ruffled its greenish feathers and watched him curiously.
"The Moon Rock" by Arthur J. Rees
Underside of the mesothorax and metathorax with many greenish scales.
"Voyage Of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by John MacGillivray
From the ashes Charley drew forth a charred bit of greenish pasteboard.
"The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol" by Lewis E. Theiss
Near this situation, the bottom is a greenish mud, at the depth of 78 fathoms.
"A Voyage to Terra Australis" by Matthew Flinders
The egg is brown or greenish, and speckled.
"Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands" by Charles Nordhoff
They seemed to have become brighter than before, shining with a greenish lustre that he had not at first observed.
"The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Vol. II: In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians" by Ambrose Bierce
The glass was thick, uneven, distorted, and greenish in color.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
The colour of the Rhine is greenish, and the mixture of the water with the foam, has a curious effect.
"A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium" by Richard Boyle Bernard
In extreme cases this pallor even becomes greenish.
"Study of Child Life" by Marion Foster Washburne
This is a large yellowish or greenish striped worm.
"The Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming." by Ellen Eddy Shaw
She stared back into the blazing, greenish-brown eyes of the other, her own eyes unafraid, challenging.
"Sheila of Big Wreck Cove" by James A. Cooper
The color of the foliage and leaves is greenish-blue, which shades into a dozen blues and greens.
"The House in Good Taste" by Elsie de Wolfe
It fuses with microcosmic salt in the oxidation flame to a clear yellow bead, which is greenish-yellow when cold.
"A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe" by Anonymous
The worst was that the sloping glazed roof looked to the north, between two high walls, and only admitted a greenish cellar-like light.
"His Masterpiece" by Emile Zola
The flowers are greenish and insignificant.
"On the Trail" by Lina Beard and Adelia Belle Beard
The seed is covered with a greenish fur and is enveloped in a fine, silky down, yellowish white in color.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
Perhaps it would be better to describe it as a shadow ... but I could swear that it was of a greenish colour.
"War and the Weird" by Forbes Phillips
Up from the woods shot a beam of the greenish-red light.
"The Fire People" by Ray Cummings
There is a marked tendency to rupturing of the lesions, the discharge drying to thick, yellowish, brownish or greenish crusts.
"Essentials of Diseases of the Skin" by Henry Weightman Stelwagon
The prisoner had greenish eyes, a yellow body, and its wings were dotted over with black and scarlet.
"Adventures of a Young Naturalist" by Lucien Biart

In poetry:

My primroses,
That gave a greenish, pale moonshine,
O mischief-making bees!
Are red as wine.
"Mischief To A Bee" by Mary Webb
Drab forms blur into greenish vapor.
Through boughs like cross-bones,
Pale arcs flare and shiver
Like lilies in a wind.
"Flotsam" by Lola Ridge
This planet will forget offences
Of him who trades, of him who kills,
And, as in reminiscences,
Druids will teach from greenish hills.
"Oh, How Silent Is the Nature" by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev
And sometimes, while the old nurse cons
Her book, they steal across the square,
And launch their paper navies where
Huge Triton writhes in greenish bronze.
"Le Jardin Des Tuileries" by Oscar Wilde
Belovèd, smoke my amber Pipe awhile
And from its Bowl narcotic Joys beguile,
Suck Lethe from its Stem - what though I trace
A certain greenish Pallour in your Smile?
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr." by Wallace Irwin
Said I: "Don't think I grudge you breath;
I hate to spill your greenish gore,
But why did you invite your death
By straying on my bath-room floor?"
"It is because," said he (or she),
"Adventure is my destiny.
"Death Of A Cockroach" by Robert W Service

In news:

It looks like a greenish scrambled.
So grab a basket at the market while they last — rich and luscious dark purple Black Missions, golden nutty-flavored Calimyrnas or greenish yellowy-skinned Kadotas.
Our grackles are purple and greenish around their necks.
Greenish -black matter linked to meningitis outbreak.
' Greenish -black' material tied to meningitis deaths.
Greenish Black' Matter In Steroid Vials, Mold In NECC 'Clean Rooms.
CORRECTIONS- Alexander not the source, Habitat's not green apple on greenish , House bigger than we thought.
The bright lights of the big city are getting a little bit duller in N.Y. Skyline's greenish tint.
"I'm surprised you even got in the door with that," said Lana, the cafeteria director at the school where I work, eyeing with obvious distaste the giant jug of greenish Gatorade I was carrying.
The bright lights of the big city are getting a little bit duller in N.Y. Skyline's greenish tint .
Have you noticed a hint of a greenish glow in the night sky.
'Greenish black foreign matter' was found in 83 vials of a batch of the tainted steroid that caused a meningitis outbreak .
Many the blond has gone swimming to emerge from the pool with greenish hair.
(WGGB) — Greenish yellow pollen continues to cover pretty much everything around the state.
Fully relaxed and sporadically slipping in and out of waking consciousness, I felt a few distinct jitters and jolts run through each side of my body, and saw greenish patterns of light before my closed eyes that I'd never witnessed before.

In science:

As for B05’s 25a (a greenish radial arc), we identify a new counterimage candidate at fairly large radius, and we rename the system 45.
The Highest Resolution Mass Map of Galaxy Cluster Substructure To Date Without Assuming Light Traces Mass: LensPerfect Analysis of Abell 1689
Figure 1 shows the design sensitivity curves of various gravitational wave detectors, with blueish, reddish and greenish colours indicating first, second and third generation instruments, respectively.
Beyond the Second Generation of Laser-Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatories
The right set of points (greenish/dark tones, squares) are for the DAFF.
Are the diluted antiferromagnet in a field and the random-field Ising model in the same universality class?
The right set of points (greenish/dark tones, squares) are for the DAFF.
Are the diluted antiferromagnet in a field and the random-field Ising model in the same universality class?