factor IV


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    • n factor IV ion of calcium; a factor in the clotting of blood
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The generic features (i)-(iv) are naturally accommodated in models which supplement the perturbative QCD factorization approach (using nuclear parton distribution functions) with a mechanism which degrades the energy of the leading outgoing partonic fragment due to its propagation in matter.
Predictions for the LHC heavy ion programme
For example, Shor’s factoring algorithm (Section IV.E) proceeds by solving a problem in query complexity which is provably hard for classical computers.
Quantum algorithms for algebraic problems
For example, Shor’s factoring algorithm (Section IV.E) works by finding the period of a function de fined over Z.
Quantum algorithms for algebraic problems
As pointed out earlier, for the case where both N and K scale simultaneously with K = o(N ), which parallels the lower bound in Theorem IV.1, the achievable bound has an extra polylog factor in K .
Boolean Compressed Sensing and Noisy Group Testing
The predictions were averaged over the SPES IV angular acceptance and, in view of the rapid change in the transition form factor with q , this effect can be significant.
Review of quasi-elastic charge-exchange data in the nucleon-deuteron breakup reaction
The KS spacetime of region IV begins with a Big Bang which is a “pancake” singularity where only the scale factor of the non-compact direction is zero (since R = Rc at this time).
Anisotropic Kantowski-Sachs Universe from Gravitational Tunneling and its Observational Signatures
V are tentative; (ii) the 21Mg–21F mirror state assignments are uncertain; (iii) the spectroscopic factors are unknown; and (iv) there may be missing levels close to the proton threshold in 21Mg.
Charged-Particle Thermonuclear Reaction Rates: II. Tables and Graphs of Reaction Rates and Probability Density Functions
The only change is that Eqs. (IV.28) and (IV.29) acquire a pre-factor of a.
Theory of citing
Therefore, most of the initial energy is converted into bulk kinetic energy of the baryons, with a final Lorentz factor γf ≈ ηi . (iv) ηi < 1: This is the Newtonian regime.
Fireballs and Gamma-Ray Bursts
The length r0 = −5.391f m is analogous to the nuclear scattering length (see also chapter IV), and F (Q) the magnetic form factor.
Critical Dynamics of Magnets
Conditions (ii), (iii) and (iv) for L tell us that M ⊳⊳ N and that there is a U composition series X for N through M such each factor of X above M is U -isomorphic to a group of roots of unity of prime order.
Real fields and repeated radical extensions
In order to estimate to which extent our results were sensitive to these velocities, we performed synthetic photometry with nominal and enlarged l(He ii), l(C iv) and l(He i) filters (by a factor of 2) on blue- and red- shifted WR spectra.
A dedicated photometric system for the detection of Wolf-Rayet stars
IV B, involves writing the loop corrections as linear combinations of operators in the underlying effective theory and then expanding the loop integrals in powers of the loop momentum divided by the large scale in the factorization formalism.
Renormalon Ambiguities in NRQCD Operator Matrix Elements
The ensemble Baldwin Effect tells us that this scaling is not altogether homologous, although the luminosity dependence is weak – a factor of 10 variation in Wλ (C iv) over 6 orders of magnitude in L.
A Review of Line and Continuum Correlations in AGNs
For the leading colour contributions the slicing (IV.13) is more convenient than the one used in references [20, 21], because the soft factor (see below) is more compact and the separation of soft and collinear regions is simpler, facilitating the numerical implementation.
Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to parity-violating 3-jet observables for massive quarks in e^+e^- annihilation