• WordNet 3.6
    • n extravagance excessive spending
    • n extravagance the trait of spending extravagantly
    • n extravagance the quality of exceeding the appropriate limits of decorum or probability or truth "we were surprised by the extravagance of his description"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Extravagance A wandering beyond proper limits; an excursion or sally from the usual way, course, or limit.
    • Extravagance The state of being extravagant, wild, or prodigal beyond bounds of propriety or duty; want of moderation; excess; especially, undue expenditure of money; vaid and superfluous expense; prodigality; as, extravagance of anger, love, expression, imagination, demands. "Some verses of my own, Maximin and Almanzor, cry vengeance on me for their extravagance .""The income of three dukes was enough to supply her extravagance ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n extravagance A wandering beyond proper bounds; an excursion or a sally out of the usual way, course, or limit.
    • n extravagance An extravagant action, or such actions collectively; a going beyond proper limits in action, conduct, or feeling; the overdoing of something; specifically, lavish outlay or expenditure.
    • n extravagance The quality of being extravagant: excessiveness or unreasonableness in amount or degree; exorbitance: as, extravagance of expenditure, demands, conduct, passion, etc.
    • n extravagance Synonyms Wildness, irregularity, absurdity, excess, exorbitance, unreasonableness, profusion, waste, dissipation, bombast.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Extravagance excess: lavish expenditure:
    • ns Extravagance (Milt.) digression
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  • Marcus Valerius Martial
    “Rarity gives a charm; so early fruits and winter roses are the most prized; and coyness sets off an extravagant mistress, while the door always open tempts no suitor.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “Where there is no extravagance there is no love, and where there is no love there is no understanding.”
  • Charles Caleb Colton
    “Avarice has ruined more souls than extravagance.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Be true to your own act and congratulate yourself if you have done something strange and extravagant to break the monotony of a decorous age.”
  • Motto
    “Impatience is the cause of most of our irregularities and extravagances Command by obeying.”
  • Massaru Ibuka
    Massaru Ibuka
    “We Japanese enjoy the small pleasures, not extravagance. I believe a man should have a simple lifestyle -- even if he can afford more.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. extravagance,. See Extravagant, and cf. Extravaganza
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. extra, beyond, vagans, -antis, pr.p. of vagāri, to wander.


In literature:

They did not give up, but they came less and less to depend upon, extravagant incident, violent peripeteias, cheap supernaturalities, etc.
"A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2" by George Saintsbury
Too much government, with its extravagance and corruption, was a cause in the mind of extreme theoretical democrats.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
But Lady Drogheda was ill-tempered, imperious, and extravagantly jealous.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Avoid foolish extravagance, but learn to enjoy life and the blessings at your disposal.
"A Romantic Young Lady" by Robert Grant
But Mrs. Sheridan protested rather absent-mindedly against this extravagance.
"The Beloved Woman" by Kathleen Norris
I wasn't extravagant and I wasn't dissipated but every raise found a new demand.
"One Way Out" by William Carleton
Lest I should be thought extravagant in my delight, let me give you some words of George Sand, which I have since read.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 122, December, 1867" by Various
Something in her responded to his extravagance and his exuberant manner.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
That was a sinful extravagance.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
I imagine he has some sympathy for Jim's extravagances.
"Partners of the Out-Trail" by Harold Bindloss

In poetry:

"The Commonwealth's extravagance" -
"Hold on," I said, "hold on!
A fool could tell you at a glance
Where all the money's gone.
"Another Fusion" by C J Dennis
I say, Fear not! life still
Leaves human effort scope.
But, since life teems with ill,
Nurse no extravagant hope.
Because thou must not dream, thou need'st not then despair.
"From the Hymn of Empedocles" by Matthew Arnold
"Ned sinneth in extravagance,
And you in greedy lust."
("I' faith," says Ned, "our father
Is less polite than just.")
"In you, son Tom, I've confidence,
But Ned I cannot trust.
"The King Of Brentford’s Testament" by William Makepeace Thackeray
together, extravagantly young in their tight lock.
Old man, you are their father holding court
in the dingy hall until their alarm clock
rings and unwinds them. You unstopper the quart
"Doors, Doors, Doors" by Anne Sexton
I see the glittering tops
Of snow-peaked mounts, the wid'ning vale's expanse,
Large prairies where free herds of horses prance,
Exhaustless wealth of crops,
In vast, magnificent extravagance.
"How Long?" by Emma Lazarus
I'm sure if they knew what a sin 't is to eat,
When things are all selling at extravagant prices,
That poor folks more saving would be of their meat,
And learn by example how little suffices.
"Mrs. Merdle At Home" by Horatio Alger Jr

In news:

If you're in search of an extravagant holiday gift, something like a $1 million fountain, look no further.
DALLAS (AP) — If you're in search of an extravagant holiday gift, something like a $1 million fountain, look no further.
In search of extravagant , outrageous gifts.
David Gatten's The Extravagant Shadows.
' Extravagant ' room makeover worth it for parent, student.
Cornyn demands answers from VA on ' extravagant ' conferences, 'Patton' parody.
Larry Ellison's island purchase isn't his only extravagant buy.
Material Girl Makes Extravagant Demands for Concert Stops.
Spain's King Juan Carlos issues rare apology, says elephant hunting trip too extravagant .
GSA Chief Resigns Over Agency's Extravagant Spending.
'Hunger Games': How Stanley Tucci Transformed into the Extravagant Caesar Flickman (Video).
White House Hosted 'Wonderland'-Themed Extravagant Hollywood Halloween Bash Before Burton Film Release.
Extravagant tech gifts for the holidays.
Audit finds 'wasteful' and extravagant spending.
A 'magnificently extravagant ' experience.

In science:

Thus the Deutsch-Hayden picture, taken ontologically, would seem to be extremely, perhaps implausibly, extravagant in the structure it uses to depict a single world.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
Note that the feeling that an explanation of this somewhat extravagant form is required would seem to be motivated by a picture in which information is a particular, or substance; which, it has been suggested, is misplaced.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
This synthetic introduction may sound a little extravagant.
The Fractal Structure of Matter and the Casimir Effect
Wildness manifests in lower bounds on ǫ (δ), expressing that ǫ (δ) is extravagantly larger than δ when δ is close to 0.
Cannon-Thurston maps, subgroup distortion, and hyperbolic hydra
Memory is solely in the quasi-classical wave packet that effectively guides them, while the other myriads of “empty” Everett world components (criticized for being “extravagant” by Bell) exist as well in Bohm’s theory.
Decoherence: Basic Concepts and Their Interpretation