• WordNet 3.6
    • v gloss give a deceptive explanation or excuse for "color a lie"
    • v gloss provide an interlinear translation of a word or phrase
    • v gloss provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases "He annotated on what his teacher had written"
    • v gloss give a shine or gloss to, usually by rubbing
    • n gloss an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading "he hoped his claims would have a semblance of authenticity","he tried to give his falsehood the gloss of moral sanction","the situation soon took on a different color"
    • n gloss the property of being smooth and shiny
    • n gloss an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge; usually published as an appendix to a text on that field
    • n gloss an explanation or definition of an obscure word in a text
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gloss A false or specious explanation.
    • Gloss A foreign, archaic, technical, or other uncommon word requiring explanation.
    • Gloss A specious appearance; superficial quality or show. "To me more dear, congenial to my heart,
      One native charm than all the gloss of art."
    • Gloss An interpretation, consisting of one or more words, interlinear or marginal; an explanatory note or comment; a running commentary. "All this, without a gloss or comment,
      He would unriddle in a moment."
      "Explaining the text in short glosses ."
    • Gloss Brightness or luster of a body proceeding from a smooth surface; polish; as, the gloss of silk; cloth is calendered to give it a gloss. "It is no part . . . to set on the face of this cause any fairer gloss than the naked truth doth afford."
    • Gloss To give a specious appearance to; to render specious and plausible; to palliate by specious explanation. "You have the art to gloss the foulest cause."
    • v. t Gloss To give a superficial luster or gloss to; to make smooth and shining; as, to gloss cloth. "The glossed and gleamy wave."
    • Gloss To make comments; to comment; to explain.
    • Gloss To make sly remarks, or insinuations.
    • Gloss To render clear and evident by comments; to illustrate; to explain; to annotate.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n gloss A superficial lustrous smoothness, with soft changing reflections, due to the nature of the material, as distinguished from polish, which is artificially produced; in general, any glistening smoothness, natural or artificial: as, the gloss of satin, of hair, of paint, etc.
    • n gloss Hence External show; a specious appearance or representation.
    • gloss To give a superficial luster to; make smooth and shining: as, to gloss cloth; to gloss a horse's coat.
    • gloss Hence To impart a specious appearance to; hide under a smooth false show.
    • n gloss A word in the text of an author, especially a foreign author, requiring explanation.
    • n gloss The explanation, translation, or definition of such a word; an explanatory note or remark upon some word or passage in a text, especially one written in the margin, or, as was the practice with the earliest glosses, between the lines. Such glosses, usually as explanations of Latin, Greek, or Hebrew words in the vernacular Teutonic, Celtic, or Romanic tongues, or as Latin equivalents of words in these tongues, abound in medieval literature, and are philologically among its most important remains.
    • n gloss Hence An artfully misleading or false explanation.
    • gloss To explain by a gloss or marginal note; translate; hence, to render clear and evident by comments; illustrate; comment upon.
    • gloss Hence To give a specious appearance to; render specious and plausible; palliate by fabricated representation.
    • gloss To comment; write or make explanatory remarks.
    • n gloss In leather manufacturing, a preparation which gives leather its final polish or finish.
    • n gloss An abbreviation of glossary.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Gloss glos brightness or lustre, as from a polished surface: external show
    • v.t Gloss to give a superficial lustre to: to render plausible: to palliate
    • n Gloss glos a remark to explain a subject: a comment
    • v.i Gloss to comment or make explanatory remarks
    • ***


  • Walter Benjamin
    “Like ultraviolet rays memory shows to each man in the book of life a script that invisibly and prophetically glosses the text.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. glose, F. glose, L. glossa, a difficult word needing explanation, fr. Gr. tongue, language, word needing explanation. Cf. Gloze Glossary Glottis


In literature:

This gives an egg-shell gloss.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
Tzu-hsia said, The small man must always gloss his faults.
"The Sayings Of Confucius" by Confucius
In texture the original material was soft, thin, fine, and finished without gloss.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
The tall buildings reeked of desertion as if their emptying had dulled some superficial gloss and made them dim and colorless.
"Greener Than You Think" by Ward Moore
Incredible to you in the nature of things, wise reader, and too palpably a gloss of monkish folly on the older story?
"Our Fathers Have Told Us" by John Ruskin
He spent his life in gilding what is corrupt, and glossing over what is impure.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
It is about a foot in length, clothed in a dark drab suit with a silken greenish gloss.
"The Western World" by W.H.G. Kingston
Nobody seemed to have heard of the art of glossing muslin cuffs and collars and selling them for pure linen.
"Mizora: A Prophecy" by Mary E. Bradley
I am sitting here decked out in "gloss of satin and glimmer of pearls" for Mrs. Currie's dance.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Plumage black glossed with green.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I." by Charles Darwin
All glittered with the gloss of prosperity.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
The turf had a silken gloss; the trees stood darkly and richly green, and the water was purest sapphire.
"Northern Travel" by Bayard Taylor
The uniform was spotless, the badge and leather items polished to a high gloss, the gun fully charged.
"Fearful Symmetry" by Ann Wilson
Her sincerity was too deep for such a glossing of fact.
"The Girl and The Bill" by Bannister Merwin
We may gloss over the impropriety of the proceedings which led to this phenomenon.
"The Keepers of the King's Peace" by Edgar Wallace
She knew him by the poise of his head and the soft golden gloss on his hair; and a moment later, his voice reached her ear.
"It Might Have Been" by Emily Sarah Holt
But he sniggered to gloss over the awkwardness of the remark.
"The House with the Green Shutters" by George Douglas Brown
Gradually some of these story tellers varied their tale, and, perhaps, believed in the glosses.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
By the side of the tree a few glosses were added by Joannes to explain and justify his classification.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
It was a very little lie, a mere glossing over of the truth.
"A Handful of Stars" by Frank W. Boreham

In poetry:

"Of all that hush among the moss,
Or babble to the lily-vases,
Not one there is but purls across
A gush of the delight, that causes
It's limpid gloss.
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Ah, mine no more the glow of dawning beauty,
The fragrance and the dainty gloss of youth,
Worn by long years of solitude and duty,
I have no bloom to offer thee in truth.
"Song Of Jasoda" by Laurence Hope
A tattered soldier, gone the glow and gloss,
With wounds half healed, and sorely trembling knee,
Homeward I come, to claim no victory-cross:
I only faced the foe, and did not flee.
"Home From The Wars" by George MacDonald
Now they dare not to gloss your savage dream,
O beast of the heart, those saints who cursed your name;
You are the current of the frozen stream,
Shadow invisible, ambushed and vigilant flame.
"Ode To Fear" by Allen Tate
Why dwell on the smile now its lustre is flown ?
Why muse on those friendships that mellow'd the past !
Ah ! both should be valued and cherish'd alone,
So long as their gloss and their newness shall last.
""When lately I mus'd on the days that are fled"" by Laura Sophia Temple
Opinions which I had been taught to hold
As full of pith and gravity, he took
As 'twere, 'twixt thumb and finger of his wit--
Rubbed off their gloss, until they seemed to me,
All, as he said, varnished hypocrisies.
"A Friend Of Mine" by James Barron Hope

In news:

'Tower Heist': A Real-Enough Recession Tale Beneath the High-Budget Gloss .
Let's Skip the Gloss .
Olympic Premium Interior Kitchen & Bath Semi- Gloss Paint.
REVIEWS Battles, ' Gloss Drop.
Jenna Ushkowitz's Sparkly Pink Gloss and Elegant Updo.
Author Molly Gloss and the Heroines of the American West.
Host and producer Dmae Roberts presents an encore broadcast of her Oregon Treasures profile of Portland novelist Molly Gloss .
Gloss ' books have shed light on untold stories of women in the American West.
With 'Game Change,' John Heilemann and Mark Halperin give the 2008 presidential election an angry, profane and gossipy gloss .
A Pink Gloss for All.
From porcelain white to sun-kissed tan to a darker brown, the pink gloss works for almost any tone.
Sheet Available in Lower Gloss Finish.
The Kydex FST sheet is available in a lower gloss finish, integrally colored metallic, with a texture called PB-Brushed Metal, or as an injection-molding resin.
HaLevi's Philosophic Jewel Polished to New Gloss .
Boise's Compel semi- gloss label stock makes debut.

In science:

The second issue is that the answer above glosses the distinction between rotation and non-rotation intuitively.
On the Persistence of Homogeneous Matter
It represents any identity that is part of or tracked within the GLOSS fabric. A GlossObject may be interrogated for its most recent known position. Region currently perceived by a Gloss user. Arbitrary data in arbitrary format.
Working Document on Gloss Ontology
A profile associated with a GLOSS-enabled person.
Working Document on Gloss Ontology
A further, epistemologically even deeper, difficulty of the theory is glossed over with the words “macroscopically distinguishable states”.
Translation of "Die Messung quantenmechanischer Operatoren" by E.P.~Wigner
Reducing KSP to KS takes the gloss off a very powerful and beautiful method.
On the "The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for the CMB" by M.Frommert, R.Durrer and J.Michaud
As a side note, we can see the interesting case of the various usages of the TEI element in this representation.
TEI and LMF crosswalks
Glossing over this issue only serves to perpetuate the misuse of deleted interpolation in published research.
Review of Charniak's "Statistical Language Learning"
The above steps explicitize the computational costs, over and above that of NDC1 , that are necessary in a coincidence detection, but are often glossed over: Extra costs are involved in computing parameter errors and implementing vetoes based on them.
Computational cost for detecting inspiraling binaries using a network of laser interferometric detectors
But we should not gloss over how radical a philosophic statement it is: the central dynamical ob ject of the theory, the wave function, is said to refer exclusively to a human mind and not any physical system external to that mind.
Quantum Theory: Interpretation Cannot be Avoided
As it is the estimates which are at the heart of the analysis, we shall thus gloss over the justification of various steps (such as interchanging two integrals) by implicitly assuming as much regularity and spatial decay as necessary4 .
Scattering for the quartic generalised Korteweg-de Vries equation
In my mainly verbal presentation I glossed over two intermediate concepts which are indispensable for the derivation of the above formula.
The power of AQFT: the area law for entropy of localized quantum matter
It is also true that string theory ”glosses over” orbifold singularities (i.e. quotienting manifolds by fix-point-action discrete groups), and the associated (quantum) conformal field theories make perfect sense.
Special Holonomy Manifolds in Physics
Some important and non-obvious details of the validity of this classical theory of envelopes have been glossed over here, but there are outside the main purpose of this article , .
The Elliptical Envelope
The previous discussion glosses over one point.
Type-II Matrices and Combinatorial Structures
Suffice it to say that some details are glossed over in this statement.
Neutrino Interactions