fluorescent dye


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n fluorescent dye a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted; used as an absorption indicator when silver nitrate solution is added to sodium chloride in order to precipitate silver chloride (turns pink when no chloride ions are left in solution and negative fluorescein ions are then absorbed)
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In news:

Recently introduced Oil-Glo 50, a fluorescent dye that glows bright red to detect leaks in petroleum- or synthetic-based fluid systems.
Syngene's UltraSafe Blue non-toxic, non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye is specifically developed as a safer and more sensitive alternative to ethidium bromide for staining agarose and acrylamide gels.
Adding a fluorescent dye to a hydraulic system provides a safe and easy way to find leaks.
Fluorescence microscopy requires an intense light source at the specific wavelength that will excite fluorescent dyes and proteins.
Print speed is a maximum of 25 seconds per card to produce superior print quality using dye sublimation/resin thermal transfer printing in color or monochrome, including fluorescent printing for quality and security.
Fluorescent dye terminator Sanger sequencing (FTSS), with detection by automated capillary electrophoresis (CE), has long been regarded as the gold standard for variant detection.

In science:

Typically a stable fluorescent dyes is covalently attached to the target. This methodology brings forward a number of limitations, in particular, in case of protein labeling. First of all the fluorescent probes need to be attached selectively and sitespecifically to prevent unspecific background.
Quantum yield optimized fluorophores for site-specific labeling and super-resolution imaging
NTA-Px-fluorophores as a Table 1. Fluorescence quenching of function of the distance between nickel-loaded chelator head and fluorophore. In addition, the influence of the fluorescent probe itself on the quenching phenomenon was characterized by comparing two different fluorescent dyes (OG488 vs.
Quantum yield optimized fluorophores for site-specific labeling and super-resolution imaging
Gittins, Fluorescence Quenching of Dye Molecules near Gold Nanoparticles: Radiative and Nonradiative Effects, Phys.
On the use of Purcell factors for plasmon antennas