go under


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v go under be called; go by a certain name "She goes by her maiden name again"
    • v go under disappear beyond the horizon "the sun sets early these days"
    • v go under go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned"
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it is against the law for children under seven years of age to go to college.
    • Go under to be called by some title or character: to be overwhelmed or ruined, to die
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  • Picabo Street
    Picabo Street
    “When someone tells me there is only one way to do things, it always lights a fire under my butt. My instant reaction is, I'm going to prove you wrong!”
  • Mario Andretti
    Mario Andretti
    “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.”
  • Jewish Proverb
    Jewish Proverb
    “If you can't go over, you must go under.”
  • John Ruskin
    “It is advisable that a person know at least three things, where they are, where they are going, and what they had best do under the circumstances.”
  • David Lloyd George
    “No democracy has ever long survived the failure of its adherents to be ready to die for it. My own conviction is this, the people must either go on or go under.”
  • Johnny Carson
    Johnny Carson
    “Your chances of getting hit by lightning go up if you stand under a tree, shake your fist at the sky and “Storms suck!"”


Go under the hammer - If something goes under the hammer, it is sold in an auction.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. gán, contr. for gangan, to go; cf. Ger. gehen, Dut. gaan.


In literature:

Someone MUST go under; still, it might not be you.
"Norman Ten Hundred" by A. Stanley Blicq
The French soldiers, under the Duke of Burgundy, revolted openly, and declared they would go no farther.
"Richard I" by Jacob Abbott
I am going to sit under this nice old tree and talk to Miss Winnie's boy.
"Killykinick" by Mary T. Waggaman
We are going across the broad free Levada, under the blue, open sky.
"Jewish Children" by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich
What under the canopy will you go to cuttin' up next?
"Golden Days for Boys and Girls" by Various
He walked up and down under the poplars, trying to get into the mood to go and join her in the house.
"Shapes that Haunt the Dusk" by Various
The doctor just told me he is able to move his head slightly, so I guess he is not to go under this trip.
"That Girl Montana" by Marah Ellis Ryan
They hesitated as to whether they would go to the Catelan Cross or under the walls of the Bagatelle.
"Sentimental Education, Volume II" by Gustave Flaubert
On the other hand, she felt that only under cover of the darkness could she consent to go anywhere in company with the village reprobate.
"The Panchronicon" by Harold Steele Mackaye
Then her nose go under wave, and raft she sink, and all mans come off in the water.
"The Young Alaskans in the Rockies" by Emerson Hough

In poetry:

And the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill;
But O for the touch of a vanished hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still!
"Break, break, break" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Surely, surely, 'tis time to go,
Now that the splendid bluebells blow,
Scattering a bridal peal, to hail
June blushing under her hawthorn veil.
"The Passing Of The Primroses" by Alfred Austin
I don't want so much misery.
I don't want to go on as a root and a tomb,
alone under the ground, a warehouse with corpses,
half frozen, dying of grief.
"Walking Around" by Pablo Neruda
Widdershins turned I, singing it low,
Watching the wild birds come and go;
No cloud in the deep dark blue to be seen
Under the thick-thatched branches green.
"A Song of Enchantment" by Walter de la Mare
He formed a wily, plausive tale,
And told it everywhere,
How the two children were to go,
Under the best of care--
Two friends of his--for holiday
To London, for the fair.
"The Babes In The Wood" by Clara Doty Bates
Keep up your spirits, I know
There's a cabin under the hill,
The fellow will make a roaring fire;
We'll heat our hands and drink our fill
And go warm to our heart's desire!
"A Mystery Play" by Duncan Campbell Scott

In news:

A 26-year-old man drowned Saturday afternoon in Berlin Lake near the Mill Creek Recreation Area, and his 5-year-old nephew was rescued just as he was about to go under.
"There is an effort under way to go back to earmarking as usual".
People over 65 are eligible for Medicare, and people with disabilities or other qualifications can enroll for Medicare under 65, just go to www.medicare.govto find out.
Luc Besson's "Malavita," above on set with Tommy Lee Jones and Robert De Niro, will go out under the Europa -Belga deal.
Colleen is about to go under the knife and she is still delivering posts for XLCountry.com.
It was one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in 2011 and on average the most expensive, but there is a new way to look younger, without going under the knife.
The Coast Guard says 57-year-old Bill Vestal was last seen going under water late Monday afternoon at Drum Inlet.
Why HIV/AIDS is going to get worse under Obama.
Kate Winslet, along with acting greats Emma Thompson and Rachel Weinsz have all made a pact not to go under the knife.
Will this year's acting Oscar champs end up withering under the pressure, going for the green or maintaining status quo.
Auburn isn't going to under (new coach) Gus Malzahn.
Her notoriety is only going to grow , but she is humble and an amazing talent and she can obviously perform under pressure.
We go back to Blogspot pages and Geocities sites being under construction.
Because Red Hook Wouldn't Let Red Hook Go Under.
Late Tuesday night, Shumpert tweeted that he's 'going under the knife tomorrow'.

In science:

For instance, for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (in short, S. cerevisiae ), one may be interested in detecting associations between the vector of mean transcript (i.e., mRNA) levels for all (approximately 6,500) genes under heat-shock conditions and Gene Ontology (GO) annotation for these genes.
Multiple tests of association with biological annotation metadata
Jointly, one should take into account the welldocumented evidence that firms die, for instance when their size go under some low asset value level.
Theory of Zipf's Law and of General Power Law Distributions with Gibrat's law of Proportional Growth
The idea is to go to lower frequency (< 500MHz), where the Askaryan emission happens under larger Cherenkov angles and place an antenna system at shallow depths of 50 − 200 m in the ice.
Radio Detection of Particles from the Cosmos
Both the RHS and the LHS terms in the above display go to 0, under condition (c.2).
Parametric estimation and tests through divergences and duality technique
There is thus an intense framing argument going on under the surface of this debate.
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants