• WordNet 3.6
    • n generousness the trait of being willing to give your money or time
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n generousness The character of being generous, in any sense of that word.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Generousness nobleness or liberality of nature:
    • ns Generousness (arch.) nobility of birth
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  • Henry Home
    Henry Home
    “The truly generous is the truly wise, and he who loves not others, lives unblest.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”
  • Laurence Sterne
    “Only the brave know how to forgive; it is the most refined and generous pitch of virtue human nature can arrive at.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “It is always so pleasant to be generous, though very vexatious to pay debts.”
  • Euripides
    “To generous souls every task is noble.”
  • Lord Greville
    Lord Greville
    “A generous man places the benefits he confers beneath his feet; those he receives, nearest his heart.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. généreux—L. generosus, of noble birth—genus, birth.


In literature:

Women are more generous givers, expecting not again.
"The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay" by Maurice Hewlett
Then keep her fast; and some time or other thou wilt say that the son of Jove is a generous guest.
"The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I." by Euripides
Clever and capable, kindly and generous of nature, and the girl interested her.
"The Imaginary Marriage" by Henry St. John Cooper
He's treated me generously.
"A Hoosier Chronicle" by Meredith Nicholson
He was neither generous nor charitable.
"Great Fortunes, and How They Were Made" by James D. McCabe, Jr.
The country was very attractive, the soil very generous, the water good, and the health remarkable.
"The Memories of Fifty Years" by William H. Sparks
I cannot answer such a question; but why should you be unhappy, with your brave, generous, and noble heart?
"Willy Reilly The Works of William Carleton, Volume One" by William Carleton
After a few moments' reflection, however, her generous heart supposed it had discovered his apology.
"The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain The Works of William Carleton, Volume One" by William Carleton
Philip presently arrived with a generous layer of hay under his arm and a flour bag of tomatoes.
"Diane of the Green Van" by Leona Dalrymple
You are too generous.
"The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, Vol. 1 (of 2) 1845-1846" by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett
The preparation of the seed-bed must be of a generous nature.
"The Culture of Vegetables and Flowers From Seeds and Roots, 16th Edition" by Sutton and Sons
But his aims were altogether generous.
"At Home And Abroad" by Margaret Fuller Ossoli
This thought wrings tears from my eyes, though your generous heart pardons me.
"Hortense, Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
To him also, of whom there will be much, too much, hereafter to say, Ralegh was a generous patron.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
Both had great and generous souls.
"My Recollections of Lord Byron" by Teresa Guiccioli
Generous man, whose virtues may at once disarm and enlighten thy enemies!
"The History of Sandford and Merton" by Thomas Day
Was there another woman in England who would have been so entirely generous, so unaware even of the possibility of evil?
"Sir Tom" by Mrs. Oliphant
It had two circular port-holes, brass-rimmed, of fairly generous proportions.
"The Record of Nicholas Freydon" by A. J. (Alec John) Dawson
Midway of the even, broad expanse between shack and gap stood an A-tent, very new, very white, and very generous in dimension.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates
Our dinner was not over-generous.
"A Little Girl in Old St. Louis" by Amanda Minnie Douglas

In poetry:

But quicken'd by the touching sound,
The little captives made,
The generous Caelius clear'd the ground.
And all the snare display'd.
"The Panther" by William Hayley
I think she did not hear the praise—
Went home content with need;
Walked in her old poor generous ways,
Nor knew her heavenly meed.
"The Widow With The Two Mites" by George MacDonald
His mind can have no soaring wing;
His heart can feel no generous glow,
Ye make of him that wretched thing—
A slave, and yet a foe!
"Not Bread Alone" by John Critchley Prince
Not for brief days thy generous sympathies,
Thy scorn of selfish ease;
Not for the poor prize of an earthly goal
Thy strong uplift of soul.
"Within The Gate" by John Greenleaf Whittier
The beaming eye, the cheering voice,
That lent to life a generous glow,
Whose every meaning said "Rejoice,"
We see, we hear, no more below.
"After The Curfew" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
"Draw near, ye generous and brave —
Kneel round this monument and weep
For one who tried in vain to keep
A flower from a soldier's grave."
"To E.S. Salomon" by Ambrose Bierce

In news:

GISD employee accused of misusing funds earned high pay, annual raises, generous perks.
Awards, made possible by the generous gifts of alumni and friends, were presented at a Fall Honors Program, held Oct 26.
You want to be generous, do the polite thing, etc.
Rub the meat generously with olive oil and season evenly with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Hispanic countries have been treated the most generously with legal immigration to the USA for the last 30 years.
Got to meet so many amazing generous listeners today.
Tom Cruise will reportedly make generous, regular payments to Katie Holmes.
Hundley generously sprinkled his comments with obscenities.
I DOUBT THAT Attorney General Alan Wilson has the authority to enforce his generous new interpretation of South Carolina’s new voter ID law —.
They are generously letting us use the space at 2121 Allston Way where they will move from their Russell Street location in 2011.
2009 Kenwood Vineyards Sonoma County Merlot 's generous raspberry, blueberry and plum aromas are complemented by spice and bittersweet chocolate complexity.
Generous portions of simple, tasty food from Tony Mantuano proteges.
Soon I learned that Mike " Mooch " Zielewski, 55, is a very generous guy, although he says the story of how he got his nickname was too long to explain.
Thousands and thousands of Trenton residents are better off thanks to the indefatigable spirit of a woman with a big heart and a generous nature.
The spring was very generous to the Tiger's Class of 2010 as a large portion of commitment slots were filled during that time frame.

In science:

The Keck Observatory was made possible by the generous financial support of the W.M.
Ultracool Field Brown Dwarf Candidates Selected at 4.5 microns
Operating this prototype revealed the necessity for generous solid ground connection between the end-plate that connects to the aluminum surfaces of the straws and the pre-amplifier to minimize electronic noise.
The GlueX Central Drift Chamber: Design and Performance
The Keck Observatory is operated as a scientific partnership between the California Institute of Technology, the University of California, and NASA, and was made possible by the generous financial support of the W. M.
Thirty New Low-Mass Spectroscopic Binaries
The Fermi LAT Collaboration acknowledges generous ongoing support from a number of agencies and institutes that have supported both the development and the operation of the LAT as well as scientific data analysis.
The Discovery of gamma-Ray Emission From The Blazar RGB J0710+591
Thus we prefer to assign simple and rather generous uncertainties to the redshifts and allow them to naturally obtain their optimal values based on the mass model.
The Highest Resolution Mass Map of Galaxy Cluster Substructure To Date Without Assuming Light Traces Mass: LensPerfect Analysis of Abell 1689
The Observatory was made possible by the generous financial support of the W.M.
Discovery of a Highly Unequal-Mass Binary T Dwarf with Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics: A Coevality Test of Substellar Theoretical Models and Effective Temperatures
We would like to thank the institutions for the generous financial support.
Optimal Dividend and reinsurance strategy of a Property Insurance Company under Catastrophe Risk
Li He also thanks the generous financial support of 10XNF057 from Renmin University of China.
Optimal Dividend and reinsurance strategy of a Property Insurance Company under Catastrophe Risk
Theorem 3.13. – Any non-nilpotent generous Borel subgroup B of a minimal connected simple group G is self-normalizing.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
This is the case when a group of finite Morley rank has nontrivial decent or pseudo-tori, as well as it is the case when it has generous Carter subgroups as witnessed by Fact 2.40 (1) below.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
Jal06, Lemma 2.2] The subgroup H is of finite index in NG (H ). (2) [Jal06, Lemma 2.3] If X is a definable subset of H that is generous in G, then X is generous in H . (3) [Jal06, Lemma 2.4] If H is connected and X is a definable generic subset of H , then X is generous in G.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
Then the fol lowing are equivalent. (1) H is generous in G.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
In [Jal06], Jaligot proved the conjugacy of generous Carter subgroups of groups of finite Morley rank, while this is a ma jor open problem in general.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
G does not have torsion, (2) or G has a generous Carter subgroup.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank
Then B is a Carter subgroup of G, and the generous Borel subgroups of G are conjugate with B , and they are generical ly disjoint.
A Jordan decomposition for groups of finite Morley rank