• A Special 2-Rail Flexible Transfer Truck
    A Special 2-Rail Flexible Transfer Truck
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n flexibility the quality of being adaptable or variable "he enjoyed the flexibility of his working arrangement"
    • n flexibility the trait of being easily persuaded
    • n flexibility the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Flexibility The state or quality of being flexible; flexibleness; pliancy; pliability; as, the flexibility of strips of hemlock, hickory, whalebone or metal, or of rays of light. "All the flexibility of a veteran courtier."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n flexibility The quality of being flexible, in any sense; pliancy; flexibleness.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Flexibility pliancy: easiness to be persuaded
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  • Marguerite Gardiner Blessington
    Marguerite Gardiner Blessington
    “The chief prerequisite for a escort is to have a flexible conscience and an inflexible politeness.”
  • Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
    “The conscience is the most flexible material in the world. Today you cannot stretch it over a mole hill; while tomorrow it can hide a mountain.”
  • Anthony Robbins
    “If you are truly flexible and go until... there is really very little you can't accomplish in your lifetime.”
  • Brubaker Movie
    Brubaker Movie
    “You may be flexible on strategy, but must remain consistent on principle!”
  • Sydney Smith
    “It is safest to be moderately base -- to be flexible in shame, and to be always ready for what is generous, good and just, when anything is to be gained by virtue.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. flexibilitas,: cf. F. flexibilite,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. flexibilis, flexilisflectĕre, flexum, to bend.


In literature:

Antique morocco, flexible calf, flexible seal or tree-calf, $6.00.
"The Olden Time Series, Vol. 1: Curiosities of the Old Lottery" by Henry M. Brooks
The body is colorless, transparent, and flexible.
"Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole" by Gary N. Calkins
The former of these are obtained by the aid of small drums with flexible ends, as shown to the left in Fig.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 315, January 14, 1882" by Various
It is soft, and eminently flexible.
"Social Life in the Insect World" by J. H. Fabre
This plate or partition is also a support to which the flexible structures which form the tip of the nose are attached.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
My father is a man of slender capacity, but of a temper easy and flexible.
"Arthur Mervyn" by Charles Brockden Brown
From its back, a ladder of some flexible material snaked down and men began descending.
"The Sky Is Falling" by Lester del Rey
Arnold's dictum that poetry is a criticism of life is, in a large and flexible sense, true.
"The Last Harvest" by John Burroughs
The tissue of the bones is dense and white; the head small and beautifully articulated; the spine flexible yet strong.
"Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon" by Robert A. Sterndale
All of them wore the flexible pearly armor, the skull-strip helmets.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton

In poetry:

And for the sake of Jesus, God's own Heavens
Are softly set upon a thousand hinges
Of mercy, ever flexible, ever bowing
Flexible downward to the contrite ones.
"The Churchyard: Night The Third" by Thomas Aird
Let verse of yours be flexible, but strong,
Strong as a poplar under valley's cover,
Strong as the earth under a plough, long,
Strong as a girl, who never knew a lover.
"To a Poet" by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev
To think that the sun rose in the east! that men and women were
flexible, real, alive! that everything was alive!
To think that you and I did not see, feel, think, nor bear our part!
To think that we are now here, and bear our part!
"To Think Of Time" by Walt Whitman

In news:

New enzymes , genetically modified crops and better plant designs are facilitating this process, and analysts expect ethanol companies to increasingly emphasize feedstock flexibility as a way to reduce feedstock risk.
Top-load cartoner is modular, flexible, ergonomic .
He said that Voluntary Ergonomic Guidelines developed in 1990 by the US meat industry, OSHA and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) contained "flexibility and specificity to our industry" lacking in the Ergonomic Standard.
This new method of producing flexible circuit boards uses a dry process and paper as the substrate instead of the wet, chemical-based etching process.
Given the uncertainty about the yuan's correct level, it makes more sense to focus on how China can move to a flexible exchange-rate regime—to which its government is committed—than to insist on a specific yuan revaluation.
General International Flexible Expandable Roller Stand.
These signal generators use a laptop or personal computer for power and control, but provide all the performance and flexibility of much larger microwave signal generators.
But most business owners interviewed said they can be flexible.
If the health reform law is upheld, the flexibility it will give states on health insurance exchanges could be a model for healthy federal-state relations.
Flexible Feedstocks & Bug Technology.
In last month's column, I discussed how supermarkets can help companies maintain flexibility by regulating the work flow of critical processes.
Finesse a Flexible Work Schedule.
Is it possible to write flexible, fiscally sound national farm policy.
Terri Looks at How Much Should Be Saved In a Health-Care Flexible Spending Account.
Over the past ten years, she noticed her strength and flexibility had worsened, and she wanted to do something to feel fit again.

In science:

The “Flexible Bayesian Modelling” (FBM) software by Neal (2004) calls a standard Unix pseudo-random number generator known as drand48.
Driving Markov chain Monte Carlo with a dependent random stream
The hardware-level SSI can offer the highest level of transparency, but due to its rigid architecture, it does not offer the flexibility required during the extension and enhancement of the system.
Cluster Computing White Paper
HARNESS defines a flexible kernel and views a DVM as a set of components connected by the use of a shared registry, which can be implemented in a distributed fault tolerant manner.
Cluster Computing White Paper
The flexibility of service components comes from the way the kernel supplies DVM services by allowing components, which implement services, to be created and installed dynamically.
Cluster Computing White Paper
So, it is not possible at this time to write a hybrid and flexible MPIbased system management tool.
Cluster Computing White Paper