• WordNet 3.6
    • adj fated (usually followed by `to') determined by tragic fate "doomed to unhappiness","fated to be the scene of Kennedy's assassination"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Fated Decreed by fate; destined; doomed; as, he was fated to rule a factious people. "One midnight Fated to the purpose."
    • Fated Exempted by fate.
    • Fated Invested with the power of determining destiny. "The fated sky."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • fated Determined or consigned by fate; doomed; destined: as, he was fated to a violent end.
    • fated Regulated by fate; awarded, appointed, or set apart by fate.
    • fated Exempted by fate.
    • fated Invested with the power of determining fates or destinies.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Fated doomed: destined: :
    • adjs Fated (Shak.) invested with the power of destiny
    • adjs Fated (Dryden) enchanted
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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”
  • Jacques Delille
    Jacques Delille
    “Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.”
  • Arthur Schopenhauer
    “To live alone is the fate of all great souls.”
  • Amelia E. Barr
    Amelia E. Barr
    “The fate of love is that it always seems too little or too much.”
  • Emile Gaboriau
    Emile Gaboriau
    “Woman submits to her fate; man makes his.”
  • Albert Camus
    “Politics and the fate of mankind are shaped by men without ideals and without greatness. Men who have greatness within them don't go in for politics.”


Fate worse than death - Describing something as a fate worse than death is a fairly common way of implying that it is unpleasant.
Tempt fate - If you tempt fate, you do something where there is a high risk of failure. It can also be used when talking about something could make it risky.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. fatum, a prediction—fatus, spoken—fāri, to speak.


In literature:

Let us draw lots, and then he whom fate chooses, must die.
"Debts of Honor" by Maurus Jókai
It will be told, that a sad reverse was afterwards their fate.
"The History of Tasmania , Volume II (of 2)" by John West
She went away to leeward, and very soon met her fate.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
Was our future fate a punishment or not, for thus presuming to decide our own destiny?
"Yr Ynys Unyg" by Julia de Winton
The fate of the latter was buried in obscurity.
"Rookwood" by William Harrison Ainsworth
"Italian Popular Tales" by Thomas Frederick Crane
But, having accomplished a miracle, fate had left it without a meaning and thrown it on an ash heap.
"Jewel Weed" by Alice Ames Winter
His secret instructions were to embark the French troops, and to leave the island to its fate.
"The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" by William Milligan Sloane
A similar fate appears to have been intended by Edward II.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
This opera has had a curious fate, its historical background having excited resistance and given rise to scruples.
"The Standard Operaglass" by Charles Annesley
As a wife, I ought to follow the fate of my husband, and can there now be any fate more glorious than to ascend the scaffold?
"Hortense, Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
He knew what fate awaited him if he should lose his foothold.
"The Snowshoe Trail" by Edison Marshall
It seemed like fate, a fate she did not want.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
Details of the second Zeppelin's fate never have been told.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
Such was the end of Priam's day, such faring forth fate bid, Troy all aflame upon the road, all Pergamus adown.
"The Æneids of Virgil" by Virgil
"Jolly Sally Pendleton" by Laura Jean Libbey
Your fate awaits you.
"The Golden Woman" by Ridgwell Cullum
This had been the fate of the helmsman of the Durande.
"Toilers of the Sea" by Victor Hugo
He left the defeated troops of Demetrius to their fate.
"A Struggle for Rome, v. 3" by Felix Dahn
What a terrible fate was reserved for the chief actors in this drama!
"Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty" by Imbert de Saint-Amand

In poetry:

"O king!" she whispered sweet,
"Too happy fate have they
Who perish in thy way
Beneath thy gracious feet!
"King Solomon and the Ants" by John Greenleaf Whittier
For love to him is not to me,
And cannot lift my fate;
The love is not that is not free,
Perfect, immediate.
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald
I scorn to be
A slave to state;
And since I'm free,
I will not wait,
Henceforth at such a rate,
For needy fate.
"Upon A Delaying Lady" by Robert Herrick
A Symbol Form that mirrors ours,
That is, yet is not, we,
That seems to hint of Higher Powers
Than Fate or Memory:
"Dominions Of The Boundary" by Bernard O Dowd
And then I saw an iron wheel
Which stood alone in state,
And then I heard an awful squeal--
A hog had met his fate.
"The Epic Of The Hog" by Edwin Carty Ranck
Yet if I had aught to tell,
High as heaven, or deep as hell,
Bent the fates awry or fit,
I would find a word for it.
"An April Gust" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

In news:

Joe Paterno family's appeal of NCAA sanctions is ill- fated .
A Rock Fated to Anger Nations.
UK PM Cameron defends ill- fated Andy Coulson hire.
Lowry leads furious but ill- fated comeback against Jazz.
Great-granddaughter: Trip was ill- fated from the start.
Cruise retraces Titanic's ill- fated voyage.
UK cruise retraces Titanic's ill- fated voyage.
Opinion Poll Wins Ill- fated Dubai Gold Cup.
Obama's Ill- Fated Foreign Initiatives.
Is RJ fated to be a casualty of the amnesty clause.
Ill- Fated Interview Part I.
Jonestown survivors recall fateful day.
Hope and Heroism Turned To Horror on a Fateful Day.
Murky Lives, Fateful Trip In Buffalo Terrorism Case.
Jostling and Stumbling Toward a Fateful 15 Minutes.

In science:

We have estimated the fate of the inhomogeneities admitted in the model and shown that these evolve consistently with the observations as the density contrast they introduce is smaller than the one typical of CDM scenarios.
Large-scale inhomogeneities in modified Chaplygin gas cosmologies
The final fate could be the binary coalescence.
A white dwarf-neutron star relativistic binary model for soft gamma-ray repeaters
In Sect. 3, we first briefly discuss the fate of a single particle as it settles to the disk midplane and grows by sweeping up other grains.
Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: a rapid depletion of small grains
Renormalization-group running of the cosmological constant and the fate of the universe, Phys.
Hint for Quintessence-like Scalars from Holographic Dark Energy
The implications of this result for the future fate of the Universe and our understanding of fundamental physics are profound; therefore, it is extremely important that it be verified by independent methods.
Measurement of \Omega_m, \Omega_{\Lambda} from a blind analysis of Type Ia supernovae with CMAGIC: Using color information to verify the acceleration of the Universe
Islam, “Possible ultimate fate of the universe”, Q. J.
Anthropic principle in cosmology
In a superfluid, on the other hand, the torque decays faster initially, with time constant ∼ 50, then starts to increase again for t ∼ 240, as part of a long-period oscillation whose ultimate fate is unknown as it occurs over a time-scale beyond our computational limit.
Transitions between turbulent and laminar superfluid vorticity states in the outer core of a neutron star
If the thin black rings are unstable to Gregory-Laflamme instabilities, then what is the endpoint of the decay? The answer hinges on the unresolved issue of the fate of the black string instability [16, 17, 18, 19].
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
Maeda, “Fate of the black string instability,” Phys.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
Villegas, “Towards the final fate of an unstable black string,” Phys.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
Marolf, “On the fate of black string instabilities: An observation,” Phys.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
One of these is the fate of holography in the BMN limit.
String Theory: A Theory of Unification
However, the above success in reproducing ρS (0) ∼ x is not accompanied by a similar fate when it comes to addressing dρS /dT ’s experimental results.
Electromagnetic response of high-Tc superconductors -- the slave-boson and doped-carrier theories
Thus, the roles of the parameters w0 and w1 are inverted in these scenarios, in the sense that while for Parameterization (1) the fate of the Universe is dictated by the equilibrium part (w0 ), for the scale factor parameterization the future of the Universe is driven by the time-dependent term w1 .
A parametric model for dark energy
ZernickaGoetz and some colleagues proved that the decision about the cell fate in the mouse embryo is taken as early as at the four-cell stage.
Epigenetic Tracking, a Method to Generate Arbitrary Shapes By Using Evolutionary-Developmental Techniques