fixed star


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n fixed star any star in the Ptolemaic theory of planetary motion
    • ***


In literature:

It is on the Fixed Stars, and makes a pretty stout book.
"The International Magazine, Volume 2, No. 3, February, 1851" by Various
My fate is as fixed as the stars.
"Vixen, Volume II." by M. E. Braddon
All who did business with legislatures "fixed" them, and Whitney was certainly the star "fixer.
"Frenzied Finance" by Thomas W. Lawson
The Pole Star is always in the same fixed place, so we can always locate it.
"Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
The chief fixed stars had various influences assigned to them by astrologers.
"Myths and Marvels of Astronomy" by Richard A. Proctor
"Notes and Queries, Number 79, May 3, 1851" by Various
It is as if he were wandering in another world among the fixed stars; or worse still, in an ideal Utopia of the future.
"What I Saw in America" by G. K. Chesterton
Sharply distinguished from them, therefore, are the "fixed" stars.
"Lectures in Navigation" by Ernest Gallaudet Draper
He gets into the Milky Way, which brings him to the Fixed Stars and Nebulae.
"Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third, Volume 2 (of 2)" by The Duke of Buckingham
He has succeeded in throwing out his measure-line to one of the fixed stars.
"Buchanan's Journal of Man, November 1887" by Various
Frank was gazing with fixed eyes at the stars, drinking in the balmy air, when he heard footsteps.
"The Silver Lining" by John Roussel
We have seen how, in very early times, men portioned out the great mass of the so-called "fixed stars" into divisions known as constellations.
"Astronomy of To-day" by Cecil G. Dolmage
Its radius will not differ greatly from the distance of the nearest fixed star, and this is taken as the unit of distance.
"Sir William Herschel: His Life and Works" by Edward Singleton Holden
The difference is more striking when we consider the fixed stars, because in their case the distances are so enormously greater.
"Clairvoyance" by Charles Webster Leadbeater
He looked around the fixed cabin and out the porthole at the unmoving stars.
"Death Wish" by Robert Sheckley
They found her by the window bar, Her eyes fixed where had been some star.
"Nirvana Days" by Cale Young Rice
I am steady as a rock, fixed as the polar star.
"Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
It was fixed steadily on the Stars and Stripes.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
She fixed her eye on it; and it seemed as if the star lifted her up till she was almost out.
"Sovereign Grace" by Dwight Moody
He has no more idea of an olive-tree than if olives grew only in the fixed stars.
"The Stones of Venice, Volume III (of 3)" by John Ruskin

In poetry:

The Southern cross without its bleeding load,
The milky way of peace all freshly strowed,
And every white-throned star fixed in its lost
"Bryant’s Seventieth Birthday" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
The billows roll, and rise, and break,
Around me; fixedly shine the stars
In clear dome overhead, and take
Their course, unheeding earthly jars.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
The sky, that is above us plac'd,
With its fix'd stars and planets grac'd,
(Though it so very lustrous is)
Is but the floor, as 'twere, of this.
"Concerning The New Jerusalem" by Rees Prichard
But oh! 'twas little, that her life
O'er earth and water bears thy fame:
In death, 'twas worthy William's wife,
Amidst the stars to fix his name.
"An Ode - Presented To The King, On His Majesty's Arrival In Holland, After The Queen's Death" by Matthew Prior
All these like stars in Time are set,
They vanish but can never pass;
The sun that with them fades is yet
Fast-fixed as they in Time like glass.
"In Time Like Glass" by Walter James Turner
And it seemed the stars, fixed as they were,
ground their teeth, a stiffened nexus,
an infernal machine, tolling
the halted hours of consciousness.
"Burned Forest" by Nichita Stanescu

In news:

The comet-like object SQ372 changes positions as it moves in its orbit, while the positions of the stars that are much farther away stay fixed.
After three botched breast augmentations, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub sought the help of plastic surgeon Dr Michael Fiorillo to fix her "uneven" boobs.
While some Hollywood stars go in for a little nip-and-tuck to fix their problem spots, these public figures have taken plastic surgery to the extreme, and can't stop getting work done.
To what end are comets, and whence is it that planets move all one and the same way in orbs concentric while comets move all manner of ways in orbs very eccentric, and what hinders the fixed stars fro falling upon one another.
Designer Eddie Borgo is a dark horse of American jewelry, the kind that rock stars go to for their latest edgy bauble fix.
Unlike the fixed star of Christmas, Easter moves with the planets. has learned the 24-year-old Mean Girls star is whining about the booze detector that is permanently fixed to her ankle, even though she is living a clean and sober life at the Betty Ford Centre in Rancho Mirage, California.
It lets you add captions, star ratings, tags, and do basic fixes like rotation and auto-corrections.
Kill the All-Stars: How to Fix 'Celebrity Apprentice ' and 'DWTS'.
RICK EGLINTON/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO Bombardier has committed to fixing the problematic doors on the TTCs new Toronto Rocket subway trains by March.
Iyanla Vanzant sits down with child star Maia Campbell for 'Fix My Life'.
Paying off refs was one way to manipulate results, but to achieve what fixers call a "five-star fix ," Perumal also needed to compromise players and coaches.
CLEVELAND — Cleveland Cavaliers guard and former St Patrick High star Kyrie Irving will have surgery Wednesday to fix the hand he broke slapping a padded wall during a summer league practice.
A movie star 's idea for an LAX fix.
These delicious fix-it-and-forget-it dishes will be the stars of your holiday feast.

In science:

Dog Star, largest of all the fixed stars [p. 46].
Regarding the Potential Impact of Double Star Observations on Conceptions of the Universe of Stars in the Early 17th Century
Fig. 1 Left: Tycho Brahe's sighting device, after 1570, slits-and-plate. Right: Wire micrometer, after 1660. The observer centers one of the stars on the A-C cross of fixed wires by moving the telescope. He turns the micrometer to place wire A on both stars, a scale shows the position angle.
Astrometry during the past 2000 years
Relation (2.11) fixes |C| by the mass and the minimum and maximum radius of the star.
Non-Stationary Star and the Trajectory of a Circulating Test Body
Mean solar time is Earth rotation relative to the fixed stars (sidereal time) adjusted by approximately four extra minutes per day to keep up with the diurnal rising and setting of the Sun over the long term.
The Colloquium on Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation
Fix a Delaunay star D∗ about a vertex v0 , which we take to be the origin, and we consider the unit sphere at v0 .
Sphere packings II
Let ΛN denote the vertices inside the ball of radius N . (Fix any center for the ball.) Let D∗ (v) denote the Delaunay star at v ∈ Λ.
Sphere packings II
Because gamma-ray bursts may be produced by the death of a massive star, they can occur even in the lowest-mass halos forming at the earliest times, with fixed luminosities.
The Dark Age of the Universe
Or in average the position of the heavenly body can be deduced by imagining it in uniform motion on a circle, (“the oblique circle that carries the planets along”, Dante, Par., X), with center on the Earth and rigidly attached to the sphere (“sky”) of the Fixed Stars, that in turn rotates uniformly around the Earth.
Quasi periodic motions from Hipparchus to Kolmogorov