• WordNet 3.6
    • v exhume dig up for reburial or for medical investigation; of dead bodies
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Exhume To dig out of the ground; to take out of a place of burial; to disinter.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • exhume To dig out of the earth, as something, especially a dead body, which has been buried; disinter.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Exhume eks-hūm′ to take out of the ground or place of burial: to disinter: to bring to light—also Ex′humate
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. exhumare,; L. ex, out + humus, ground, soil: cf. F. exhumer,. See Humble
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. ex, out of, humus, the ground.


In literature:

I doubt not that many hundreds of tons will eventually be exhumed.
"Dinosaurs" by William Diller Matthew
HUM: exhume' (-ation); inhume.
"New Word-Analysis" by William Swinton
Dishes, vases, toys have been exhumed in their countries, all displaying characteristic clay designs.
"The Story of Porcelain" by Sara Ware Bassett
Joe went up to Yonkers and exhumed some old furniture.
"A Little Girl of Long Ago" by Amanda Millie Douglas
On the 29th of June, six full-grown larvae were exhumed, and one, about half grown.
"Our Common Insects" by Alpheus Spring Packard
When your trial was on the body was exhumed and examined, and the presence of that drug was discovered.
"The Man Who Knew" by Edgar Wallace
It might rise up exhumed, in its shroud, any moment.
"Stubble" by George Looms
Her short stories sold for two thousand dollars apiece, and her first novel was exhumed and had a heavy sale.
"Black Oxen" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
In the morning we will have several of our leading doctors exhume the body to verify the statement.
"The Jucklins" by Opie Read
He had, he said, in one night exhumed and bitten as many as fifteen bodies.
"Werwolves" by Elliott O'Donnell
On the main street, from which the waters have receded sufficiently to render access and work possible, bodies are being exhumed.
"The Johnstown Horror" by James Herbert Walker
I shall never invite anybody to the exhumation.
"The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles" by Jean Henri Fabre
Of what use would it be to exhume Mr. Brockelsby after the doctors had cut him up?
"The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton" by Wardon Allan Curtis
It recalled the contemporary productions exhumed at Pompeii, and now to be seen in the Museum at Naples.
"Due West" by Maturin Murray Ballou
There is no occasion to speak here of the many remains of neolithic man that have been exhumed.
"Man And His Ancestor" by Charles Morris
Stella's coffin was exhumed, and her skull examined at the same time.
"The Three Devils: Luther's, Milton's, and Goethe's" by David Masson
For several days after my "exhumation," I was compelled to remain in my tent, an invalid.
"Lost Lenore" by Charles Beach
The pot is buried for forty days, and then exhumed.
"Omens and Superstitions of Southern India" by Edgar Thurston
These exhumations proved that a great number of people had been buried alive.
"History of the Commune of 1871" by P. Lissagary
Facts had been exhumed in a single session that were intolerable to a civilized community.
"Gargoyles" by Ben Hecht

In poetry:

Exhume the ghost of a joke, renew loud laughter,
Forget the moles above their sweethearts' eyebrows,
Lean to the music, rise,
And dance once more in a rose-festooned illusion
With kindness in their eyes . . .
"The House Of Dust: Part 03: 09:" by Conrad Potter Aiken

In news:

Liner Notes The Legendary Shack Shakers, Japandroids, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Exhumed, Kaki King and More: Inside This Week's Music Section.
Andrew Jackson may be the most important American not yet exhumed in the rush to learn from the leading lights of our early history.
The next day, Arenas and family members of several of the victims each told us a similar story: In March of 2000, these men were sent to exhume a body in a remote area controlled by paramilitaries .
Yasser Arafat's Body To Be Exhumed Tuesday.
The exhumation could begin within weeks, an official says.
DALLAS, Texas – It was a hot day for an exhumation – a Friday afternoon in September, when summer refused to take its dying breath.
Despite curious case involving exhuming of body, stats point to low numbers of incidents.
Yasser Arafat exhumed from grave.
Arafat's remains said to be exhumed Tuesday.
Arafat 's remains exhumed to test for poison.
Investigators exhume Yasser Arafat 's body.
Yasser Arafat 's remains exhumed.
Y asser Arafat 's widow sees a spiritual significance in the timing of her late husband's exhumation, which came just two days before a UN vote on whether to recognize a Palestinian state.
Arafat 's body exhumed, tested for poison.
Arafat 's body exhumed.

In science:

Rjj distribution for the DPE dijet sample and its comparison to pomwig. (bottom) Rjj distribution of the subsample selected to enhance the exclusive component and its fit to a combination of pomwig and exhume.
Diffraction at the Tevatron
Rjj as obtained directly from the DPE heavy flavor study and as expected from the inclusive DPE dijet study. (bottom) Measured exclusive dijet production cross section compared to dpemc and exhume predictions.
Diffraction at the Tevatron
In the first one, the POMWIG and ExHuME generators are used for simulating inclusive and exclusive events, respectively; in the second, inclusive (exclusive) distributions are simulated using the POMWIG (DPEMC) program.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
On the left, the number of events within the specified kinematic region is compared with fits based on POMWIG⊕ExHuME distribution shapes, and on the right with fits based on POMWIG⊕DPEMC predictions.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
Figure 8: (left) Measured exclusive dijet cross sections vs. the minimum ET of the two leading jets compared with ExHuME and DPEMC predictions; (right) ExHuME hadron level differential exclusive dijet cross section vsersus dijet mass normalized to the CDF cross sections at left.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
The systematic errors shown are propagated from those in the data; the ExHuME predictions have comparable systematic uncertainties.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
ExHuME hadron level differential cross sections dσexcl /dMjj normalized to the measured data points of Fig. 8 (left) are shown in Fig. 8 (right) with errors propagated from the uncertainties in the data.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
Within the errors, the good agreement with the default ExHuME prediction up to masses in the region of the standard model Higgs mass predicted from global fits to electroweak data lends credence to the calculation of Ref. 9) for exclusive Higgs boson production at the LHC.
Diffractive and Exclusive (Higgs?) Production from CDF to LHC
The data favor the KMR model, which is implemented in the Monte Carlo generator ExHuMe .
Summary from the working group on "Diffraction and Vector Mesons" at DIS 2008
Three candidate events were observed in 532 pb−1 of CDF run-II data, in agreement with ExHuMe predictions.
Summary from the working group on "Diffraction and Vector Mesons" at DIS 2008
Figure 8: Diagrams for exclusive di-jet (a) and Higgs (b) production, and the ExHuME exclusive di-jet differential cross section at the hadron level vs. di-jet mass Mjj normalized to measured σexcl values.
Summary from the working group on "Diffraction and Vector Mesons" at DIS 2008
The solid curve is the cross section predicted by ExHuME.
Summary from the working group on "Diffraction and Vector Mesons" at DIS 2008
The excess in dijet with a very large fraction of the total invariant mass of the final state is well described by the generator ExHuMe based on the KMR calculations with a 4.5% gap survival probability.
Summary of the HERA-LHC workshop
The curve is the cross section predicted by ExHuME.
Exclusive Central Production and Diffractive W/Z Results from CDF II
This result favours the model of Ref. , which is implemented in the MC simulation ExHuME .
Exclusive Central Production and Diffractive W/Z Results from CDF II