• WordNet 3.6
    • n excision the act of pulling up or out; uprooting; cutting off from existence
    • n excision the act of banishing a member of a church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the church; cutting a person off from a religious society
    • n excision surgical removal of a body part or tissue
    • n excision the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage "an editor's deletions frequently upset young authors","both parties agreed on the excision of the proposed clause"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Excision (Eccl) The act of cutting off from the church; excommunication.
    • Excision The act of excising or cutting out or off; extirpation; destruction. "Such conquerors are the instruments of vengeance on those nations that have . . . grown ripe for excision ."
    • Excision (Surg) The removal, especially of small parts, with a cutting instrument.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n excision The act of cutting off, out, or away, as a part (especially a small diseased part) of the body by a surgical operation, the tap-roots or other parts of a tree, etc.
    • n excision A cutting off from intercourse or union; a setting aside or shutting out; exclusion; excommunication.
    • n excision Extirpation; total destruction.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Excision a cutting out or off of any kind: extirpation
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  • Randolph Churchill
    Randolph Churchill
    “No statesmen ever will find it worth his pains, to tax our labor and excise our brain.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. excisio,: cf. F. excision,. See Excide
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. excidĕre, to cut out—ex, out, cædĕre, to cut.


In literature:

Excise, the, in Washington's administration, II.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)" by E. Benjamin Andrews
In the Excise entry-books for the division there is not a syllable of T.
"Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 458" by Various
He must excise those portions which he considers unimportant.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
Excision of these glands.
"Surgical Anatomy" by Joseph Maclise
The draft was carefully gone over by Lord Grey, who suggested certain excisions and additions.
"The Tribune of Nova Scotia" by W. L. (William Lawson) Grant
The excise, though in a less confused state, was also in urgent need of regulation.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
Resentment grew to hatred of excise laws, hatred of authority that would enforce any such laws.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
The excision of their copy grieved and hurt them as much as if they had been subjected to a real surgical amputation.
"Khartoum Campaign, 1898" by Bennet Burleigh
He revived Walpole's plan of an Excise.
"History of the English People, Volume VIII (of 8)" by John Richard Green
Stringent regulations were made for the collection of this excise.
"Washington and the American Republic, Vol. 3." by Benson J. Lossing
In former times, when excise officers were not so sharp, there was a good deal of smuggling carried on at Ramsgate.
"Heads and Tales" by Various
The story of Brodie, executed October, 1788, for an excise robbery at Edinburgh, is probably familiar to most.
"Notes and Queries, Number 237, May 13, 1854" by Various
The people of Great Britain, irrespective of race, have always been ardent haters of excise laws.
"Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart
All such substance being excised, care is then directed to bring the edges together.
"The Dog" by Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson
But in addition to the direct opium revenue, we must add another item, Excise, which is found under the third heading, taxation.
"The Opium Monopoly" by Ellen Newbold La Motte
It was not a case of Maine prohibition, or Kansas prohibition, or New York excise regulation.
"Drugging a Nation" by Samuel Merwin
Also the well-known excise was impending.
"Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II." by Gustav Freytag
We have not known what an excise means.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
In 1638 he became a solicitor, and in 1644 was appointed commissioner of excise.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 7" by Various
The Excise-fellow demanded sovereigns, or Bank of England notes.
"Rural Rides" by William Cobbett

In poetry:

Rather than lose his whole estate,
He that but little wise is,
Full gladly pays four parts in eight,
To taxes and excises.
"Stanzas - To the Memory of an agreeable Lady, buried in marriage to a Person undeserving her" by William Shenstone

In news:

The following press release from Stripers Forever details an abuse of the excise taxes all anglers pay on fishing tackle that went on for years.
AK Air taxis seek uniformity on excise taxes.
German Municipalities Boost Excise Tax Income, Handelsblatt Says.
Medical device manufacturers are applauding House representatives for repealing a 2.3 percent excise tax on products ranging from cotton swabs to CT scan machines.
Unisys powers IRS excise fuel tax collection.
IRS Memo Triggers Federal Excise Tax Fears.
A bill introduced in Congress Tuesday would eliminate the excise tax on heavy trucks and trailers and replace that revenue with a higher diesel fuel tax.
Introduced legislation in the House that would repeal the 12 percent excise tax and raise the fuel tax 6.3 cents.
CANTON — Talk of a 3 percent excise tax on car rentals inside the city has resurfaced in Canton.
Haines Borough recently received certification from the Internal Revenue Service allowing it to sell marine fuel without charging the federal excise tax of 24.3 cents.
Washington State Aircraft Excise Tax Proposal Revived.
The bill, House Bill 1573, proposes counties can implement an excise tax of up to 5 percent on the severing of minerals from the land or waters within the county.
Cartersville is now the latest city to approve an agreement with Bartow County on the energy excise tax.
The excise tax on high-cost plans is the health care reform requirement that concerns the most US employers, according to a survey by consulting firm Mercer.
Why did Rosenfeld vote to put excise tax increase on ballot.

In science:

Such periods of background “flaring” were identified by eye and excised.
Hydrostatic Gas Constraints on Supermassive Black Hole Masses: Implications for Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Dynamical Modelling in a Sample of Early-Type Galaxies
These constraints mean that certain hyperplanes are excised from the naively expected strata of codimension ≥ 2. (There are no constraints of this kind when a set of central charges of simples all become either positive or negative reals.) Proposition 2.17.
Stability conditions, torsion theories and tilting
The map f is an isomorphism from excising NK ∪ NJ , and ∂ is the usual boundary map on relative homology.
A Homological Approach to Relative Knot Invariants
To be conservative, we have therefore excised these inner regions from our luminosity calculations.
Hydrodynamical Response of a Circumbinary Gas Disk to Black Hole Recoil and Mass Loss
By excision we can remove fibrewise the interior of the collar.
Topology of hypersurface singularities with 3-dimensional critical set
Indeed, once we pass to the category of o-minimal spectra of definable spaces the proofs of the exactness and excision axioms are purely algebraic.
Poincar\'e-Verdier duality in o-minimal structures
By excision of int Vi and the follows because Mi is T -fixed, so the map H ∗ Thom isomorphism, H ∗ (M , Vi ) ≈ H ∗ (Vj , ∂Vj ) ≈ H ∗−2rj (Mj ) .
Simple Hamiltonian manifolds
By exactly the same argument as in the proof that shows that(ii) implies (iii) in , using 8.2 instead of Lemma 3.3 of , one concludes that any completely positive linear map from A into A can be excised in small central sequence.
On Local AH algebras
Our goal is to develop a blind foreground subtraction technique which allows us to sidestep issues associated with the prior excision of bright point sources.
Subtracting Foregrounds from Interferometric Measurements of the Redshifted 21 cm Emission
The RRLs are therefore omitted in our analysis, since we can easily excise the contaminated regions of the spectrum in future measurements.
Subtracting Foregrounds from Interferometric Measurements of the Redshifted 21 cm Emission
The last term may be identified using excision.
Obstructions to Lagrangian Cobordisms between Legendrians via Generating Families
H∗(N Y , N Y \ Y ) / H∗(U, U \ Y ) / H∗(X, X \ Y ) The second arrow is the isomorphism given by excision, the last one is the Thom isomorphism associated to the vector bundle N Y → Y (although it is not oriented, we can consider the Thom isomorphism since we are working on Z2 -coefficient homology).
Hofer-Zehnder capacity of unit disk cotangent bundles and the loop product
Because we are most concerned with the inner part of the disk, not accretion onto the binary, we excise a central region.
Three Dimensional MHD Simulation of Circumbinary Accretion Disks: Disk Structures and Angular Momentum Transport
Lastly, we note that the effects of the excision on the accretion rate are not explored in this MHD simulation.
Three Dimensional MHD Simulation of Circumbinary Accretion Disks: Disk Structures and Angular Momentum Transport
Any completely positive map from A to A can be excised in smal l central sequences.
Strict comparison and Z-absorption of nuclear C*-algebras