• WordNet 3.6
    • n foot-ton 2240 foot-pounds
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Jim Bristoe, an American, invented a 30-foot-long, 2-ton pumpkin cannon that can fire pumpkins up to five miles.
    • n foot-ton A foot coupled with a ton; the energy expended in raising a long ton of 2,240 pounds one foot against gravity. Its value varies with the latitude and elevation, but is about 30,400 megaergs. The power of modern guns is estimated in “foot-tons per inch of the shot's circumference.” The formula generally used is in which E = the energy in foot-tons per inch of the circumference of the shot, W = the weight of the shot in pounds, V = the velocity in feet, d = the diameter of the shot in inches, and g = the acceleration due to the force of gravity (= 32.2 approximately).
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In literature:

Some one has figured that in a square mile one foot of snow would weigh 65,000 tons.
"The Children's Six Minutes" by Bruce S. Wright
This is about 9,900 foot-tons daily, or 12 times a man's work.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
A few tons to the square foot, is all.
"The Galaxy Primes" by Edward Elmer Smith
Although she had been lightened of fifty tons weight, the sea only gained a foot and a half.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
Moreover, smaller diameter and shorter holes consume less explosives per foot advanced or per ton broken.
"Principles of Mining" by Herbert C. Hoover
Even at this depth the weight on every square foot of hull surface exceeds 8 3/4 tons.
"Submarine Warfare of To-day" by Charles W. Domville-Fife
It's the four-foot ledge that runs profit from two bits to a couple of dollars a ton.
"The Plunderer" by Roy Norton
A twenty-foot boat with full sail, when hundred-ton schooners trembled under bare poles!
"A Republic Without a President and Other Stories" by Herbert Ward
The door creaked slowly inward, and Hawksworth realized it was almost a foot thick and probably weighed tons.
"The Moghul" by Thomas Hoover
They's a good many ton of ore in four hundred foot of shaft!
"The Westerners" by Stewart Edward White

In news:

30-foot, 2-ton yellow statue installed at MVA headquarters to remind drivers to buckle up.
COURTESY OF JASON JARDINE This 14-ton Matthews International Power-Pak II Plus cremation machine will be installed in a 1,432 square-foot crematorium at Jardine Funeral Home, if the Planning Commission approves the plans July 26.
Sleep is not an option when trying to haul out and process a 50-foot, 60-ton whale for community-wide distribution.
Engineers took 29½ hours to lift the 50-foot, 300-ton blowout preventer from a mile beneath the sea.
Mary Lee is a 16-foot, two-ton Great White shark.
Tech blog Gizmodo put together this really interesting video and a great feature story on Big Blue , the 233-foot, 4,600-ton crane that assembles the new Ford-class aircraft carriers in Newport News, Va.
The fuselage and wings of the 200-ton bomber dropped into a 300-foot vacant lot surrounded by homes.
Eleven years ago, a one-ton, falling bale of hay transformed Chad Hymas into a 3-foot, 4-inch-tall quadriplegic.
As another boat waits its turn, a 50-ton lift raises Fancy Nancy, a 40-foot commercial fishing boat, out of the Maurice River at Yank Marine Services marina Saturday, Oct 27, 2012, in Dorchester, N.J.
The State Motor Vehicle Association unveiled a 30-foot, two-ton statue in front of its Glen Burnie Headquarters.
The yard is outfitted with an expansive 800 foot buildway, 600 ton Gantry crane and 150,000 feet of covered fabrication bays, ideally suited for new builds.
Pasadena's 18-foot-tall Fork in the Road may have finally met its match Tuesday: A six-ton potato made a stop just in time for lunch.
Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger A two-ton, 13 by 11-foot marble mosaic by Hildreth Meiere, depicting Hercules sailing past the Rock of Gibraltar, is being installed just off the Engelhard Court in the Newark Museum.
Inside the Air Cargo Complex is the 1,400-square-foot Pharma Zone, specially designed to handle 30,000 metric tons of such temperature-sensitive shipments as bulk drugs, raw pharmaceutical .
For every inch of draft – that's how deep a boat sits in the water –this 700 foot ship holds 110 tons of cargo.