• WordNet 3.6
    • n Goth one of the Teutonic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries
    • n Goth a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Goth (Ethnol) One of an ancient Teutonic race, who dwelt between the Elbe and the Vistula in the early part of the Christian era, and who overran and took an important part in subverting the Roman empire.
    • Goth One who is rude or uncivilized; a barbarian; a rude, ignorant person.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n goth One of an ancient Teutonic race which appeared in the regions of the lower Danube in the third century a. d. A probable hypothesis identifies them with the Gothones or Guttones who dwelt near the Baltic; but there is little reason to believe in their relationship with the Getæ or in their Scandinavian origin. They made many inroads into different parts of the Roman empire in the third and fourth centuries, and gradually accepted the Arian form of Christianity. The two great historical divisions were the Visigoths (West Goths) and the Ostrogoths (East Goths). A body of Visigoths settled in the province of Mœsia (the present Servia and Bulgaria), and were hence called Mœsogoths; and their apostle Wulfila (Ulfilas) translated the Scriptures into Gothic. The Visigoths formed a monarchy about 418, which existed in southern France until 507 and in Spain until 711. An Ostrogothic kingdom existed in Italy and neighboring regions from 493 to 555. By extension the name was applied to various other tribes which invaded the Roman empire.
    • n goth One who is rude or uncivilized; a barbarian; a rude, ignorant person; one defective in taste: from the character of the Goths during their early irruptions into Roman territory.
    • n goth A ‘barbarian’ in matters of literature or art.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Goth goth one of an ancient Teutonic nation, originally settled on the southern coasts of the Baltic, which migrated to Dacia in the 3d century, and later founded kingdoms in Italy, southern France, and Spain: a rude or uncivilised person, a barbarian
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. Gothi, pl.; cf. Gr.
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
The native names Gutans (sing. Guta) and Gutôs (sing. Guts), Gutthiuda, 'people of the Goths;' Latinised as Gothi, Gotthi.


In literature:

And thus ended the great feud between the Volsungs and the Goths.
"Told by the Northmen:" by E. M. [Ethel Mary] Wilmot-Buxton
Perugia was a firm citadel, as is attested by the fact that Totila and his army of Goths spent seven years in besieging it.
"Italy, the Magic Land" by Lilian Whiting
By this ye may se, that many one goth to chyrch as moch for other thynges as for deuocyon.
"Shakespeare Jest-Books;" by Unknown
I will go with the Goth.
"Men, Women, and Gods" by Helen H. Gardener
Don Tarraxas stood motionless, with closed eyes like one of those iron figures which ornamented the castles of the savage Goths.
"The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 27, March 1893" by Various
For about seventy years the country was ruled by the Goths.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
It was destroyed by the Goths and rebuilt by the Franks, but still retained the Roman spirit.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
These are Goth, Walagoth, Cebid, Burgundian, Longobard.
"The Ethnology of the British Islands" by Robert Gordon Latham
FUNERAL honours paid to their kings by the Goths and Huns, i.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 (of 3)" by Isaac Disraeli
Goths and Vandals disapproved of in New England, 5.
"Noah Webster" by Horace E. Scudder
The Christian Alaric, though a Goth, respects his Christian brethren, and for their sakes you are saved.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume I (of 2)" by John William Draper
But his successes against the Vandals and Goths caused Chosroes to begin the war again in 540.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 3" by Various
Wamba was king of the Goths, who inhabited the northern part of Lusitania.
"Tales from the Lands of Nuts and Grapes" by Charles Sellers and Others
Avela of the Romans was a garrison town, the walls of which were partly thrown down by the Western Goths upon their arrival in the peninsula.
"The Cathedrals of Northern Spain" by Charles Rudy
Under both Goths and Saracens, Avila belonged to the province of Merida.
"Cathedrals of Spain" by John A. (John Allyne) Gade
We ought to have been on the bank of the Ister long ago to fight the Goths.
"A Captive of the Roman Eagles" by Felix Dahn
My friend, only the Goths can help the Goths.
"A Struggle for Rome, v. 1" by Felix Dahn
We should have got much farther long ago had not a dog of a Goth led us into the vilest swamp that ever swallowed up a good horse.
"A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)" by Felix Dahn
The Goths had much to do with Lerida, and in 546 it became a Bishopric.
"Glories of Spain" by Charles W. Wood
Goths become permanently settled in the Eastern empire, i.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2)" by John William Draper

In poetry:

"Accursed Philistine!" I heard
The strange policeman hiss
Between his teeth. "O wretched man,
Was I hired here for this?
O Goth! Suburbanite! Repent!
Tear down that Christmas Supplement!"
"Culture and Cops" by C J Dennis
And shapes more shadowy than these,
In the dim twilight half revealed;
Phoenician galleys on the seas,
The Roman camps like hives of bees,
The Goth uplifting from his knees
Pelayo on his shield.
"Castles In Spain. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fifth)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ah, well, the thing that lived lives on,
And who are we to say it nay?
When Vandal and when Goth had gone,
Long, long beyond great Caesar's day,
The Arts that sought for heights sublime,
Still scaled Olympus, scorning time.
"The Drama" by C J Dennis
Alas! too often, drenched with gore,
Thy cliffs have witnessed deadly strife,
When hostile feet profaned thy shore,
And each advancing step cost life,
As prince and peasant, side by side,
Beat back the Goths' invading tide.
"Isola Comacina" by John Lawson Stoddard
And ye, the Goth’s twin-daughters, of stately mien and speech,
Spain and her queenly neighbour, a loving hand to each?
Long may thy sons be worthy the Cid’s illustrious name;
And thine another Lusiad write on the rolls of fame!
"The Melbourne International Exhibition A. D. 1880" by Mary Hannay Foott
Since the Goths' invading tide
Wrecked Rome's potency and pride,
Something wonderful has vanished, something exquisite has died;
And in spite of modern fame
And the lustre of its name,
Even beautiful Lake Como can be never quite the same.
"At Lenno" by John Lawson Stoddard

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