• WordNet 3.6
    • n feminism the movement aimed at equal rights for women
    • n feminism a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n feminism The qualities of females.
    • n feminism The presence of specifically feminine characteristics in the male.
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  • Charlotte Bunch
    Charlotte Bunch
    “Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women's issues.”
  • Andrea Dworkin
    “Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.”
  • Marilyn French
    Marilyn French
    “I hate discussions of feminism that end up with who does the dishes, she said. So do I. But at the end, there are always the damned dishes.”
  • Valentine De Saint-Point
    Valentine De Saint-Point
    “Feminism is a political mistake. Feminism is a mistake made by women's intellect, a mistake which her instinct will recognize.”
  • Phyllis Schlafly
    Phyllis Schlafly
    “Feminism is doomed to failure because it is based on an attempt to repeal and restructure human nature.”


In literature:

This "feminization" of the American telephone was often commented on by foreigners.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling
George Sand had brought feminism within the reach of all women.
"George Sand, Some Aspects of Her Life and Writings" by Rene Doumic
Therein she had shown her feminism.
"The Brother of Daphne" by Dornford Yates
For example, he has a deeper sense of the marvel of Nature, a tenderer feeling of her feminality.
"Robert Falconer" by George MacDonald
To feminize education would be to make it more motherly.
"Our Androcentric Culture, or The Man Made World" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Is the feminization of the world a desirable thing for a vigorous future?
"The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner" by Charles Dudley Warner
For feminism, in a sense, is a return to atavism, and sex antagonism and sex attraction are functions of the same thing.
"The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete" by Winston Churchill
That little movement, the unconscious feminism of it, the way she folded her hands in her lap afterward, disturbed Carrigan even more.
"The Flaming Forest" by James Oliver Curwood
Which brings us to Feminism.
"Marse Henry, Complete" by Henry Watterson
A woman advocate, you can readily imagine, might so influence a court of justice that the laws of the land might suffer feminization.
"What eight million women want" by Rheta Childe Dorr
He was a coarse male creature at large in a room highly feminized.
"The Price of Love" by Arnold Bennett
Their feminality goes on ripening into the depths of winter.
"The Dangerous Age" by Karin Michaëlis
Is the maternal instinct waning in intensity in this period of feminization?
"The Nervous Housewife" by Abraham Myerson
Thompson is as sincere in her desire to help the less fortunate of her sex as she is in her feminism.
"The Living Present" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
The feminized males behaved like normal females toward the other males and toward females.
"Taboo and Genetics" by Melvin Moses Knight, Iva Lowther Peters, and Phyllis Mary Blanchard
The subject of discussion was feminism, chiefly as practised in England.
"The Lion's Share" by E. Arnold Bennett
And there is, in fact, a more or less marked tendency to "feminism" apparent among the men and women of the "better classes.
"Sex and Society" by William I. Thomas
Inde Graeci mentiendi traxere licentiam, Jovis femine liberum patrem esse celatum.
"The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I." by Euripides
Feminism's a subject I'm blankly ignorant about.
"The Real Adventure" by Henry Kitchell Webster
As to the feminizing influence of exclusively women teachers on manners and morals and general attitude toward life there can be no real doubt.
"Woman in Modern Society" by Earl Barnes

In news:

First-wave feminism succeeded to second, second to third.
Feminism and Literature from the May 31, 1990 issue.
Over at BuzzFeed, there's some chatter about Pinterest killing feminism.
Today, she says, feminism's fight is against more subtle forces, such as body image and sexual harassment.
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Gloria Steinem reflects on 40 years fighting for feminism and freedom—and against fear.
Feminism is the radical notion that women are men.
Feminism remains a surprisingly controversial concept.
Feminism is alive and well and living in East Williamsburg.
Like Water for Chocolate, the international bestseller that examines feminism, self-growth and Mexican traditions, is being banned from sophomore English classes at Nampa High School.
Marge Piercy has written 15 novels and 17 books of poetry—many of them concerned with feminism, politics, and Judaism—during her 50-year writing career.
I had the pleasure of conversing with Chris Bobel, PhD about her new book, New Blood, which deftly tackles a taboo topic: feminism and menstruation.
The founder of Feministing.com, Jessica Valenti is the author of Full Frontal Feminism.
An early breakthrough in trans inclusion as a tenet of feminism.
Don't Expect Trickle -Down Feminism The Nation.

In science:

Direct and mediated effects of testosterone: the development of intersexes in sex reversed mosaic mice, heterozygous for testicular feminization.
A Developmental Network Theory of Gynandromorphs, Sexual Dimorphism and Species Formation
Feminization of external genitalia of triploid intersexes of drosophila melanogaster meig. under the action of elevated temperature. demonstration of a sensitive phase during development.
A Developmental Network Theory of Gynandromorphs, Sexual Dimorphism and Species Formation