• WordNet 3.6
    • n gourd bottle made from the dried shell of a bottle gourd
    • n gourd any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds
    • n gourd any of numerous inedible fruits with hard rinds
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Gourd-shaped vessel: Arkansas.--1/3 Gourd-shaped vessel: Arkansas.--1/3

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Watermelon, considered one of America's favorite fruits, is really a vegetable (Citrullus lanatus). Cousin to the cucumber and kin to the gourd, watermelons can range in size from 7 to 100 pounds.
    • Gourd A dipper or other vessel made from the shell of a gourd; hence, a drinking vessel; a bottle.
    • Gourd (Bot) A fleshy, three-celled, many-seeded fruit, as the melon, pumpkin, cucumber, etc., of the order Cucurbitaceæ; and especially the bottle gourd (Lagenaria vulgaris) which occurs in a great variety of forms, and, when the interior part is removed, serves for bottles, dippers, cups, and other dishes.
    • n Gourd A silver dollar; -- so called in Cuba, Haiti, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n gourd Formerly, the fruit of one of the usually cultivated species of various cucurbitaceous genera, including what are now distinguished as meions, pumpkins, squashes, etc., as well as gourds in the present sense; the plant producing such fruit, Now, in a restricted sense, the fruit of Lagenaria vulgaris; the plant itself, in its Several varieties. The fruit varies greatly in form, but is usually club-shaped, or enlarged toward the apex; its hard rind is used for bottles, dippers, etc. Different varieties are known as bottle- club-, or trumpet-gourd, or calabash.
    • n gourd A dried and excavated gourd-shell prepared for use as a bottle or dipper, or in other ways.
    • n gourd A gourd-shaped vessel; hence, any vessel with a small neck for holding liquids; a roughly shaped bottle, especially a flask carried by travelers or pilgrims.
    • n gourd plural [A particular use of gourd, with ref. to their hollowness.] A kind of false dice, having a concealed cavity which affects the balance. See fullam, 1.
    • n gourd Same as calabazilla.
    • n gourd The bigroot of Oregon, Micrampelis Oregona.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gourd gōrd or gōōrd a large fleshy fruit: rind of a gourd used as a drinking-cup: the gourd plant:
    • n Gourd gōrd or gōōrd (pl.) hollow dice used by cheating gamblers
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Lose your gourd - If someone has lost the gourd, they are out of the mind or have gone crazy- "gourd" is a melon-like plant that symbolizes a person's head. ("Out of your gourd" and "Off your gourd" are also used.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. gourde, OF. cougourde, gouhourde, fr. L. cucurbita, gourd (cf. NPr. cougourdo,); perh. akin to corbin basket, E. corb,. Cf. Cucurbite
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. gourde, contr. from cougourde—L. cucurbita, a gourd.


In literature:

Gourds hang ripening in the steady blaze.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
Pointed bone and antler implements from Gourd Creek Cave are shown in plate 4.
"Archeological Investigations" by Gerard Fowke
Drinking-gourds, with long handles, are set around on a bench.
"Continental Monthly , Vol I, Issue I, January 1862" by Various
True friendship is no gourd, springing in a night and withering in a day.
"Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle" by Clement K. Shorter
But I'll tell you there's nothing like a good wash under a pouring gourd.
"An Arkansas Planter" by Opie Percival Read
Their social value, too, was recognized, and the gourd and demijohn appeared almost simultaneously with the arrival of any guest.
"Sergeant York And His People" by Sam Cowan
On nous donn' une d'mi gourde de cafe.
"Golden Lads" by Arthur Gleason and Helen Hayes Gleason
The martins that built in his gourds on the tall pole had opened his eyes.
"The Southerner" by Thomas Dixon
I can't say that I'm flourishing like Jonah's gourd, as you seem to be.
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VII. (of X.)" by Various
Dour indeed was the look he gave the groaning agent, now gulping at a gourd held to his pale lips by one of the men.
"An Apache Princess" by Charles King

In poetry:

Paw bends to read his almanax
An' study out the weather,
An' bud has got a gourd o' grease
To ile his harness leather.
"Before Bedtime" by John Charles McNeill
Amongst the thorns so lilies shine;
Amongst wild gourds the noble vine;
So in mine eyes my Savior proves,
Amidst a thousand meaner loves.
"Hymn 68" by Isaac Watts
"I wax in His peace like a pious gourd,
The Lord God is a pleasant God,
Break mine enemy's jaw, O Lord!
For the Lord is King above all gods!"
"King David" by Stephen Vincent Benet
I trembled when I saw it fade,
But guilt restrained the murm'ring word;
My folly I confessed, and prayed,
Forgive my sin, and spare my gourd.
"The Gourd" by John Newton
His wondrous love can ne'er be told,
He heard me and relieved my pain;
His word the threat'ning worm controlled,
And bid my gourd revive again.
"The Gourd" by John Newton
Now down the road, that shambles by,
A window, shining like an eye
Through climbing rose and gourd,
Shows Age and young Rusticity
Seated at board.
"Evening On The Farm" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Gourds, a missing parakeet and a lost ring.
Out of their gourds over plump pumpkins.
The winner of this year's regional Great Pumpkin Weigh-off in Dundee came in at 1,294 pounds — a hefty gourd but short of last's year's 1,723-pound champ.
Massive gourd tipped scales at 1,775 pounds.
Gourds Fly At Punkin Chunkin'.
Guayaki Yerba Mate Bar – Gourd Service.
An old country store with snacks, cozy fireplace and a selection of specialty gourds and pumpkins.
The ancient peyote style of beading , also known as the gourd stitch, involves interweaving rows of beads .
Get a medium sized pumpkin, a gourd that has a curved neck, five Indian corn with the husks and something red for the wattle.
Cucumbers are in the family of gourds along with melons and squashes.
Listen to Prairie Dog Town, Get My Gourd and Flags above.
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a Connecticut store owner decides to have a little fun with his gourds.
Zoo animals enjoy gourd-y goodness.
Loved your response to the bored-out-of-their-gourds parents of the 1-year-old.
Zoo animals enjoy gourd-y goodness .