good luck


  • The Little People bring good luck to the Indians
    The Little People bring good luck to the Indians
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n good luck an unexpected piece of good luck "he finally got his big break"
    • n good luck a stroke of luck
    • n good luck an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes
    • ***


  • Eric Hoffer
    “A great man's greatest good luck is to die at the right time.”
  • Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher Isherwood
    “Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination”
  • Shirley Temple Black
    Shirley Temple Black
    “Good luck needs no explanation.”
  • John Dewey
    “Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us. But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.”
  • Irish Proverb
    Irish Proverb
    “Good luck beats early rising.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Luck is a very good word if you put a P before it.”


In literature:

Now the ill-tempered elder sister was very jealous of this good luck, and determined to get a bag of gold for herself.
"English Fairy Tales" by Flora Annie Steel
Good-bye and good luck, and bring the young man to a sense of his own value.
"The Half-Hearted" by John Buchan
No such good luck, poor little victim!
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 110, December, 1866" by Various
Two crows bring good luck, and if they fly away over the person's head it is very great good luck.
"Weather and Folk Lore of Peterborough and District" by Charles Dack
Mun Bun and Margy each one caught a crab, with the help of their mother, and Rose, Violet and Laddie had good luck, also.
"Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom's" by Laura Lee Hope
But good luck, or bad, I am not the sort to desert a woman in distress.
"Gordon Craig" by Randall Parrish
Good-bye, and good luck.
"Molly McDonald" by Randall Parrish
GALLOWS, a sign of good luck.
"Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art of Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves" by 'A Highland Seer'
Adieu, mistress, and good luck go with you.
"Madame Flirt" by Charles E. Pearce
Sure, I'm rael glad to hear tell of your good luck, and I wish you joy of it.
"Strangers at Lisconnel" by Barlow Jane
To dream of smooth water means good luck; of rough water means ill luck.
"Current Superstitions" by Various
Then the coachman crept quietly from under the sledge, and hid himself behind on the runners, where by good luck his master did not notice him.
"The Hero of Esthonia and Other Studies in the Romantic Literature of That Country" by William Forsell Kirby
They kept the peafowls for good luck, young mistress.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
They wished to keep her because she brought good luck.
"The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 (of 2)" by Anatole France
That out of her danger had resulted the engagement Diane had hoped for was surplusage of good luck.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
Good luck, boys, good luck!
"The Red Horizon" by Patrick MacGill
Bad luck seemed to follow their journey out just as good luck had urged them further and further north.
"Bob Hunt in Canada" by George W. Orton
So, after bidding the men good-bye and good luck, I started off.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
The people had days of good luck and of bad omen.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
But to counteract this little bit of good luck there chances to be present a detective that trusts less to sight, than scent.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid

In poetry:

And the Nurse that gave me suck,
Haplesse was in all her life:
And I never had good luck,
Being mayde or married wife.
"The Nimph Dianaes Song" by Bartholomew Young
From first to last his page is filled
With stirring tales how blows were struck.
He shows how we the Frenchmen kill'd,
And praises God for our good luck.
"The Chronicle Of The Drum" by William Makepeace Thackeray
But I’ll try my luck for a cheque Out Back,
Then a last good-bye to the bush;
For my heart’s away on the Outside Track,
On the track of the steerage push.
"The Outside Track" by Henry Lawson
Luck? My luck — good luck let it be,—
Blessings from others, and plenty for me;
Comfort without, and contentment within,
Uncurst by folly, uncanker'd by sin!
"Good Luck! (A Ballad For The Gold-Digger)" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Good luck to Kate and good luck to you:
I guess she'll be kind when you come to woo.
I wish her a pretty face that will last,
I wish her a husband steady and true.
"Last Night" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Good-bye, good luck, struck the sun and the moon,
To the fisherman lost on the land.
He stands alone in the door of his home,
With his long-legged heart in his hand.
"Ballad Of The Long-Legged Bait" by Dylan Thomas

In news:

Good Night and Good Luck, Harriet.
It is time for the Steamtown Marathon - good luck.
BOYLSTON — Boylston can be a good place to live if you've run into some hard luck, or just need a little help from friends.
Every Southerner knows that you must eat black eye peas on New Year's Day in order to have good luck in the new year.
The Calgary Grey Cup Committee, born out of the stunt, has been invading hotels with horses ahead of the big game in every Grey Cup city since then, though the tradition is considered to be good luck for the Stampeders.
If you're an independent pharmacist trying to make ends meet in the state of Texas, good luck.
Thousands of brides are tying the knot on 12-12-12, and hoping for good luck as they start their married lives.
"Good luck," is Adler's response to the cartoon.
Hennepin County Elections Manager Rachel Smith had good luck Wednesday in feeding a previously rejected ballot through an optical ballot scanner.
Manager Julie Rebennack, left, and customer service representative Megan Horn wish Lori Soule, 48, right, good luck after Soule purchased a Powerball ticket Monday, Nov 26, 2012, at a Speedway convenience store in Marion, Ind.
Good luck , Abby Chin.
Good luck tonight to 'Coach Bob'.
J-Si's Blog: Lil bit of bad luck , lil bit of good luck .
Perhaps good luck does also.
Good luck to FSU kicker Dustin Hopkins and UNC OG Jonathan Cooper at tonight's Home Depot College Football Awards.

In science:

For example, gamblers attributed “luck” (good or bad) for streaks in outcomes [WK].
Effective Generation of Subjectively Random Binary Sequences
But why does the QED with the self-action and with renormalizations work then? The brief answer is – because of good luck.
Reformulation Instead of Renormalizations
With good luck this could be checked on the one hand at the upcoming long-baseline experiments or at a neutrino factory (Quigg 1999) and, on the other, via the search of seasonal effects in solar neutrinos, e. g. at the proposed KamLAND experiment (De Braeckeleer 2000).
Status of Neutrino Oscillations
Next, we selected red supergiant stars from White & Wing (1978) and Luck & Bond (1989), to assure good coverage of the stars that dominate the stellar populations of galaxies with ages of 7-12 Myr – the so-called redsupergiant-phase.
A Medium-Resolution Near-Infrared Spectral Library of Late Type Stars: I
Good luck on your trips home, whether near or far.
Round Table Discussion at the Final Session of FPCP 2008: The Future of Flavor Physics and CP
Alice informs Bob about this, and Bob would be able to do a single-qubit partial-measurement tomography, which allows him to determine (within a certain degree of approximation and a lot of good luck) the state of his qubit.
Extraction of information from a single quantum