• WordNet 3.6
    • v grade determine the grade of or assign a grade to
    • v grade assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation "grade tests","score the SAT essays","mark homework"
    • v grade assign a rank or rating to "how would you rank these students?","The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
    • v grade level to the right gradient
    • n grade a variety of cattle produced by crossbreeding with a superior breed
    • n grade the gradient of a slope or road or other surface "the road had a steep grade"
    • n grade a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality "a moderate grade of intelligence","a high level of care is required","it is all a matter of degree"
    • n grade the height of the ground on which something stands "the base of the tower was below grade"
    • n grade a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance) "she made good marks in algebra","grade A milk","what was your score on your homework?"
    • n grade a degree of ablaut
    • n grade a body of students who are taught together "early morning classes are always sleepy"
    • n grade one-hundredth of a right angle
    • n grade a relative position or degree of value in a graded group "lumber of the highest grade"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The largest school in the world is City Montessori School in India and has over 25,000 students in grade levels ranging from kindergarten to college
    • Grade (In a railroad or highway) A graded ascending, descending, or level portion of a road; a gradient.
    • Grade A step or degree in any series, rank, quality, order; relative position or standing; as, grades of military rank; crimes of every grade; grades of flour. "They also appointed and removed, at their own pleasure,
      teachers of every grade ."
    • Grade (In a railroad or highway) The rate of ascent or descent; gradient; deviation from a level surface to an inclined plane; -- usually stated as so many feet per mile, or as one foot rise or fall in so many of horizontal distance; as, a heavy grade ; a grade of twenty feet per mile, or of 1 in 264.
    • Grade (Stock Breeding) The result of crossing a native stock with some better breed. If the crossbreed have more than three fourths of the better blood, it is called high grade.
    • Grade To arrange in order, steps, or degrees, according to size, quality, rank, etc.
    • Grade (Stock Breeding) To cross with some better breed; to improve the blood of.
    • Grade To reduce to a level, or to an evenly progressive ascent, as the line of a canal or road.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Coffee is graded according to 3 criteria: Bean quality (Altitude and Species) Quality of preparation Size of bean
    • n grade A step, degree, or rank in any series or order; relative position or standing as regards quantity, quality, office, etc.
    • n grade In a road or railroad, the degree of inclination from the horizontal; also, a part of such a road inclined from the horizontal. It is expressed in degrees, in feet per mile, or as a foot in a certain distance. In Great Britain the steepest grade allowed by law on a railway is 1 foot in 70 feet— that is, an ascent or a descent of 1 foot in 70 feet of distance. Also gradient.
    • n grade In zoölogical classification, any group or series of animals, with reference to their earlier or later branching off from the stem or stock from which they are presumed to have evolved.
    • n grade An animal, particularly a cow or bull or a sheep, resulting from a cross between a parent of pure blood and one that is not pure-bred: as, an Aldevney grade. [Also used as an adjective.]
    • grade To sort out or arrange in order according to size, quality, rank, degree of advancement, etc.: as, to grade fruit, wheat, or sugar; to grade the children of a school.
    • grade To reduce, as the line of a canal, road, or railway, to such levels or degrees of inclination as may make it suitable for being used.
    • grade To improve the breed of. as common stock, by crossing with animals of pure blood.
    • grade Same as graith.
    • n grade In trigonometry, in the centesimal system, the hundredth part of a right angle: also, the hundredth part of a quadrant.
    • n grade A small difference between the brightness of two stars: substantially the same as a step: a term used by observers of variable stars.
    • n grade In philol., one of the positions or forms assumed by a vowel or root in a series of phonetic changes caused primarily by change of stress and other factors, as the vowels in English sing, sang, sung, ride, rode, ridden, etc., Latin capio, cepi, -cipio, etc., Greek √λειπ, √λιπ, √λοιπ, leave, √τεμ, √ταμ, √τομ, cut, etc.
    • grade In physical geography, to develop by eroding or filling (degrading or aggrading) into an even slope on which an eroding and transporting agent (such as a stream) will not actively build up or wear down its course.
    • grade In philology to alter or be altered by gradation or ablaut.
    • grade To prove to be of a certain grade or quality.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Per a national survey, 80 percent of U.S. teachers in grades kindergarten through eighth grade have received chocolate as a gift from their students.
    • n Grade grād a degree or step in rank or dignity: the degree of slope on a road as compared with the horizontal: a class of animals produced by crossing a common breed with one purer—also adj.: a group of animals branching off from a common stem
    • v.i Grade to effect gradation
    • n Grade the degree of slope on a road or railway: the difference in the height of the barometer between one place and another place at some distance: an incline
    • n Grade in the Roman Church, the portion of the mass between the epistle and the gospel, formerly always sung from the steps of the altar: the book containing such anthems—also Grail
    • v.i Grade to pass by grades or degrees: to pass through a university course and receive a degree
    • n Grade one admitted to a degree in a college, university, or society
    • adjs Grade ready, free
    • ***


  • Laurence J. Peter
    “Education is a method whereby one acquires a higher grade of prejudices.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “If nobody dropped out of eighth grade, who would hire the college graduates?”
  • Jeff Foxworthy
    Jeff Foxworthy
    “I've never been jealous. Not even when my dad finished the fifth grade a year before I did.”
  • H. L. Mencken
    “A judge is a law student who grades his own papers.”
  • Ronald Reagan
    “But there are advantages to being elected President. The day after I was elected, I had my high school grades classified Top Secret.”
  • Leslie Wexner
    Leslie Wexner
    “Buyers are graded not only on their successes, but also on their failures. Too many hits means the buyer isn't taking enough chances.”


Make the grade - Someone or something that makes the grade reaches the standard expected or required.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. grade, L. gradus, step, pace, grade, from gradi, to step, go. Cf. Congress Degree Gradus
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. greidhr, ready; cf. A.S. gerǽde, ready.


In literature:

So that in this small region may be found representatives of every grade of civilisation and a great variety of types.
"The Heart of Nature" by Francis Younghusband
It is to avoid this handicap of self-consciousness that I grade you by height.
"The Art of Stage Dancing" by Ned Wayburn
There are several second grade and a large number of primary schools.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
Thou'rt a gradely fool for thy trouble, Ralph Lorimer.
"Lorimer of the Northwest" by Harold Bindloss
And, gentlemen, the A. and T. (Arctic and Tropic) North and South Railroad will begin grading down this very stream inside of thirty days.
"Winning the Wilderness" by Margaret Hill McCarter
But the trouble is, the passage of the many from grade to grade is intolerably slow.
"Child and Country" by Will Levington Comfort
High-grade coals were used where lower-grade coals were desirable for the best results.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
The children should be divided into at least three classes, or grades.
"History of Education" by Levi Seeley
One hardly goes one step beyond the elemental grades before one encounters it.
"Great Pianists on Piano Playing" by James Francis Cooke
"A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public" by Frank Bertram Wade
Potash may be purchased, as kainit, the raw salt, or as muriate of potash, low grade sulphate of potash and high grade sulphate of potash.
"The Pecan and its Culture" by H. Harold Hume
These readers are importantly supplemented and gradually superseded by certain classics appropriate to the grades.
"Tuskegee & Its People: Their Ideals and Achievements" by Various
There are only about twenty houses in the district, and the difficulties of clearing and grading were discouraging.
"Ralph on the Engine" by Allen Chapman
Grade A, B and C are all pasteurized.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
Salvador coffee is inferior to Guatemala's product, grade for grade.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
From this grade he can, by industry and good behaviour, advance to the highest grade.
"A Plea for the Criminal" by James Leslie Allan Kayll
When the top of the grade was reached, the trains went on, for there were no passengers to be taken or left there.
"Harper's Young People, April 6, 1880" by Various
I could just make out the horsemen going along the grade almost to the town.
"Track's End" by Hayden Carruth
Almost in the same grade of receptivity are sheep and goats.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Education is to lead the pupil by a graded series of exercises, previously arranged and prescribed by the educator, to a definite end.
"Pedagogics as a System" by Karl Rosenkranz

In poetry:

All knowledges are broken shades,
In gulfs of dark a scattered horde:
Together rush the parted glory-grades—
Then, lo, thy garment, Lord!
"Shadows" by George MacDonald
Aw've friends, tho' humble like misen,
They're gradely, upright, workin-men,
They're nooan baght brains oth' sooart they're on;--
They do what's reight as near's they con.
"Fairly Weel-off" by John Hartley
Could some Supreme Intelligence proclaim,
Arise from all the pomp of rank and grade,
War's truest heroes, oft we'd hear some name,
Unmentioned by the world, Mahone's Brigade.
"Mahone's Brigade" by James Barron Hope
None whole or clean, " we cry, "or free from stain
Of favour." Wait awhile, till we attain
The Last Department where nor fraud nor fools,
Nor grade nor greed, shall trouble us again.
"The Last Department" by Rudyard Kipling
All over the world grades are being turned in,
and isn't that a truly gloomy thought.
It's June, God help us, when the sight we fought
clears. One day when I take my sock
off the skin will come with it
"Dream Song 176: All that hair flashing over" by John Berryman
I thowt I'd ne'er rear yo, lad, six month ago,
But I'se warrant to-day yo'll be pick out o' t' show.
Yo're wick an' yo're gradely, as ever was found,
An' time's come for partin', lad! — mak' a good hound!
"Parting: The Eve Of The Puppy Show" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

The hearing is for the consolidation of Dodds Grade School, Ina Grade School and Opdyke-Belle Rive Grade School.
Hybrid laser-satellite automated grade control system holds milling and paving grade, as well as cross-slopes, on fast-track South Carolina interstate project.
Four out of five students from Gardena Grade School's eighth-grade graduating Class of 1946 gathered for their 66th-year reunion at Frank Brock's Pasco home.
The rating is two notches below investment grade, or "junk" grade.
I have been a Portland boy my whole life attending Vernon Grade School, (whew, made it through the 8th grade).
First, I would recommend buying a grading guide such as the ANA Standards for Coin Grading.
Revision of D1990 - 07 Standard Practice for Establishing Allowable Properties for Visually-Graded Dimension Lumber from In-Grade Tests of Full-Size Specimens.
WK31449 Standard Practice for Establishing Allowable Properties for Visually-Graded Dimension Lumber from In-Grade Tests of Full-Size Specimens.
Not everyone has a professional grade DSLR or film camera and most people have ditched their consumer grade camera because smartphones have gotten so good.
British Columbia's fourth- grade students rank among the world's top readers at their grade level and had the highest average score in Canada, according to a new international report.
We've written quite a bit about grading at ProfHacker, and specifically about grading student writing.
(AP) In a state that has a long history of maple syrup production and fiercely protects the purity of its brand, Vermont producers are proud of their "fancy," " grade A dark amber" and " grade B" syrup.
If not for Andre Johnson's eight catches for 95 yards, this grade would be an F. Donnie Jones saved this grade from being a D with his 49.3-yard gross and 42.1 net.
They say the difference makes the transition between grades more difficult, and could handicap grade -point averages.
The deadline for districts to seek corrections to their letter grades is Friday, with final grades due Oct 8.

In science:

The grading of Kac-Moody algebra induces a grading on the Poisson structure, namely – the following theorem holds true.
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
More generally, take any grading of g and suppose that d is equal to the maximal k such that gk 6= 0 (the height of grading).
Moore-Penrose inverse, parabolic subgroups, and Jordan pairs
If we choose a Cartan subalgebra t ⊂ g0 then the grading of g originates from some Z-grading on t∗ .
Moore-Penrose inverse, parabolic subgroups, and Jordan pairs
We have corrected for the use of the restricted ACIS grade set rather than the standard ASCA grade set using the count ratios determined for CXOHDFN J123646.3+621404 in §2.1.
The Chandra Deep Survey of the Hubble Deep Field North Area. IV. An Ultradeep Image of the HDF-N
Let A be a filtered ring such that the associated graded ring gr A is connected graded and noetherian.
Dualizing Complexes and Tilting Complexes over Simple Rings
This implies that the real graded Hilbert space is defined residing inside a complex graded Hilbert space.
Large N limit of SO(N) gauge theory of fermions and bosons
S ] = [S + ⊕ S− ], the Z2 graded spin module and eS , the spin module with opposite grading.
Quantum Field Theory and Representation Theory: A Sketch
Whereas a connection on a Z2 -graded vector bundle preserves the grading, a superconnection has components that mix the odd and even pieces.
Quantum Field Theory and Representation Theory: A Sketch
The algebra bUq (g) is Z-graded, with the lth -graded piece being, ( bUq (g))l = {x ∈ bUq (g) : DxD−1 = q l x}.
Quantum loop modules
It is not hard to see that the set of maximal graded ideals in Uq (0) is in bijective correspondence with the set of graded ring homomorphisms χ : Uq (0) → C(q)[t, t−1 ].
Quantum loop modules
The symbols Str, Sdet stand here for the graded trace and the graded determinant, correspondingly.
Random Matrices close to Hermitian or unitary: overview of methods and results
Given graded vector spaces V , W we write V ˙=W for a linear isomorphism that does not necessarily preserve the gradings.
Induced and simple modules of double affine Hecke algebras
Z -grading reduces to Z-grading of the form gi .
Hermitian Characteristics of Nilpotent Elements
Then, the bZ ′ -grading of g′ is χ′ ≃ g′′ which case g′ ample in degree χ′ iff the bZ ′′ -grading of g′′ is ample in degree χ′′ .
Hermitian Characteristics of Nilpotent Elements
We define the graded odd Poisson structure (14) on the bundle E ⊕ T ∗ M, where the grading on the fiber direction of T ∗ M is shifted by 2.
Topological Field Theories and Geometry of Batalin-Vilkovisky Algebras