• WordNet 3.6
    • n expelling any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body "the discharge of pus"
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  • Thomas Carlyle
    “One must verify or expel his doubts, and convert them into the certainty of Yes or NO.”
  • Italo Calvino
    “The unconscious is the ocean of the unsayable, of what has been expelled from the land of language, removed as a result of ancient prohibitions.”


In literature:

He was heard by Counsel at the Bar of the House, but was believed to have been justly convicted, and was expelled.
"The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation" by Charles Roger
Expelled from the hive, 55.
"Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee" by L. L. Langstroth
The Tories at last got the ascendency, and expelled Godolphin, Marlborough, and Sunderland from power.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
I shall be sorry if he's expelled, very sorry.
"The Fifth Form at Saint Dominic's" by Talbot Baines Reed
The man to whom evil is not an intrusive usurper can have no confidence that it will ever be expelled.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
If guilty, he must be expelled.
"In School and Out" by Oliver Optic
By the term "miscarriage" we mean that for some reason the progress of pregnancy has been interrupted and the fetus is expelled from the womb.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Vol 2 (of 4)" by W. Grant Hague
One of us will be expelled, I suppose.
"Molly Brown's Senior Days" by Nell Speed
I expect I'd get expelled if I did.
"A Patriotic Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
The worms were almost instantaneously expelled, but with very alarming symptoms, and a complete prostration of the patient.
"A Dissertation on the Medical Properties and Injurious Effects of the Habitual Use of Tobacco" by A. McAllister

In poetry:

New hopes, new motives, all things ever new
Expelling all things old, however dear,
Uproot the mind from growing strong and true,
And the poor heart in all its longings sear.
"Moving On" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
"Go forth, my Sons!—for what is vital breath,
Your gods expell'd, your liberty resign'd?
Go forth, my Sons!—for what is instant death
To souls secure perennial joys to find?
"Elegy XXI. Taking a View of the Country From His Retirement" by William Shenstone
Their eyes watch for the morning hue;
Their little grain, expelling night,
So shines and sings as if it knew
The path unto the house of light.
It seems their candle, howe'er done,
Was tinned and lighted at the sun.
"Cock-Crowing" by Henry Vaughan
Now stamped the Squire, and knowing not
Her business, waved her from the spot.
Encircled by the men of might,
The head of Jane, like flickering light,
As in a charger, they beheld
Ere she was from the park expelled.
"Jump-To-Glory Jane" by George Meredith
Euen now in waues of deepe despaire,
Their barke is tossed too and fro.
A gale of hope expels al feare,
And makes the winde to ouerblow:
Twixt feare and hope these Louers saile,
And doubtful are which shall preuayle.
"A renouncing of loue" by Humfrey Gifford
Pratler, no more, I say:
My thoughts must work, but like a noiseless sphere,
Harmonious peace must rock them all the day:
No room for prattlers there.
If thou persistest, I will tell thee,
That I have physick to expell thee.
"Conscience" by George Herbert

In news:

China expels Bo from legislature, set for trial.
Criticism of the Greek bailouts within Merkel's coalition has softened in recent months after she decided the cost of expelling Greece from the euro zone would be far greater.
GOOSE CREEK IS expelled again from the playoffs.
2 arrested for having BB gun at Pa. PITTSBURGH (AP) — Authorities say two teens face juvenile charges after an expelled student brought an unloaded BB gun to his western Pennsylvania high school.
PITTSBURGH — Authorities say two teens face juvenile charges after an expelled student brought an unloaded BB gun to his western Pennsylvania high school.
Negar Mortazavi is an Iranian journalist based in Washington, D.C. Afghan nationals will be expelled from the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran in the coming months.
Guatemala detains McAfee, to expel him to Belize .
Illinois House poised to expel Rep Derrick Smith on bribe charge.
Illinois House members will gather Friday to consider something lawmakers in the state haven't done in more than a century: expel one of their own.
The decision was overturned and Meretnyyazov has been expelled from the London Games.
Israel to expel all activists by day's end.
College expels 1, punishes 3 for racially charged actions on election night.
Canada closes Iran embassy, expels remaining Iranian diplomats.
Judges outside Ontario have also expelled elected officials.
LONDON — American judo fighter Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the Olympic Games on Monday after testing positive for marijuana he said he ate accidentally before arriving in London.

In science:

Upon introducing the perpendicular component we observe that generally (i) the magnetic field is not expelled anymore and (ii) both the el ectric and magnetic fields acquire a tightly layered structure in the narrow zone just above to the horizon.
Transition from regular to chaotic motion in black hole magnetospheres
The magnetic field employed in the magnetic trap is expelled (see Fig. 1), due to the Meissner effect, from the superconducting sphere.
Quantum Magnetomechanics with Levitating Superconducting Microspheres
FIG. 1: (color online) (a) Scheme of the AHC with a pickup coil. (b) Quadrupole field created by the AHC. (c) Field expelled by the sphere in the Meissner state.
Quantum Magnetomechanics with Levitating Superconducting Microspheres
We argue that the AGN are likely being observed in a relatively short-lived breakout phase when they are expelling gas and dust following a massive starburst, subsequently turning into UV-luminous quasars.
Heavily Reddened Quasars at z~2 in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey: A Transitional Phase in AGN Evolution
If a color superconducting neutron star core is sub jected to an ordinary magnetic field, it will either expel the X component of the flux or restrict it to flux tubes, but it can (and does ) admit the great ma jority of the flux in the form of a B ˜Q magnetic field satisfying Maxwell’s equations.
Color Superconductivity in Compact Stars