• Gigantic fantasy anteater
    Gigantic fantasy anteater
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj gigantic so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth "a gigantic redwood","gigantic disappointment","a mammoth ship","a mammoth multinational corporation"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Terrific Combat between Titus Manlius and a Gaul of gigantic stature Terrific Combat between Titus Manlius and a Gaul of gigantic stature

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Gigantic Of extraordinary size; like a giant.
    • Gigantic Such as a giant might use, make, or cause; immense; tremendous; extraordinarly; as, gigantic deeds; gigantic wickedness. "When descends on the Atlantic
      The gigantic Strom wind of the equinox."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • gigantic Resembling a giant; of extraordinary size or proportions; very large; huge; enormous.
    • gigantic Pertaining to or suitable for a giant; characteristic of giants; immense in scale or degree.
    • gigantic Synonyms Colossal, vast, immense, prodigious, mighty, ponderous, herculean, cyclopean.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Gigantic jī-gan′tik suitable to a giant: enormous—also Gigantē′an
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  • Henri Frederic Amiel
    “Our systems, perhaps, are nothing more than an unconscious apology for our faults --a gigantic scaffolding whose object is to hide from us our favorite sin.”
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley
    “The gigantic shadows which futurity casts upon the present.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “Women love us for our defects. If we have enough of them, they will forgive us everything, even our gigantic intellects.”
  • Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    “Ones reputation is like a shadow, it is gigantic when it precedes you, and a pigmy in proportion when it follows.”
  • Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
    “The reputation of a man is like his shadow, gigantic when it precedes him, and pigmy in its proportions when it follows.”
  • Marlene Dietrich
    “There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. gigas, -antis, giant. See Giant
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. gigas, gigantis, a giant, cædĕre, to kill.


In literature:

It was stream-lined, and gigantic, and it glittered like silver.
"Operation: Outer Space" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
Compared with the pigmy dimensions of my father's wooden hovel, the buildings before me were of gigantic loftiness.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
Why, what we saw were these gigantic fish leaping like trout after the bats.
"Police!!!" by Robert W. Chambers
The Shed was a gigantic metal structure rising out of sheer flat desert.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
It was, indeed, a gigantic capture; the only question was what to do with it.
"Three Years' War" by Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
Perhaps it might only be a gigantic hoax.
"A Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne
But for so gigantic an affair it was, of course, necessary to make special preparations.
"Edison's Conquest of Mars" by Garrett Putman Serviss
It is only among marine animals that we find predaceous types of such gigantic size.
"Dinosaurs" by William Diller Matthew
They recognized in him only the projector of gigantic edifices, not the builder.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
But a large white handbill, containing a few lines in gigantic letters, was posted on the side wall.
"Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia" by L. Mühlbach,

In poetry:

Still, at these towers, our Old-World cities jest,
And neither hear nor see
The brood of gods at that gigantic breast,
The conquering race to be.
"Republic And Motherland" by Alfred Noyes
On the faint limit of the air to north,
On utmost marge of that gigantic girth,
The grey-haired Warden of the sky looked forth
And called: “What news of earth?”
"Ad Astra" by George Essex Evans
And yon gigantic idol of the North,
Whose mighty limbs of mingled iron and clay
Are trembling—tottering, soon will prostrate fall,
A crumbling mass of ruin and decay.
"Night Scene At The Fall of Sebastopol" by Janet Hamilton
Then suddenly he smells a suiphery smell;
Then he sees a big gigantic lizzard,
With smoke coming out of its eyes and its ear'oles,
And flames coming out of its gizzard.
"St. George and the Dragon" by Weston and Lee
Not one alone; from each projecting cape
And perilous reef along the ocean's verge,
Starts into life a dim, gigantic shape,
Holding its lantern o'er the restless surge.
"By The Seaside : The Lighthouse" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Gigantic sire, unfallen still thy crest!
Primeval dweller where the wild winds rest,
Beyond the ken of mortal e'er to tell
What power sustains thee in thy rock-bound cell.
"Old Man Of The Mountain" by Mary Baker Eddy

In news:

Why is that chick from Modern Family dancing in her moms thong with a gigantic baby.
WNST Gigantic Purple Party and Pep Rally in San Diego (Dec 17-18).
Gigantic Wolf Killed in Sun Valley, Real or Fake.
Making Gigantic Spiders Out of PVC Pipe.
Conan O'Brien Unveils Gigantic , Partially-Nude Statue.
Taking inspiration from a 26-foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe that was recently unveiled in Chicago, Conan O'Brien revealed a gigantic , partially nude statue of trombonist Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg in this 'Conan' rehearsal outtake.
Gigantic bunnies once hopped around Minorca.
' Gigantic ' Avalanche Closes Heather Canyon At Meadows.
Egypt could throw a gigantic wrecking ball into the machinery of our rebounding economy.
Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St. Big Gigantic 's making a whopping impression on the electronic music scene.
Deals and 'steals' highlight Upper Keys gigantic flea market Feb 26-27.
' Gigantic ' tanker latest Gulf oil spill cleanup tool.
The availability of automotive products from factories all over the world is gigantic.
It's a gigantic building packed with everything from clothes to appliances, and all in between.
Karen Handel calls Planned Parenthood a 'gigantic bully'.

In science:

Isolation cuts 6 are imposed experimentally to drastically reduce the gigantic background coming from decays of π 0 and η mesons.
The QCD and Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report from Les Houches
Most stars formed in a single gigantic starburst, followed by essentially passive evolution, due to the ageing of stellar populations.
Formation of Spheroidal Galaxies: The Sub-MM View
AGNs are extra-galactic sources believed to be powered by gigantic black holes, while pulsars are compact neutron stars located in our Galaxy.
Gamma-Ray Bursts: Progress, Problems & Prospects
In the latter case, the spin and orbital configurations constitute a perfect matrix for the CMR effect to originate in, as illustrated by the gigantic response to magnetic fields of the narrow bandwidth crystals.
Colossal magnetoresistance without phase separation: Disorder-induced spin glass state and nanometer scale orbital-charge correlation in half doped manganites
Motivated by the gigantic nonlinear optical response in the halogen-bridged Ni-compounds, the underlying electronic states of the compounds are examined in the one-dimensional two-band Hubbard model, by studying the current-current correlation function and the charge density in the ground state.
Excitonic effect on optical response in one-dimensional two-band Hubbard model