• Entellus about to strike the final blow
    Entellus about to strike the final blow
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj final not to be altered or undone "the judge's decision is final","the arbiter will have the last say"
    • adj final occurring at or forming an end or termination "his concluding words came as a surprise","the final chapter","the last days of the dinosaurs","terminal leave"
    • adj final conclusive in a process or progression "the final answer","a last resort","the net result"
    • n final an examination administered at the end of an academic term
    • n final the final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Toronto Maple Leafs used to be called the Toronto Arenas, then the St. Patricks and finally the Maple Leafs
    • Final Conclusive; decisive; as, a final judgment; the battle of Waterloo brought the contest to a final issue.
    • Final Pertaining to the end or conclusion; last; terminating; ultimate; as, the final day of a school term. "Yet despair not of his final pardon."
    • Final Respecting an end or object to be gained; respecting the purpose or ultimate end in view.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There is a type of coffin made that can be used as a wine rack or picnic table before its final use
    • final Pertaining to the end or conclusion; ultimate; conclusive; last: as, the final issue or event of things; a final effort.
    • final Respecting the end or object to be gained; having regard to the purpose or ultimate end in view. See cause, 1.
    • final In law: Precluding further controversy on the questions passed upon: as, a statute declaring that the decision of a specified court shall be final.
    • final Precluding further controversy on the questions passed upon, except by way of appeal: as, a final accounting by an executor or administrator—that is, an account which has been adjudicated after hearing, or opportunity for objections, as distinguished from a voluntary or unadjudicated account.
    • final Determining completely the rights of the parties, so that no further decision upon the merits of the issues is necessary: as, a final judgment or decree—that is, one that is ready for execution, or for review by an appellate court, as distinguished from an interlocutory judgment or decree, or one that is preliminary to a further hearing and decision on details, before its execution or review by appeal.
    • final Synonyms Final, Eventual, Ultimate, Conclusive. Final, coming at the end or at last, marks mainly the circumstance of being the last or at the last. Eventual has reference rather more to the outcome of events. Ultimate is like eventual in that respect: an ultimate object is that to which all one's actions tend as their aim and crowning point; in this sense it is a sort of superlative, with ulterior as the corresponding comparative. Conclusive, like decisive, is active; it means final by closing or settling, putting a stop to any further question or procedure: as, a conclusive argument, step, decision.
    • n final That which is last; that which forms an end or termination; specifically, in Gregorian music, the tone in each mode with which melodies must end: in authentic modes the lowest tone, and in plagal modes the fourth tone from the bottom. The final corresponds in part to the modern key-note or tonic.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Missouri has been to most NCAA tournaments than any other college without reaching the final four
    • adj Final fī′nal last: decisive, conclusive: respecting the end or motive: of a judgment ready for execution
    • ***


  • Edward Weeks
    Edward Weeks
    “To live with fear and not be afraid is the final test of maturity.”
  • William Lyon Phelps
    William Lyon Phelps
    “The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”
  • Kin Hubbard
    “It's the good loser who finally loses out.”
  • Lord Alfred Tennyson
    “Oh yet we trust that somehow good will be the final goal of ill!”
  • James Stephens
    James Stephens
    “Finality is death. Perfection is finality. Nothing is perfect. There are lumps in it, said the Philosopher.”
  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “Finality is not the language of politics.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F., fr. L. finalis, fr. finis boundary, limit, end. See Finish
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. finalisfinis, an end.


In literature:

And finally, because of the nature of the shores of the canal, it was possible for an attacking force to cross it at but few points.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII)" by Various
Its final gun shot was fired by a man with his left hand, since the other had been severed.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
Finally the British appeared, emerging suddenly as if from nowhere, behind a cloud of gas, and wearing masks.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
As a result the Austro-German forces were finally thrown back beyond the river Stavok.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume VI (of VIII)" by Various
After a few miles' travel the reluctant final parting came.
"Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail" by Ezra Meeker
We left Halsey's office with Carter's final words ringing in our ears.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various
Was this the final crash of a brain driven to breaking-point?
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
In his simple mind he saw wonderful visions of all that final discovery.
"The Twins of Suffering Creek" by Ridgwell Cullum
Finally there were no longer any single drops falling, but just one big sheet of water which flooded everything.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
Finally, he was reluctantly compelled to make an admission.
"The One-Way Trail" by Ridgwell Cullum
Finally his mother took him out of school and taught him herself.
"Modern Americans" by Chester Sanford
One may not hope to speak the final word about him, to sum him up in a sentence.
"Whitman" by John Burroughs
Finally there came a letter, followed by five, all in different handwritings and in the same mail.
"The Peace of Roaring River" by George van Schaick
The boys pored over the menus and finally settled on crab gumbo, clam fritters, and crab imperial.
"The Flying Stingaree" by Harold Leland Goodwin
The final triumph of the French republic.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
She was a comely woman just in her thirties and Amos Adams finally introduced her.
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
Finally, he wanted to know why I didn't try to get into the Naval Academy instead of going to college.
"Chicken Little Jane on the Big John" by Lily Munsell Ritchie
He turned to her, finally.
"Warrior of the Dawn" by Howard Carleton Browne
Finally he dropped anchor in the harbor of Port Royal and began founding a settlement.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
These are finally persuaded to accept a new office under the new order of things.
"The Origin of the Family Private Property and the State" by Frederick Engels

In poetry:

something other than this,
something not so insistent—
am I to be locked in this
final uneasiness.
"The Rain" by Robert Creeley
You smile. The twenty loves before
Were each in turn,
You say, the final flame that o'er
My soul should burn.
"A Lover's Confession" by Robert Fuller Murray
But finally they took me out
And put me on a train.
I really couldn't move about
And squealed with might and main.
"The Epic Of The Hog" by Edwin Carty Ranck
Faithful 'till death, which finally
Shall close thy mortal strife,
When thy reward shall surely be
The crown of endless life.
"Initiation Ode." by Harriet Annie Wilkins
Where perchance a real advancement
May prevail from pole to pole,
Without losses, without lapses,
Toward a final, perfect goal.
"Discouragement" by John Lawson Stoddard
O Comforter of priceless worth,
Send peace and unity on earth.
Support us in our final strife
And lead us out of death to life.
"Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In Thy Word" by Martin Luther

In news:

The Bernie Mules basketball team made it to the finals of the MSHSAA finals once again and last Saturday night the Mules season ended with a loss.
Top-ranked Perrysburg beat Medina , 2-0, on Nov 3 in Sandusky, in a regional final to advance to the state final four for the first time in school history CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE PHOTO, START SLIDESHOW.
Friday's moves end the tradition of what the US Open has called "Super Saturday" since 1984, with both men 's semifinals and the women's final all on that day's schedule at Flushing Meadows, followed by the men 's final Sunday.
The US Open tennis tournament is moving the women's final to Sunday and men 's final to Monday in 2013, building in a day of rest ahead of each title match for the first time.
"In the finale, you finally figure out which side he's fallen on," the actor says in THR's Cover Lounge.
The Detroit Lions finally started fast, finally ran the ball consistently and finally won a game that didn't come down to the final seconds.
The final prompt, the final day, and here I am milking the situation as if tomorrow won't come, as if it won't bring more prompts, more poems, more lines to break.
At the heart of Final Cut Studio is Final Cut Pro 6, the latest version of Apple's highly successful video editing application.
The Classical Series concert repeats tonight with Brahms final concerto for one solo instrument and orchestra and with Mozart 's final symphony for orchestra.
The final moments of his final newscast .
In the spring, I was surprised at the coverage Kristi Noem received for finally, after 18 years and enrollment in four schools, finally graduating with her college degree.
There's nothing flashy about where Norman Rockwell spent his final days creating iconic images, rather, his final studio is a reflection of what he famously illustrated: quaint, small town American life.
Its reappearance was perhaps a bit of nostalgia for a candidate in the final hours of his final campaign.
As President Obama zigzags across the country in the race's final stretch, his campaign team is engaging in a bit of nostalgia for a candidate in the final hours of his final campaign.
Week 12 Results 4AAway Team Score Home Team Score Status Boswell 7 Midway 42 Final Killeen 60 Arlington Heights 25 Final.

In science:

Finally, we can form the graph shown in Fig. 5 by taking the modified confidence interval for each x0 , and plotting them all on one plot.
Application of Conditioning to the Gaussian-with-Boundary Problem in the Unified Approach to Confidence Intervals
Finally, we can presuppose that in the quantum field theory nonlinearity can lead to nonlocality : nonlinear terms (A)3 and (A)4 in the QCD lead to the flux tube and probably such a mechanism in the High-Tc superconductivity leads to the PT.
A String Approximation for Cooper Pair in High-T$_{\bf c}$ superconductivity
Finally, we prove that K + has no proper subfields other than Q.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Finally, such a framework can be provided by a simple gravity theory, such as the Type 0 gravity.
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Type 0 String Theory
Finally we observe that at asymptotically large times there is an important distinction between smal l and thermodynamically large systems, for the following reason.
Asymptotic Energy Decay in Inelastic Fluids
Finally, we compute the quantity C (l), which was defined in Eq. (1.11).
Solvable model of a polymer in random media with long ranged disorder correlations
Finally replace n by n − a and repeat Step 1.
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Finally, in Fig. 7 we show the dependence on N of SN (t) for case II.
I. Territory covered by N random walkers on deterministic fractals. The Sierpinski gasket
Finally, in Fig. 8 we show the dependence of SN (t) on N and compare simulation results with the zeroth- and first-order asymptotic prediction given by Eq. (12).
II. Territory covered by N random walkers on stochastic fractals. The percolation aggregate
Finally, we identify a new class of fractals ranging from random to non-random and show that the fractal dimension increases with increasing order and a transition to strictly self-similar pattern occurs when randomness is completely seized.
Formation of a New Class of Random Fractals in Fragmentation with Mass Loss
Finally, this section culminates in a result (Theorem 4.6) about matrix models for (∗–free families of ) R–diagonal elements.
Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator
Finally, we wish to mention an alternative way of looking at universality.
Spectral Universality of Real Chiral Random Matrix Ensembles
Finally, our initial estimates suggest that winding of a weak magnetic field by the differential rotation is important during the burst.
Rotational Evolution During Type I X-Ray Bursts
Scaling plots (a)(√t, log M (t)/(∆E 2 /√D)), and (b)(((∆E )2pγ /D)t, log M (t)) Finally we consider the case where the property of the noise depends on M (t).
Nonexponential Relaxation of Magnetization at the Resonant Tunneling Point under a Fluctuating Random Noise
Finally, Cardano was thrown into prison by the inquisition for heresy, for making the horoscope of Christ[Guerlac, 2].
On the Complete Solution to the Most General Fifth Degree Polynomial