free agency


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n free agency (sports) the state of a professional athlete who is free to negotiate a contract to play for any team
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Free agency the capacity or power of choosing or acting freely, or without necessity or constraint upon the will.
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In literature:

Not one act of free agency was left to Michael.
"Michael, Brother of Jerry" by Jack London
Stand'st thou, like me, a freeman in the world, That in thy actions thou shouldst plead free agency?
"The Death of Wallenstein" by Friedrich Schiller
In the first place, this theory of predestination is inconsistent with the doctrine of man's free moral agency.
"The Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination Examined and Refuted" by Francis Hodgson
By such simple exercises and appropriate comments the children may be made to realize their moral free agency.
"Froebel's Gifts" by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Need I tell you that at such moments man is little better than an animal, save in his free agency that enables him to defy?
"Eleven Possible Cases" by Frank R. Stockton
The poorhouse, free beds in hospitals, distributing agencies.
"Woman's Club Work and Programs" by Caroline French Benton
My disease had not, at least thus far, impaired my intellect or taken out of my hands my free agency.
"Forty Years in the Wilderness of Pills and Powders" by William A. Alcott
The free agency of man was an object in the highest degree desirable.
"The Religion of Geology and Its Connected Sciences" by Edward Hitchcock
Similar language is frequently to be found in the writings of the most enlightened advocates of free-agency.
"An Examination of President Edwards' Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will" by Albert Bledsoe
The Special Judge-Advocate then proceeds to sum up the evidence, in doing which he leaves nothing to the free agency of the Court.
"The Judicial Murder of Mary E. Surratt" by David Miller DeWitt

In news:

IRS could factor into MLB free agency.
Sports»Sports Unlimited» Ravens Free Agency Update-Morgan Adsit.
Detroit Tigers might be 'the new Yankees' in free agency.
Yankees' Hiroki Kuroda, Rafael Soriano and Nick Swisher opt for free agency.
Players at the center of free agency.
Stars like Cain, Hamels getting riches without hitting free agency.
Red Sox aren't showing hand in free agency.
Manny Pina among minor-league players qualifying for free agency.
After being outrighted off the 40-man roster, Mike Nickeas has elected free agency, a team official said.
College basketball's free agency era.
MLB free agency, 2013 season's top available players.
Nationals to enter a whole new brand of free agency.
Peter King has the play-by-play from Peyton Manning's wild tour through free agency.
Tracking free-agent visits can become a part-time job during the initial rush of free agency.
Tebow gone , Broncos focus on free agency.

In science:

Key words : Quantum randomness, free will, before-before experiment, agency from outside spacetime.
Quantum randomness can be controlled by free will -a consequence of the before-before experiment
In this sense this theory offers a description of the world which does not exclude free-willed agency in principle.
Quantum randomness can be controlled by free will -a consequence of the before-before experiment
Section II argues on the basis of the before-before experiment that quantum randomness can be controlled by unobservable influences from outside spacetime and, therefore, is compatible with freedom in principle: Both quantum randomness and free will, refer to agency which is not exclusively determined by the past.
Quantum randomness can be controlled by free will -a consequence of the before-before experiment