• WordNet 3.6
    • n fellowship an association of people who share common beliefs or activities "the message was addressed not just to employees but to every member of the company family","the church welcomed new members into its fellowship"
    • n fellowship money granted (by a university or foundation or other agency) for advanced study or research
    • n fellowship the state of being with someone "he missed their company","he enjoyed the society of his friends"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fellowship (Eng. & Amer. Universities) A foundation for the maintenance, on certain conditions, of a scholar called a fellow, who usually resides at the university.
    • Fellowship A state of being together; companionship; partnership; association; hence, confederation; joint interest. "The great contention of the sea and skies
      Parted our fellowship ."
      "Fellowship in pain divides not smart""Fellowship in woe doth woe assuage""The goodliest fellowship of famous knights,
      Whereof this world holds record."
    • Fellowship Companionship of persons on equal and friendly terms; frequent and familiar intercourse. "In a great town, friends are scattered, so that there is not that fellowship which is in less neighborhods.""Men are made for society and mutual fellowship ."
    • Fellowship (Arith) The rule for dividing profit and loss among partners; -- called also partnership, company, and distributive proportion.
    • Fellowship The state or relation of being or associate.
    • Fellowship Those associated with one, as in a family, or a society; a company. "The sorrow of Noah with his fellowship .""With that a joyous fellowship issued
      Of minstrels."
    • v. t Fellowship (Eccl) To acknowledge as of good standing, or in communion according to standards of faith and practice; to admit to Christian fellowship.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n fellowship The condition or relation of being a fellow or associate; mutual association of persons on equal and friendly terms; communion: as, the fellowship of the saints; church fellowship.
    • n fellowship The state or condition of sharing in common; intimate association; joint interest; partnership: as, fellowship in loss.
    • n fellowship A body of fellows or companions; an association of persons having the same tastes, occupations, or interests; a band; a company; a guild: as, the fellowship of civil engineers.
    • n fellowship In arithmetic, the rule of proportions by which the accounts of partners in business are adjusted, so that each partner may have a share of gain, or sustain a share of loss, in proportion to his part of the stock. It proceeds upon the principle established in the doctrine of proportion, that the sum of all the antecedents of any number of equal ratios is to the sum of all the consequents as any one of the antecedents is to its consequent.
    • n fellowship A station of privilege and emolument in English colleges which entitles the holder (called a fellow) to a share in their revenues. In Oxford and Cambridge the fellowships were either constituted by the original founders of the colleges to which they belong, or they have been since endowed. In almost all cases their holders must have taken at least the first degree of bachelor of arts, or of students in the civil law. Fellowships vary in value from about £30 to £250 a year and upward, and they all confer upon their holders the right to apartments in the college, and certain privileges as to commons or meals. Though many fellowships are tenable for life, in general they are forfeited upon attainment by the holder of a certain position in the church or at the bar, or upon his marriage. In this last case, however, a fellow may retain his fellowship by a special vote of the college. Except in the single case of Downing College, Cambridge, where graduates of Oxford and Cambridge are eligible, fellowships are confined to graduates of the university to which they belong.
    • n fellowship In colleges and universities of the United States, a scholarship or sum of money granted for one or more years to a graduate student to enable him to pursue his studies either at that college or university or abroad.
    • fellowship To have fellowship with; admit to fellowship; associate with as a fellow or member of the same body; specifically, to unite with in doctrine and discipline as members of the same sect or church.
    • fellowship To be joined in fellowship.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Fellowship the state of being a fellow or partner: friendly intercourse: communion: an association: an endowment in a college for the support of graduates called Fellows: the position and income of a fellow:
    • Fellowship (arith.) the proportional division of profit and loss among partners
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  • Virginia Woolf
    “One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them.”
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
    “There is a fellowship more quiet even than solitude, and which, rightly understood, is solitude made perfect.”
  • Charles E. Fuller
    Charles E. Fuller
    “Fellowship with God means warfare with the world.”
  • Henry Edward Manning
    Henry Edward Manning
    “A habit of devout fellowship with God is the spring of all our life, and the strength of it.”
  • William Wycherley
    William Wycherley
    “Good fellowship and friendship are lasting, rational and manly pleasures.”
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    “How many desolate creatures on the earth have learnt the simple dues of fellowship and social comfort, in a hospital.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Fellow + -ship
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. felawe—Ice. félagi, a partner in goods, from (Ger. vieh), cattle, property, and lag, a laying together, a law. Cf. Eng. Fee, and Law.


In literature:

The children of America need closer fellowship with the fathers.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Vol. 3 (of 4)" by W. Grant Hague
On account of sin we had forfeited this fellowship.
"The Cities of Refuge: or, The Name of Jesus" by John Ross Macduff
The fellowships that the college obtains are maintained with the sum remaining.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 (Vol 28 of 55)" by Various
He lived at peace with all, in fellowship with all; he could rally Polonius without malice, and mimic Osric without contempt.
"The Contemporary Review, January 1883" by Various
Now, a second-class man is not much thought of at Balliol, and he had lost his chance of an immediate fellowship.
"The Bertrams" by Anthony Trollope
It would be impossible, surely, to feel aught but courageous in such cheerful, valiant, self-reliant fellowship.
"Marjorie" by Justin Huntly McCarthy
It is the place where the congregation is gathered, in the fellowship of Christ's religion, for the purpose of worship.
"The Worship of the Church" by Jacob A. Regester
Ten or twelve days passed in this wretched fellowship, until disagreement led to a sullen silence between them.
"George Muller of Bristol" by Arthur T. Pierson
We are to be in fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.
"The Work Of Christ" by A. C. Gaebelein
But I want you to see that all this marks the fellowship prevailing between the Lord and His sanctified saints.
"Standards of Life and Service" by T. H. Howard

In poetry:

It is a pleasant thing to lie
Upon the meadow on the hill
With kindly fellowship near by
Of sheep and men of gentle will.
"The Fourth Shepherd" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer
In social fellowship, our hearts
With kindly thoughts grow warm;
Then is there not a pleasant side,
E'en to a raging storm?
"A Snow Storm" by Thomas Frederick Young
The saints in prayer appear as one,
In word, in deed, and mind;
While with the Father and the Son,
Sweet fellowship they find.
"What Is Prayer?" by James Montgomery
In Christ there is no East or West,
In Him no South or North,
But one great Fellowship of Love
Throughout the whole wide earth.
"In Christ there is No East Or West" by John Oxenham
From every sinful wrinkle free,
Redeemed from all iniquity,
The fellowship of saints make known;
And, O my God, might I be one!
"Hymn XVII: Jesus, From Whom All Blessings Grow" by Charles Wesley
O Sorrow, cruel fellowship,
O Priestess in the vaults of Death,
O sweet and bitter in a breath,
What whispers from thy lying lip?
"In Memoriam 3: O Sorrow, Cruel Fellowship" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In news:

Area women are invited to experience the seventh annual "Come to the Fire" interdenominational conference through live simulcast at Glenwood Christian Fellowship, 7872 Glenwood Ave. September 27, 2012.
God's Storehouse will open later this month, offering food and fellowship to those in need.
Tables at the Muskingum County Center for Seniors were filled with people supporting Christ's Table, Eastside Community Ministry, Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christ, and the Senior Center, for the 16th annual Souper Bowl.
Dr Andrew Porter, associate director of Via Christi sports medicine fellowship, on school sports injuries.
Trinity United Methodist Church and Christ The King Lutheran Church present " Spud Night" and Silent Auction Fundraiser on Saturday, October 27th.from 5 until 8 pm at Trinity's Fellowship Hall, 1310 North Main Street in Lapeer.
Now that we have officially entered the season of good deed doing, I'd like you to consider performing an act of fellowship.
Sewing ministry forms fellowship while teaching craft.
There will be an 80th birthday party honoring Don Stoa at 2 to 5 pm on Saturday, July 7, at First Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall in Fergus Falls.
Sharing a meal, fellowship in the Grove.
Heart of Jesus Polish National Catholic Church 290 Avenue E 201 858-4320 Holy Mass: Sundays 9:30 am Sunday School and Fellowship: Sundays after Mass.
Bible Fellowship Church pastor, Minot Daily News.
The Association of Women Psychiatrists is pleased to announce its annual call for applications for the AWP Fellowship and the Alexandra and Martin Symonds Foundation Fellowship.
An introductory workshop on the Chinese mind/body practice of Tai Chi Chuan will be held from 9:30 am to noon Saturday at Messiah Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 305 W Magnetic St in Marquette.
She's just back from a two-week fellowship, working with teachers in Tajikistan .
Good News Fellowship, 1252 W Axton Road, Ferndale.

In science:

One of us (A.M.G.) was supported by “laCaixa Fellowship Program”. J.J.M.V. thanks the Institute for Nuclear Theory at the University of Washington for its hospitality and partial support during the completion of this work.
Chiral Random Matrix Model for Critical Statistics
The author received the financial support of an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Random matrix theory over finite fields: a survey
Smith Fellowship at the University of Texas McDonald Observatory.
QSOs and Absorption Line Systems Surrounding the Hubble Deep Field
Supported in part by NSF grant DMS 9704640 and by a Sloan Foundation fellowship.
Problems on the geometry of finitely generated solvable groups
Shen) wishes to thank the World Laboratory for a fellowship.
Cosmic Dust in the 21st Century