• WordNet 3.6
    • adj exemplary serving to warn "shook a monitory finger at him","an exemplary jail sentence"
    • adj exemplary being or serving as an illustration of a type; "the free discussion that is emblematic of democracy","an action exemplary of his conduct"
    • adj exemplary worthy of imitation "exemplary behavior","model citizens"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Exemplary An exemplar; also, a copy of a book or writing.
    • Exemplary Illustrating as the proof of a thing.
    • Exemplary Serving as a pattern; deserving to be proposed for imitation; commendable; as, an exemplary person; exemplary conduct. "Bishops'] lives and doctrines ought to be exemplary ."
    • Exemplary Serving as a warning; monitory; as, exemplary justice, punishment, or damages.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • exemplary Serving for a pattern or model for imitation; worthy of imitation.
    • exemplary Such as may serve for a warning to others; such as may deter from wrong-doing: as, exemplary punishment.
    • exemplary Serving as an example, whether good or bad; attracting imitation; influential.
    • exemplary Exemplifying; serving as an illustration.
    • n exemplary An exemplar; a specimen; a copy, as of a book or writing.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Exemplary (egz-em′plar-i, or egz′em-plar-i) worthy of imitation or notice
    • ***


  • Anita Brookner
    “A man of such obvious and exemplary charm must be a liar.”
  • Martin Amis
    Martin Amis
    “Every writer hopes or boldly assumes that his life is in some sense exemplary, that the particular will turn out to be universal.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. exemplaris, fr. exemplar,: cf. F. exemplaire,. See Exemplar
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. exemplaire—Low L. exemplariumexemplum, example.


In literature:

His wife Mary was the daughter of Charles V. She was an accomplished, exemplary woman, entirely devoted to the Catholic faith.
"The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power" by John S. C. Abbott
Oh, you'll be a pattern man and wife, and rule Burgsdorf in a most exemplary manner, but heaven protect me from such a happy marriage.
"The Northern Light" by E. Werner
They were exemplary members of the church, and brought up their children with a great deal of care.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I, No. VI, June, 1862" by Various
But, commander and all bore these terrible trials in an exemplary manner.
"The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself" by De Witt C. Peters
Nothing in the glorious life we saw gradually waning was more admirable and exemplary than its close.
"The Art of Public Speaking" by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
We have only to regret that we are deprived of the means of following more in detail his noble and exemplary character.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 1" by Various
Nu'ma Pompil'ius, who was now about forty, had long been eminent for his piety, his justice, his moderation, and exemplary life.
"Pinnock's Improved Edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Rome" by Oliver Goldsmith
Not long after, "exemplary punishment" is due to me for this most "devilish parallel.
"The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18)" by John Dryden
I was born to be an exemplary man.
"Led Astray and The Sphinx" by Octave Feuillet
Now, in the matter of payments, at least so far as Madame Carthame was concerned, the Count Siccatif de Courtray was exemplary.
"Short Story Classics (American) Vol. 2" by Various
My sisters, Sarah and Mary, were exemplary in school and out.
"Connor Magan's Luck and Other Stories" by M. T. W.
Their conduct was reported to be "exemplary" by the Surgeon Superintendent, and their industry was most pleasing.
"Elizabeth Fry" by Mrs. E. R. Pitman
We shall be as exemplary as ever by next winter, you will see.
"The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Sir, you would have me exemplary in a week, or a fugitive from that country which set so high a standard of honor for its princes.
"King John of Jingalo" by Laurence Housman
In old age, she retained much of the buoyant vivacity of youth, and her whole life was adorned by the most exemplary piety.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume II." by Various
He deserves the most exemplary punishment.
"The Well of Saint Clare" by Anatole France
The career of this remarkable linguist, however, cannot be considered exemplary.
"Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 436" by Various
On a place in the volume for this exemplary character, I insist.
"A Boswell of Baghdad" by E. V. Lucas
Stephen Burroughs, a learned minister of exemplary life, who was accused of possessing a witch's trumpet.
"The Land We Live In" by Henry Mann
We were at the moment talking of Giraud's misfortunes, which, indeed, that stricken soldier bore with exemplary cheerfulness.
"Dross" by Henry Seton Merriman

In poetry:

Aunt exemplary and slim,
with avernal eyes, we wonder
what slow changes they see under
their vast, shady, turned-down brim.
"Exchanging Hats" by Elizabeth Bishop
And rollicking TRAL-THE-RAL-LAH
Was eaten by DOODLE-DUM-DEY,
And musical DOH-REH-MI-FAH
By good little TOOTLE-DUM-TEH -
"King Borria Bungalee Boo" by William Schwenck Gilbert
There was haughty PISH-TUSH-POOH-BAH,
There was lumbering DOODLE-DUM-DEY,
Despairing ALACK-A-DEY-AH,
And good little TOOTLE-TUM-TEH -
"King Borria Bungalee Boo" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Before the tribunal of his own conscience, before the face of his own God,
he, this marvel, this monster of virtue, raised his eyes heavenwards, and
with clear unfaltering voice declared, 'Yes, I am an exemplary, a truly
moral man!'
"The Egoist" by Ivan Turgenev

In news:

This award promotes and highlights the contributions and exemplary corporate citizenship of existing industry in Lincoln County, LEDA says.
Margate 's fire rescue recognized for exemplary service.
We know the job market is filled with exemplary candidates, some holding degrees and work experience that go above and beyond the norm.
A Midway Independent School District math teacher has made the short list for one of the highest recognitions for exemplary teaching in the country.
See exemplary middle school practices in action.
Annually, it is given to a business or individual who has provided exemplary support to the orchestra.
In response to today's (11/30) Table Hopping column in the Life-Food section, in which I consider the components of exemplary restaurant service, a reader blasted me for a variety of sins.
Exemplary art teacher Sunny Neater-DuBow was fired without due process because CPS says her job has been redefined.
The tables of data are also exemplary.
The Texas Historical Commission ( THC ) offers awards to recognize worthy accomplishments and exemplary leadership in the preservation of Texas' heritage.
His easygoing grooves and relaxed voice make Riley Etheridge Jr an exemplary Americana artist, but the South Carolina native is a musician who slips past the genre altogether.
Obama called Susan Rice's work at the UN 'exemplary' and said Sens McCain and Graham, who threatened a filibuster to block her nomination to higher office, should instead 'go after me.
The awards contest continues to be one of the largest in the nation and provides both members and non-members with a time to shine and an opportunity to showcase exemplary communication practices.
The 270 features a simple yet thoughtful layout, and is built with Shamrock 's usual exemplary level of fit-and-finish and rugged construction techniques.
In a February 2012 update from the 3/7 Family Readiness Officer, Marine Corp Captain M D. Simon informed Davis' parents of their son's exemplary conduct.

In science:

Ever since the study of the SIT, which is an exemplary quantum phase transition, has been enjoying an intense experimental and theoretical attention and has become one of the mainstreams of contemporary condensed matter physics.
Superinsulator-Superconductor Duality in Two Dimensions
Using JJA as an exemplary system allows to understand better the microscopic mechanism of the realization of the charge-phase duality of the uncertainty principle giving rise to superinsulation.
Superinsulator-Superconductor Duality in Two Dimensions
Figure 7: Switching between superconducting and superinsulating states. (a) Exemplary dual threshold current-voltage (I -V ) characteristics in the superconducting and superinsulating states of a 5 nm thin TiN film in the double-log coordinates.
Superinsulator-Superconductor Duality in Two Dimensions
We now present two exemplary use cases that do especially highlight the need to prioritise between speed, entropy loss, and the assumptions on the initial randomness.
A modular framework for randomness extraction based on Trevisan's construction
This may be especially useful if instead of the exemplary analysis of a particular model system, the expected performance of a method in generic systems is of interest.
Generic features of the dynamics of complex open quantum systems: Statistical approach based on averages over the unitary group
For comparative purposes we also include three exemplary violations by maximally entangled states of dimension d = 2, d = 4 and d = 32.
Higher dimensional entanglement enables QKD without perfect randomness
We follow the exemplary evolution of phase and density profiles in Fig. 5.
Non-thermal fixed points: universality, topology, & turbulence in Bose gases
An exemplary position-space evolution is depicted in Fig. 14.
Non-thermal fixed points: universality, topology, & turbulence in Bose gases
However, due to the mentioned universality, the Wegner model is exemplary within many respects and it might be sufficient to restrict oneself to this case in the general frame of a mean field approximation.
Rigorous mean field model for CPA: Anderson model with free random variables
In Fig. 1 we display number variance averaged over spectra of exemplary composed ensembles - (O ∗ S, S1 ∗ S2 ∗ D, U ∗ D ∗ U † ∗ D) typical of CUE, and other (D1 ∗ O ∗ D1 ∗ OT , D1 ∗ O ∗ D2 ∗ OT ) typical of COE.
Composed ensembles of random unitary matrices
The presented algorithm is applied for exemplary simulations of the the Parker instability triggered by cosmic rays injected by a single SN remnant.
Incorporation of cosmic ray transport into the ZEUS MHD code. Application for studies of Parker instability in the ISM
We applied the presented numerical algorithm to two exemplary simulations of the excitation of the Parker instability triggered by cosmic rays injected by a single SN remnant.
Incorporation of cosmic ray transport into the ZEUS MHD code. Application for studies of Parker instability in the ISM
Our explanation has an exemplary character, since it shows how a suitable characterization of a Boolean hierarchy can be turned into an efficient membership test.
Efficient Algorithms for Membership in Boolean Hierarchies of Regular Languages
Figure 3 shows exemplary rectification plots from which Tc (̺) is determined by linear fits to D1/γ (symbols) in a restricted temperature range not too close and not too far above Tc , shown as solid lines.
The Dynamics of Silica Melts under High Pressure: Mode-Coupling Theory Results
Although this analytical expression for mixed states enables and encourages the treatment of 2 × 2 systems under exemplary cases of open system dynamics, we rather focus on the algebraic property introduced in (5) to derive our results and build intuition.
Equation of motion for entanglement