• WordNet 3.6
    • n gay-feather any of various North American plants of the genus Liatris having racemes or panicles of small discoid flower heads
    • ***


In literature:

In his black hair were several gay-colored feathers.
"The People that Time Forgot" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The lightest feather I blow into the air, against the gay chain that ornaments my body!
"The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens
Bright beads, gawdy feathers and gay blankets gave cheerful color to the scene.
"The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle" by Hugh Lofting
Next day, while he was out, the girl decorated the door with gay feathers and fresh flowers, and hung garlands upon it.
"The Pink Fairy Book" by Various
To the carving on these crafts the savage artists added decoration by red ochre, strips of dyed flax, gay feathers and mother-o'-pearl.
"The Long White Cloud" by William Pember Reeves
His home is in a hollow tree, and his weapons are the brilliantly colored feathers of gay birds.
"Wigwam Evenings" by Charles Alexander Eastman and Elaine Goodale Eastman
Whistling a gay tune, he ran his keen knife into one of these, and felt of the feathers.
"Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches" by Joel Chandler Harris
The feathered ex-alarm clock, now become a gay Lothario, looked up from his pecking and scratching.
"When the Cock Crows" by Waldron Baily
Thistledown wore a green suit, a purple cloak, a gay feather in his cap, and was as handsome an elf as one could wish to see.
"Lulu's Library, Volume II" by Louisa M. Alcott
The gay feathers of this bird," said Mildred, as the little black retired, "do not become a follower of mine.
"Horse-Shoe Robinson" by John Pendleton Kennedy
To indicate the high rank of the ambassador, two attendants sustained over his head, on little rods, a gay canopy or penthouse of feathers.
"The Infidel, Vol. I." by Robert Montgomery Bird
They wore their best beaver-skins, and their heads were gay with nodding feathers.
"Indian Stories Retold From St. Nicholas" by Various
He tossed aside his cap and sighed to think how happy he had been but last night, when he thrust the gay green feather in it.
"The Green Forest Fairy Book" by Loretta Ellen Brady
Out streamed the robe of feathers bright and gay.
"Japanese Fairy Tales" by Grace James
They drew nearer and nearer to the hermit's house on the summit, rocking themselves upon the gay, golden flag-feathers of life.
"Titan: A Romance" by Jean Paul
Gay feathers afford a shining mark.
"Birds Every Child Should Know" by Neltje Blanchan
This bird may be ranked with the elegant part of the feathered creation, though it is by no means gay.
"A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean in the Years 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772" by Samuel Hearne
This encouraged all the feathered flock to warble and soon there was a gay little concert in the dingy prison room.
"When a Cobbler Ruled a King" by Augusta Huiell Seaman
The gay ribbons and feathers with which the singers were bedecked took nothing from the picturesqueness of their appearance.
"Eleven Years in the Rocky Mountains and Life on the Frontier" by Frances Fuller Victor
Was it a gay spring hat with a bobbing feather and pretty ribands?
"Wandering Ghosts" by F. Marion Crawford

In poetry:

"The wealthy bird came towering,
Came scowering,
O'er hill and stream.
'Look here, look here, thou needy bird,
How gay my feathers gleam.'
"The Death-Raven (From The Danish Of Oehlenslaeger)" by George Borrow
And proud she was of heart, when, clad
In crimson stockings, tartan plaid,
And bonnet with a feather gay,
To Kirk he on the Sabbath day
Went hand in hand with her.
"Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803" by William Wordsworth
I dream of aborigines,
Who must have copied from the trees
The fashions of the day:
Those gorgeous topknots for the head,
Of yellow tufts and feathers red,
With beads and sinews gay.
"Autumn-Time" by Hattie Howard
But when, disdaining art, the fair
Assumes a soft engaging air;
Mild as the opening morn of May,
And as the feather'd warblers gay;
The scene improves where'er she goes,
More sweetly smile the pink and rose.
"Song XIX. - When bright Ophelia treads the green" by William Shenstone

In news:

The beautiful city of San Francisco, Calif, which gave us such wonderful treasures as Nancy Pelosi and America's first Gay Day Parade, has now added another feather in its hat.
Though CPAC ruffled some feathers by bringing pro-gay GOProud into the tent, such social inclusiveness didn't extend very far.
It's time to dust off your rainbow flags, feather boas and multicolored Mardi Gras beads: June is gay month in NYC.
Chick-fil-A CEO's comments on gay marriage ruffle feathers across America.