extreme point


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n extreme point the point located farthest from the middle of something
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  • John Berryman
    John Berryman
    “The artist is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him. At that point, he's in business.”
  • J. August Strindberg
    “A man with a so-called character is often a simple piece of mechanism; he has often only one point of view for the extremely complicated relationships of life.”


In literature:

At last Maggot managed to touch the rock with the extreme point of his toe.
"Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines" by R.M. Ballantyne
They were seated on the rocky point on the extremity of which their yacht had been driven.
"The Giant of the North" by R.M. Ballantyne
Point of Rocks was the extreme limit of Harlem Heights.
"The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn" by Henry P. Johnston
From the extreme South point of Anzacs to their extreme North was formerly 2-3/4 miles.
"Gallipoli Diary, Volume 2" by Ian Hamilton
This is an extremely important point.
"The Young Franc Tireurs" by G. A. Henty
The highest peaks were at the most extreme north-east point.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Mr. Reed, that is an extremely important point.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
In Continuity, it is impossible to distinguish phenomena at their merging-points, so we look for them at their extremes.
"The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort
One great redeeming point of the people of Goyaz was that they were extremely charitable.
"Across Unknown South America" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Fastigium: Orthoptera; the extreme point or front of vertex.
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
Under this point of view, Mr. Buckman's recent experiments on plants are extremely valuable.
"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" by Charles Darwin
The extreme importance of care and attention to these points cannot be overestimated.
"Cattle and Their Diseases" by Robert Jennings
After passing other cottages, and some boarding-houses, they came to Halibut Point, the extreme point of Cape Ann.
"The New England Magazine Volume 1, No. 3, March, 1886" by Various
The westernmost of these headlands, called Sampanmange, will likewise determine the extreme north point of Borneo.
"The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. Dido" by Henry Keppel
The extreme right of the British position, and the left of the French, was the weakest point.
"Our Soldiers" by W.H.G. Kingston
South Cape and Tasman's Head had been likewise charted as points at the extreme south of New South Wales.
"A Book of Discovery" by Margaret Bertha (M. B.) Synge
Having reached the extremity of the bluff, he halted at a point that commanded a full view of San Ildefonso.
"The White Chief" by Mayne Reid
Only the end of his black nose was visible in front and the extreme point of his tail in rear.
"Chasing the Sun" by R.M. Ballantyne
You had better luff a point, sir, and go round its northern extremity.
"Turned Adrift" by Harry Collingwood
But it had not yet come to the point, and his intermediate state was explosive in the extreme.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward

In news:

In this case, the key to unlocking Obama's speech may be Aristotle's golden mean , the search for a mid-point between extremes.
Someone Needs to Point Out the GOP's New Extremism.
Tucked into the column by Ben Clarke on Wednesday, Oct 3, is an extremely telling point.
Now it's the would-be jumping off point for the world's newest battle against Islamist extremism.
"Had Argentina not defaulted when it did, it is extremely unlikely that it would have recovered to the point where it did, and then none of its creditors would have got any of their money back," added Dearden.
"The state Ed Department should be giving guidance to school districts, saying they should be extremely cautious about how they use these at this point," he said.
We've been pointing to the power of thought leadership as an extremely effective way to create such a net worth.
Placing a pressure transmitter at the extremities of a distribution system, as in Figure 1, improves energy conservation by allowing the drive PID controller to utilize a lower set point.
Deliberation tends to move groups, and the individuals who compose them, toward a more extreme point in the direction indicated by their own predeliberation judgments.
In a striking empirical regularity, deliberation tends to move groups, and the individuals who compose them, toward a more extreme point in the direction indicated by their own predeliberation judgments.
Horses, like dogs and other domesticated animals, can be extremely affectionate and respond to many human cues, such as pointing and gaze directions.
Point of fact, renting here is a difficult business with rents extremely high and the selection rapidly shrinking.
An extreme high tide of 12 to 15 feet Monday night battered Stony Point's waterfront neighborhoods, including Grassy Point, Beach Road and the Ba Mar Mobile Home Park.
'Extremely rare' About 5 percent of mice, hamsters and other rodents carry LCMV and about 2 percent of the general public has antibodies to it, meaning they've been exposed to it at some point, Kazmierczak said.
Saillant points to the century-long evolution of automotive painting — moving from an extremely polluting process to one which now has effective emissions controls — as an example of scientists ' and engineers' collaborative solutions.

In science:

In fact, (see [13, Theorem 3.1]), eP is the set of extreme points of the compact simplex eS .
Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator
So the two vectors of a curvature would be given by the positions of the extreme points of the vector giving the first derivative.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
Thus it suffices to prove that all extreme points of F are supported on (V \{z})2 or on simple paths.
Fast graphs for the random walker
As f∗ is an extreme point, f∗ = fπ , and the proof is complete.
Fast graphs for the random walker
Nv is also equal to the distance between the two extremal points reached by the RW.
Anomalous Roughness, Localization, and Globally Constrained Random Walks
When the RW turns around, it leaves a defect behind at the extremal point, in the site version but not in the bond version.
Anomalous Roughness, Localization, and Globally Constrained Random Walks
V ⊂ P be the extreme points on the boundary of P (if P is a polytope, V is its vertex set).
Randomized Rounding without Solving the Linear Program
Lemma 3.2.2 A Gibbs measure µ ∈ GL is an extreme point of the convex set GL if and only if µ is L-ergodic.
Random Surfaces
By the Krein-Milman Theorem, it contains an extremal point t.
Simple nuclear $C^*$-algebras of tracial topological rank one
For n = 3, the set A(r) and the extreme points of the polyhedron Mr can be described as follows.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
Note that all nondegenerate extreme points determine metrics on the space consisting of four points that cannot be isometrically embedded into an Euclidean space.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
It is easy to construct a simplex whose set of extreme points is everywhere dense — the Poulsen simplex P.
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
Note that the set of extreme points of the universal simplex in the induced topology is homeomorphic to the infinite-dimensional Hilbert space ([18, 17]).
Random Metric Spaces and Universality
We prove that these form a Bauer simplex and identify the extreme points.
A Thinning Analogue of de Finetti's Theorem
If one considers the simple example of ρn , then this is an extreme point, corresponding to the measure-valued function µ(dx, t) = δ(x − t).
A Thinning Analogue of de Finetti's Theorem