• WordNet 3.6
    • adj fiduciary relating to or of the nature of a legal trust (i.e. the holding of something in trust for another) "a fiduciary contract","in a fiduciary capacity","fiducial power"
    • n fiduciary a person who holds assets in trust for a beneficiary "it is illegal for a fiduciary to misappropriate money for personal gain"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fiduciary Holding, held, or founded, in trust.
    • Fiduciary Involving confidence or trust; confident; undoubting; faithful; firm; as, in a fiduciary capacity. "Fiduciary obedience."
    • Fiduciary (Theol) One who depends for salvation on faith, without works; an Antinomian.
    • Fiduciary One who holds a thing in trust for another; a trustee. "Instrumental to the conveying God's blessing upon those whose fiduciaries they are."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • fiduciary Confident; steady; undoubting; unwavering; firm.
    • fiduciary Having the nature of a trust, especially a financial trust; pertaining to a pecuniary trust or trustee: as, a fiduciary power. Also fiducial.
    • n fiduciary One who holds a thing in trust; a trustee.
    • n fiduciary One who depends for salvation on faith without works; an Antinomian.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Fiduciary confident: unwavering: held in trust
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. fiduciarus, fr. fiducia,: cf. F. fiduciaire,. See Fiducial
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. fiducia, confidence, from fidĕre, to trust.


In literature:

There is another kind of guardianship known as fiduciary guardianship, which arises in the following manner.
"The Institutes of Justinian" by Caesar Flavius Justinian
Associated Words: Fides, fiduciary, fiducial, bona fide, pistiology.
"Putnam's Word Book" by Louis A. Flemming
May not act in a fiduciary capacity, 404.
"Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents" by Theodore Roosevelt
Erected by Hieronymus Picus, fiduciary-commissioner and executor of her will.
"Lucretia Borgia" by Ferdinand Gregorovius
Of all fiduciary institutions, life insurance should be the most sacred.
"Frenzied Finance" by Thomas W. Lawson
Indeed, the privately endowed institutions have been recognizing more and more fully their fiduciary and public nature.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
Legal standards are used chiefly in the law of torts, in the law of public utilities and in the law as to fiduciary relations.
"An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law" by Roscoe Pound
And the bank's fiduciary issue has thus been raised from the original L14,000,000 to L18,450,000.
"Readings in Money and Banking" by Chester Arthur Phillips
I believe that I stood towards that bag in what the law regards as a fiduciary relation.
"Between the Dark and the Daylight" by Richard Marsh
Such fiduciary estates were well known to the Roman jurists, but inconsistent with the feudal genius of our law.
"Constitutional History of England, Vol 1 of 3" by Henry Hallam
They have since been transmitted as a sacred deposit from one fiduciary executor to another.
"The Catholic World. Volume II; Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12." by E. Rameur

In news:

"There have been other cases of embezzlement by public fiduciaries around the state, but I think (Riell-Corbin) tops the list, money-wise," Gila County Dist.
Fiduciaries are supposed to be trusted people.
A Lawyer's Fiduciary Role as a Court-Appointed Guardian of an Incapacitated Individual.
McClendon's Secret Hedge Fund Appears To Violate His Fiduciary Duty To Chesapeake.
Fiduciary duty gets kicked down road.
These points leading up to, during and after completion of the merger must be assessed to determine if senior executives and/or board members upheld fiduciary duties .
Were these significant losses caused by colossal bad luck, poor judgment, or were they due to a stark failure to adhere to a standard of fiduciary duty .
He viewed his job as a technology consultant at Fiduciary Trust, at 2 World Trade Center, as a wonderful opportunity.
Instead, you need fiduciary- liability insurance, and if you don't know whether you have it, you should find out.
What is a Fiduciary Anyway.
Loans raise concerns about whether CEO's personal financial deals could compromise his fiduciary duty.
I thought the "client-first" rule, in conjunction with Canadian case law, had established that advisers have a fiduciary duty to their clients.
Signs of Life for a Broker 's Fiduciary Standard.
That surprised some people, but it seems obvious to me that fiduciaries are responsible for all of a plan's service providers, including ...
As a 22-year Wall Street veteran with commercial real estate and venture capital experience, I take the fiduciary responsibilities of this role very seriously.

In science:

Material error could compromise a government, a regulator, a financial market, or other significant public entity and cause a breach of the law and/or individual or collective fiduciary duty.
The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London