• WordNet 3.6
    • v girth tie a cinch around "cinch horses"
    • n girth stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place
    • n girth the distance around a person's body
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Girth A band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a horse.
    • Girth A small horizontal brace or girder.
    • Girth The measure around any object, such as a body at the waist or belly, or a box ; the circumference of anything; as, in order to be acceptable for mailing, the total of height and girth of a package must not exceed 63 inches. "He's a lusty, jolly fellow, that lives well, at least three yards in the girth ."
    • v. t Girth To bind as with a girth.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n girth A band or girdle; especially, a band passed under the belly of a horse or other animal, and drawn tight and fastened, to secure a saddle or a pack on its back.
    • n girth The measure round a person's body or round a pillar, tree, or anything of a cylindrical or roundish shape.
    • n girth A girdling; a circuit; a perimeter; an encircling inclosure.
    • n girth In car-building, a long horizontal bracing-timber on the inside of the frame of a box-car.
    • n girth In. printing, one of two bands of leather or stout webbing (also called straps) attached to the rounce of a hand-press, used for running the carriage in and out.
    • girth To bind with a girth.
    • girth To encircle or surround with a measuring-line, as in measuring moldings, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Girth gėrth belly-band of a saddle: measure round the waist
    • Girth Also Girt
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Icel. gjörð, girdle, or gerð, girth; akin to Goth. gaírda, girdle. See Gird to girt, and cf. Girdle (n.)


In literature:

He must get the girth of every tree he passed and some hint of all the local conditions that had influenced its growth.
"The Last Harvest" by John Burroughs
Having come nineteen miles and a half, on the 23d, we encamped among pines of a great height and girth.
"Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1819-20-21-22, Volume 1" by John Franklin
He bent to loosen a girth.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
The girths of the saddles were tightened, swords buckled on, and revolvers carefully examined before being placed in the holsters.
"With Lee in Virginia" by G. A. Henty
The female figures in the second division of Plate XIX* indicate the same order, as shown by the increasing girth as we proceed toward the left.
"Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices" by Cyrus Thomas
A heavy saddle was thrown on Pasha's back, the girths pulled cruelly tight, and in a moment "Mars" Clayton was on his back.
"Horses Nine" by Sewell Ford
Use a pillow or two to give an ample girth.
"The White Christmas and other Merry Christmas Plays" by Walter Ben Hare
As he did so, Big-foot Sanders cautiously poked a stick under the animal, pulling the girth toward him.
"The Pony Rider Boys in Texas" by Frank Gee Patchin
Denser grew the forests, broader the girths of the great oaks, heavier the vines, hotter the midsummer weather.
"Canada: the Empire of the North" by Agnes C. Laut
Here my saddle girth broke and I was nearly thrown to the ground.
"The Black Wolf's Breed" by Harris Dickson
He had the girth of an earth in him and had to do something with it.
"The Voice of the Machines" by Gerald Stanley Lee
On a cold morning a cow-horse does not like to be very tightly cinched or girthed up.
"Ranching, Sport and Travel" by Thomas Carson
We'll lengthen the girths, en I'll put ye on ole Frosty.
"David Lannarck, Midget" by George S. Harney
Let us look about among the trees, and perhaps we can find pieces of the girths and harness.
"The Kentucky Ranger" by Edward T. Curnick
As he leaned over to aid them the girth broke.
"The Book of Hallowe'en" by Ruth Edna Kelley
One of these giants which fell long ago had a height of 435 feet and a girth of 110 feet at the base.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
But when Enriquez began to tighten the "cinch" or girth, a more singular thing occurred.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
C. The maximum height and girth of a tree I have felled was 100 ft. and 15 ft. respectively.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The girths of her saddle were of silk and the buckles were each one a beryl.
"Stories from the Ballads" by Mary MacGregor
Elsie appeared, dragging the saddlebags and the girth.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet

In poetry:

In the Kingdom of wade
He has eaten with zest;
That is plainly displayed
By the girth of his vest
Now he's hungrily eyeing McGowen
And Dacey and some of the rest.
"The Over-Fed Fuse" by C J Dennis
`Nay, pity me not, I am living still,
Though prone on the ploughed—up earth,
Though the woodreeve will lop me with hook and bill,
And the shroudmaker take my girth.
"The Fallen Elm" by Alfred Austin
Ho! the Hottentot lads have discovered the track —
To his den in the desert we'll follow him back;
But tighten your girths, and look well to your flints,
For heavy and fresh are the villain's foot-prints.
"The Lion Hunt" by Thomas Pringle
Neck and neck! head and head! staring eye! nostril spread!
Girth and stifle laid close to the ground!
Stride for stride! stroke for stroke! through one hurdle we've broke!
On the splinters we've lit with one bound.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
'Our enemies have fallen, have fallen: the seed,
The little seed they laughed at in the dark,
Has risen and cleft the soil, and grown a bulk
Of spanless girth, that lays on every side
A thousand arms and rushes to the Sun.
"The Princess (part 6)" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
For you came out on the dome of the earth
Like a vision of victory,
Out on the great green dome of the earth
As the great blue dome of the sky for girth,
And under your feet the shires could meet
And your eyes went out to sea.
"On The Downs" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

In news:

I began to gain weight at the age of 14 and went from a healthy 160 pounds to an overweight girth of 227 pounds at 5 feet 8 at age 17.
Americans are getting fatter, and we seem to be accepting our new girth as OK, according to a new poll.
Hurricane Sandy is losing its tropical nature, but gaining girth .
More girth coming to Glendale's core.
She's got a little girth to her for such a young kitty, but that makes her cuter, anyhow.
Researchers at Yale University 's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity have stepped into the breach to measure Americans' attitudes about ads meant to encourage less girth and better nutrition.
It's that extra pound that laces your belly each holiday season, creating an unnecessary girth over time.
And not just for the doughnuts ' undeniable deliciousness but also their sheer girth.
The happiest place on girth.
53 inches long, 23 inch girth.
New Jersey Gov Chris Christie is known for a sharp tongue, sizable girth, and serious reform efforts in a mainly Democratic state.
Peter Schultz of Vancouver backed his 1995 Ford F-250 into a giant pile of leaves and added to its girth on Sunday afternoon.
The Pathfinder 's girth gives it the turning radius of your average battleship.
And despite its huge girth, Jupiter spins faster than any other planet , so that one Jovian day is less than 10 Earth hours.
X-rays' lightened portion could have been patient's girth, defense contends.

In science:

Its girth is at least 2 logp q and all the eigenvalues of its adjacency matrix, besides the trivial one λ1 = p + 1, are at most 2√p in absolute value.
Pseudo-random graphs
We derive both an algorithm to compute this entropy for an arbitrary graph with a girth that diverges in the large size limit, and an analytic result for the entropy in regular and Erd¨os-R´enyi random graph ensembles.
The number of matchings in random graphs
We derive both an algorithm to compute this entropy for arbitrary graphs with a girth (the length of the shortest graph cycle) that diverges in the large size limit, and an analytic result for the entropy in regular and Erd¨os-R´enyi random graph ensembles.
The number of matchings in random graphs
Also its systematic study on graphs with smaller girth and comparison with existing approximative methods [22, 23, 24] could reveal some interesting properties.
The number of matchings in random graphs
We have applied the cavity method to estimate extremal distances between solutions of random linear systems with large girth in the clustered phase.
Geometrical organization of solutions to random linear Boolean equations
As an application, we show that if G is a high-girth regular expander on n vertices, then a typical non-backtracking random walk of length n on G does not visit a vertex more than (1 + o(1)) log n log log n times, and this result is tight.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
As an application for nonbacktracking random walks, we show here that the maximal number of times that such a walk of length n visits a vertex, is (1 + o(1)) log n/ log log n times on high girth expanders with n vertices.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
The next theorem states that the maximal number of times that such a walk on a regular expander of high girth visits a vertex is equal to (1 + o(1)) log n log log n , precisely the maximal load in the balls and bins experiment.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
Let G be an (n, d, λ) graph for some fixed d ≥ 3 and some fixed λ < d, whose girth is g ≥ 10 logd−1 log n.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
Furthermore, the above requirement on the girth is essentially tight: in Section 3 we show that, for all g = g(n), there are graphs as described in Theorem 1.3 with girth g , for which the above maximal number of visits is Ω( log n g ) almost surely.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
The choice of u, v and the fact that g , the girth of G, is at least L (this applies to the case u = v), imply that there is no non-empty path between u, v of length shorter than L.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
Remark 3.4: Theorem 1.3 stated that the maximal load in a non-backtracking walk of length n on a d-regular expander of high girth is (1 + o(1)) log n log log n with high probability, similar to the maximal load in the classical balls and bins experiment.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
An argument similar to the one used in the proof of Claim 3.3 shows that, for every small ε > 0, there are (n, d, λ)-graphs with girth g = ε logd−1 n, on which a non-backtracking random walk will self intersect after at most nε+o(1) steps almost surely.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
Following the Poisson approximations in the balls and bins model, it would be interesting to establish the precise distribution of a sample of n consecutive positions of a non-backtracking random walk on an expander of high girth.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster
Let W1 and W2 denote two non-backtracking random walks on an expander of high girth, and suppose that in each step we are given a choice between the two current locations of W1 and W2 , and pick the least loaded one.
Non-backtracking random walks mix faster