• WordNet 3.6
    • n focalization the act of bringing into focus
    • n focalization the confinement of an infection to a limited area
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Focalization The act of focalizing or bringing to a focus, or the state of being focalized.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n focalization The art or process of bringing to a focus, or of placing in focus.
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  • Victor Hugo
    “Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts are one and ideas the other.”


In literature:

What are their great focal points?
"Post-Prandial Philosophy" by Grant Allen
The core is the second of the two focal points.
"The Science of Fingerprints" by Federal Bureau of Investigation
The emphasis of lines is diagonal, flowing in the direction of the focal point of the whole decoration.
"Correggio" by Estelle M. Hurll
They lack the burning glass of a purpose, to focalize upon one spot the separate rays of their ability.
"How to Succeed" by Orison Swett Marden
The focal point seemed about a thousand feet overhead.
"Wandl the Invader" by Raymond King Cummings
Nevertheless, he is becoming a focal point for opposition.
"Face to Face with Kaiserism" by James W. Gerard
Surely such cogent blending requires some powerfully focalized far observatory height!
"Oswald Langdon" by Carson Jay Lee
We must now find the focal points of the ellipse.
"Practical Mechanics for Boys" by J. S. Zerbe
New York has long been, and for some decades of years it will continue to be, the necessary chief focal point of our nation.
"Old Mackinaw" by W. P. Strickland
The FOCAL BODY then rose to address the meeting.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)" by Augustus De Morgan
He was leaning forward, his eyes hard and focal, doing his best to compel her notice.
"Black Oxen" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
Will the enemy cover focal a.
"Sound Military Decision" by U.s. Naval War College
They still respond to the activities which are centered in the focal neighborhood.
"Quaker Hill" by Warren H. Wilson
Murray carefully set the little focalizer wheel for maximum diffusion.
"The Martian Cabal" by Roman Frederick Starzl
Expansion in Italy was the focal concept of her policy.
"The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" by William Milligan Sloane
Science is Truth focalized, and there is no real science without truth.
"Adventures in the Canyons of the Colorado" by William Wallace Bass
A circular involution has no focal rays, because no ray in a pencil coincides with the ray perpendicular to it.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 6" by Various
If it did not focalize, it would see indistinctly.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 648, June 2, 1888." by Various
Vot is dose focal bowers you iss dalking apout?
"Peeps at People" by John Kendrick Bangs
In some neighborhoods it might focalize in the church parlor.
"The Country-Life Movement in the United States" by L.H. Bailey

In poetry:

What bids the soul of man to gaze,
Upon a spot of earth,
As a sun of focal rays?
The spell of human worth!
"Hallowed Ground" by James Avis Bartley
That legend naught could dim or mar;
Though bathed in tears and hid in smoke,
Forth from the focal storm it broke,
A bow above the cloud of war.
"Our Legend" by Maurice Thompson
Thus pray'd the prince; the focal flames aspire,
The mute beholders tremble and retire,
Gaze on the miracle, full credence own,
And vow obedience to the sacred Sun.
"The Columbiad: Book III" by Joel Barlow
And so I simply let them lie,
And sped from that accursed spot.
No lover of the police am I,
And sooner would be drunk than not.
"I'll scram," said I, "and leave the locals
To find and trace them dam bi-focals."
"My Suicide" by Robert W Service

In news:

Lifeblood , more than fastballs, and baseball's focal point.
Libya becomes focal point for foiling terror.
Since when did the postgame (or, in some cases, pregame and halftime, too) snack become the focal point of youth recreational soccer games.
For the first time in over a year, an issue of Applied Spectroscopy does not include a Focal Point Review article.
This month's Focal Point Review covers a subject with which many readers of this journal may not be familiar, namely hole-burning spectroscopy , where monochromatic (laser) light is used to saturate one wavelength of a broad band spectrum.
Last month's issue of Applied Spectroscopy featured a Focal Point Review article on remote Raman spectroscopy in space.
This undated photo shows the The Village at Squaw in Squaw Valley, Calif, which has lodging, restaurants, bars and shops and is considered a focal point of Squaw Valley USA's apres ski life.
Partially obscured focal points make guests wonder what's around that bend.
Developing The Focal Point on Campus.
The 19 x 7.3 AIF offers a focal range of 7.3mm to 139mm.
The Washington Local school district's Trilby school was a focal point in the area.
Management strategies for producing uniform, high-quality forage to meet production goals will be the focal point of a Feb 7 Texas Agrilife Extension multicounty forage seminar at the First Baptist Church in Cross Plains.
The pristine seven-acre Mize Park Lake is a focal point at Canyon Creek in Lenexa.
A pictorial rendition on the restaurant's wall is the focal point of Tibetan Yak 's side wall.
That will happen when the public first encounters you as the guy standing next to Andre 3000, whose arty tastes and Ziggy Stardust wardrobe made him Outkast's natural focal point.

In science:

Nevertheless, the locality of these errors (pupil plane versus focal plane) versus the locality of the WFSC influence may impose optical bandwidth constraints.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
The high contrast achieved by this approach, depicted in Figure 6, shows the creation of a dark-hole over half the controllable focal plane.
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
ACIS-I consists of four CCDs (CCDs I0–I3) arranged in a 2 × 2 array with each CCD tipped slightly to approximate the curved focal surface of the Chandra High Resolution Mirror Assembly (HRMA).
The Extended Chandra Deep Field-South Survey. Chandra Point-Source Catalogs
The focal-plane temperature was kept at ≈ -120◦ C for all of the nine observations.
The Extended Chandra Deep Field-South Survey. Chandra Point-Source Catalogs
It consists of a QSDD magnetic system and is equipped with two double planes of vertical drift chambers for measurement of particle trajectories in the focal plane.
Measurement of the LT-asymmetry in \pi^0 electroproduction at the energy of the \Delta (1232) resonance
During the course of the measurements presented here, the standard Cherenkov detector for π− /e− -discrimination was not available, since it was replaced by a focal-plane proton polarimeter for other experiments [24, 37].
Measurement of the LT-asymmetry in \pi^0 electroproduction at the energy of the \Delta (1232) resonance
In coincidence with the scattered electron, the recoil protons of the p(e, e′p)π0 reaction were detected in Spectrometer B with a similar focal-plane instrumentation.
Measurement of the LT-asymmetry in \pi^0 electroproduction at the energy of the \Delta (1232) resonance
The active reflector surface has a very flat profile, supported over a large area, to reduce significantly the cost per unit area compared to traditional designs. A large field-of-view across a wide bandwidth is attained through the use of a focal plane phased array (Dewdney et al. 2002; Carlson et al. 2000).
The Large Adaptive Reflector concept
As the LAR reflector has a focal length of several hundred metres, the Focal Point Apparatus (FPA) needs to be supported by a “sky-crane”, for which we have chosen a heliumfilled aerostat (Fig. 1).
The Large Adaptive Reflector concept
The LAR reflector is a large diameter, faceted approximation to an offset parabolic reflector with a long focal length (f/D∼2.5).
The Large Adaptive Reflector concept
The focal point in our approach is the influence of the constraint imposed by time ordering, which can lead to time correlation between different parts of the system.
How Time Works in Quantum Systems: Overview of time ordering and time correlation in weakly perturbed atomic collisions and in strongly perturbed qubits
The detector modules contain 16 or 20 detectors each for compatibility with the hexagonal arrays of horns in the telescopes’ focal planes.
Prototype finline-coupled TES bolometers for CLOVER
First, because the focal plane is populated by feedhorns, the waveguides coming from the polarimeter are on a pitch which is much larger than the size of the detectors.
Prototype finline-coupled TES bolometers for CLOVER
Populating the Focal Plane The feedhorns are arranged in a hexagonal array.
Prototype finline-coupled TES bolometers for CLOVER
As shown in Fig. 5 we split the 97GHz focal plane into three regions.
Prototype finline-coupled TES bolometers for CLOVER