get down


  • It Takes Nine Baths to Get Down To American Epidermis 304
    It Takes Nine Baths to Get Down To American Epidermis 304
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v get down take the first step or steps in carrying out an action "We began working at dawn","Who will start?","Get working as soon as the sun rises!","The first tourists began to arrive in Cambodia","He began early in the day","Let's get down to work now"
    • v get down put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc.
    • v get down pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking "Swallow the raw fish--it won't kill you!"
    • v get down lower someone's spirits; make downhearted "These news depressed her","The bad state of her child's health demoralizes her"
    • v get down alight from (a horse)
    • v get down move something or somebody to a lower position "take down the vase from the shelf"
    • v get down lower (one's body) as by kneeling "Get down on your knees!"
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  • Rene Russo
    Rene Russo
    “There are times when you just get down, you feel like nobody likes you. We're in high school forever. It's just what we do with it.”
  • Vince Lombardi
    “It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.”
  • Arnold H. Glasgow
    Arnold H. Glasgow
    “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.”
  • Sarah Orne Jewett
    Sarah Orne Jewett
    “The thing that teases the mind over and over for years, and at last gets itself put down rightly on paper -- whether little or great, it belongs to Literature.”
  • Woody Allen
    “The lion and the calf will lay down together, but the calf won't get much sleep..”
  • Edmund Rouse
    Edmund Rouse
    “Would you kick an opponent when he was down? Yes, if I thought he might get up.”


If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas - This means that if you become involved with bad company, there will be negative consequences.


In literature:

He was after you and he meant, before he fell down, to get some or all of you.
"Laramie Holds the Range" by Frank H. Spearman
Let's get down to the shore, and go in.
"Crown and Sceptre" by George Manville Fenn
Come to get down to cases, I found I liked Bonnie Bell a lot more than I ever'd realized I did.
"The Man Next Door" by Emerson Hough
It's getting late, and I want to get down to the saloons.
"A Girl of the Klondike" by Victoria Cross
He really did not want to get down and go home.
"A Little Girl in Old New York" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Could she get down without a ray of light?
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
I want to get the road ready for him to get down there.
"Still Jim" by Honoré Willsie Morrow
When we get down here you will see how this stream runs from a little ice-cave.
"The Crystal Hunters" by George Manville Fenn
Now let's get down to business, sir!
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
He succeeded in getting a pole in this manner, which answered very well; and then he and Jeremiah went down to the river.
"Forests of Maine" by Jacob S. Abbott
If not, get down to your studies, and find out where this craft is, so we can get somewhere.
"The Wreck of the Titan" by Morgan Robertson
At least my feet get a moment's rest while I am down on my hands and knees among the debris from under the tables.
"Working With the Working Woman" by Cornelia Stratton Parker
I must get him down before he gets pneumonia.
"The Curlytops and Their Playmates" by Howard R. Garis
I've a good mind to get down and cripple two or three of those rattlers, so as to try how they eat.
"The Peril Finders" by George Manville Fenn
But how will you get down there with your foot all tied up?
"The Young Alaskans" by Emerson Hough
How could he get down the ladder in the dark?
"The Transformation of Job" by Frederick Vining Fisher
And he said, 'Never mind, Millie; it won't be for long,' and I thought he meant he'd get down-stairs again.
"The Dark Tower" by Phyllis Bottome
Getting down with the others, he saw a man standing in the entrance of a half-finished wooden building.
"Prescott of Saskatchewan" by Harold Bindloss
The more she trembled the more her companion laughed, standing aloof meanwhile, and insisting she should get down by herself.
"The Wide, Wide World" by Susan Warner
I'll get down to tacks right away, if you'll permit me to sit down.
"What's-His-Name" by George Barr McCutcheon

In poetry:

"Sometimes it sounds for turning wheels,--
A circus coming into town,--
And then the tune gets in my heels
And shakes them up and down.
"July" by Nancy Byrd Turner
He was so Ospitably busy,
When Miss was late, he'd make so bold
Upstairs to call out, "Missy, Missy,
Come down, the coffy's getting cold!"
"The Knight And The Lady" by William Makepeace Thackeray
It is easy to sit in your carriage,
And counsel the man on foot,
But get down and walk, and you'll change your talk,
As you feel the peg in your boot.
"Preaching Vs. Practice" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Down the stream the swans all glide;
It's quite the cheapest way to ride.
Their legs get wet,
Their tummies wetter:
I think after all
The bus is better
"Down The Stream The Swans All Glide" by Spike Milligan
I see you pass and sit down by the window.
You smile at someone; you get up unheard.
You speak. Of what? Perhaps you speak of me?
No good! I cannot hear a single word!
""With glass a thousand miles thick..."" by Konstantin Simonov
Second Sailor. And I had thought to make
A good round Sum upon this cruise, and turn—
For I am getting on in life—to something
That has less ups and downs than robbery.
"The Shadowy Waters: The Shadowy Waters" by William Butler Yeats

In news:

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In science:

As the jet approaches more and more the forward direction its profile gets thicker and more asymmetric and a large fraction disappears down the beam hole.
Small x Phenomenology: Summary and status 2002
At positive values of P1 , ϕ−n must get a vev, so the gauge group is Higgsed down to Zn .
Closed String Tachyon Condensation: An Overview
Hence the numbers in the figure need to be scaled down by roughly a factor of two to get the signal cross-section.
Summary of the Activities of the Working Group I on High Energy and Collider Physics
If we add excitations carrying momentum P up the component strings, but not down, then the state get a net momentum charge P which equals the energy added.
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
Non-extremal holes: We have seen in (2) above that we get non-extremal states if we have excitations running both up and down the string.
Fuzzballs and the information paradox: a summary and conjectures
To get complete coverage of all observer times, radiation calculated directly from the BM solution for the blast wave at Lorentz 200 down to 23 has been added to the observed flux.
From blast wave to observation
Now that Einstein’s equations have given us the vacuum metric solution for a spherically symmetric static massive body, we can get down the more interesting work of seeing what this metric implies by plugging the metric into the geodesic equations.
A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics Part II
This leads to a special input graph of the C4 -Retraction problem, which enables us to modify the gadget of the proof of Vikas for C4 -Compaction in order to get its diameter down to 2, as desired.
The Computational Complexity of Disconnected Cut and 2K2-Partition
After blowing down we get the phase portrait of system (1) near the origin.
On the structural stability of planar quasihomogeneous polynomial vector fields
The transport slows down, because the particle can get temporarily trapped in a small region and it has to make many bounces between the potential barriers before it escapes.
Cold atoms in the presence of disorder
Sub jects in some cases went down a wrong path in hyperspace when attempting to get information, but in all cases managed to quickly recover from this.
Automatic Generation of Technical Documentation
It is important to keep in mind that since Ωhalo >∼ 0.1, one requires Ωχh2 >∼ 0.05 to get the “full load” of LSPs, otherwise the neutralino halo density should be scaled down.
A survey of phenomenological constraints on supergravity models
Thus, we have proved that the original local N = 4 breaks down to a local N = 1, whereas the part corresponding to the extended supersymmetry gets realized non–locally.
Non--Abelian Duality, Parafermions and Supersymmetry
To get down to ten dimensions we quotient by this action and regard the points a as giving the locations of the 6-branes in the transverse three directions.
Hyperk\"ahler Manifolds and Multiply Intersecting Branes
While before OC the Lagrangian formulation can be used to get powerful approximations for the mildly non-linear regime, after OC the analytical approximations break down.
The Cosmological Mass Function