• WordNet 3.6
    • v evangelize convert to Christianity "The missionaries evangelized the Pacific Islanders"
    • v evangelize preach the gospel (to)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: There was an army general during the Liberia Civil War who used to lead his army into battle naked. His nickname was "General Butt Naked." Joshua Milton Blahyi (his real name) is now an evangelical preacher in Monrovia
    • evangelize To instruct in the gospel; to preach the gospel to; to convert to Christianity; as, to evangelize the world. "His apostles whom he sends
      To evangelize the nations."
    • evangelize To preach and attempt to convert (people) to one's firmly held belief.
    • v. i Evangelize To preach the gospel.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • evangelize To preach the gospel.
    • evangelize To bring as good tidings; announce as good news.
    • evangelize To instruct in the gospel; preach the gospel to; convert by preaching: as, to evangelize the heathen.
    • evangelize Also spelled evangelise.
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  • Percy Bysshe Shelley
    “Chastity is a monkish and evangelical superstition, a greater foe to natural temperance even than unintellectual sensuality.”
  • John R. Mott
    John R. Mott
    “The greatest hindrances to the evangelization of the world are those within the church.”
  • V. Raymond Edman
    V. Raymond Edman
    “Evangelical faith without Christian ethics is a travesty on the gospel.”
  • Guy Kawasaki
    Guy Kawasaki
    “Evangelism is selling a dream.”
  • G. Campbell Morgan
    G. Campbell Morgan
    “To call a man evangelical who is not evangelistic is an utter contradiction.”
  • Robert Munger
    Robert Munger
    “Evangelism is the spontaneous overflow of a glad and free heart in Jesus Christ.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. évangélisre, LL. evangelizare, fr. Gr. e'yaggeli`zesqai


In literature:

It was evangelical and military.
"Mobilizing Woman-Power" by Harriot Stanton Blatch
For we set out deliberately to give them schooling first, with evangelism as an accompaniment.
"John Wesley, Jr." by Dan B. Brummitt
The name of Mark Wilks has been for many years identified with the cause of evangelical religion in Paris.
"Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel" by John Yeardley
Athanasius himself was not more evangelical, or Ambrose more impressive.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume IV" by John Lord
It is but fair to select a specimen of Evangelical preaching from one of its most celebrated and popular champions * *.
"Coleridge's Literary Remains, Volume 4." by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The question now to be solved was: What attitude would the anarchist adopt to this new evangelism?
"With the "Die-Hards" in Siberia" by John Ward
Of the strictest sect of the Evangelicals, she was an Evangelical.
"Annie Besant" by Annie Besant
There was evangelization to be done, and St. Oswald turned to Iona.
"The Glories of Ireland" by Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox
It is the very language of an evangelical piety applied to the manufacture of a worldling.
"In the Name of the Bodleian and Other Essays" by Augustine Birrell
This particular instance survives in the evangelical revivalists of the street.
"The Defendant" by G.K. Chesterton
The old type of evangelism has plainly had its day.
"The Church and Modern Life" by Washington Gladden
Compared with these treatises of spiritual hygiene, of what avail were the evangelical pharmacopoeias?
"Against The Grain" by Joris-Karl Huysmans
He had been a furious opponent of the old evangelicals.
"Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character" by Edward Bannerman Ramsay
Like a passionate evangel of Mosaic law, he set out to secure it.
"Port O' Gold" by Louis John Stellman
The first item of that programme is world-wide evangelization.
"Quiet Talks with World Winners" by S. D. Gordon
This modern art of love uses a vast amount of evangelical phrases in the service of the Devil.
"Poor Relations" by Honore de Balzac
Was its vitality as an evangelizer exhausted in converting Lincoln?
"Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian?" by John B. Remsburg
It has two Evangelical churches, a park, and commercial and technical schools.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 7" by Various
Fletcher was an Evangelical of Evangelicals, teaching conversion, the witness of the Spirit, and the entire sanctification of believers.
"Fletcher of Madeley" by Frederic W. Macdonald
It has an Evangelical and a Roman Catholic church, a sanatorium for consumptives, and does a considerable trade in wine.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 6" by Various

In poetry:

Thou art dwelling with the angels
In the spirit land!
Chanting low and sweet evangels,
'Mid a seraph band.
"N. P. Rogers" by Effie Afton
Not upon thee or thine the solemn angel
Hath evil wrought
Her funeral anthem is a glad evangel,--
The good die not!
"To My Friend OnThe Death Of His Sister" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Raphael breathed and bade me pass
His rapt evangel to mankind;
I cannot even match, alas!
The ululation of the wind.
"Dumb" by Aleister Crowley
And who are we (as Henson says)
That we should close the door?
And should not Evangelicals
All jump at shedding Gore?
"The Higher Unity" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
We rejoice in the light, And we echo the song
That comes down through the night From the heavenly throng.
Ay! we shout to the lovely evangel they bring,
And we greet in His cradle our Savior and King!
"A Christmas Carol" by Josiah Gilbert Holland
Is there a gospel in the red
Old witness of thy wide-mouthed wounds?
From thy blind stricken tongueless head
What desolate evangel sounds
A hopeless note of hope deferred?
What word, if there be any word?
"Before A Crucifix" by Algernon Charles Swinburne

In news:

Evangelical explains how Catholic nun helped after devastating auto accident.
Rise of evangelicals changes Brazilian fashion.
Evangelical minister Bill Graham has offered his support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
His gestures are those of an evangelical preacher.
Liberals love to laugh at evangelicals who question evolution.
Acting unilaterally, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has placed in jeopardy its relationship of "full communion" with the Episcopal Church.
The inescapable camera actor ( Our Idiot Brother, This is 40 and Wanderlust on the silver screen, Parks and Recreation on the smaller one) returns to Broadway with the evangelism drama Grace.
Wireless Solution Sweden AB was recently part of one of the largest permanent installations of High End Systems' DL.2s onto one of the largest stages on the East Coast—all controlled with WDMX—at Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, MD.
SPRINGFIELD — The Owls' record now sits at 3-2 after splitting games against Baptist Bible College and Evangel University at the Evangel /BBC Classic over the weekend.
Bass-baritone Michael S?st performance & master class at Evangel .
The Jamestown Class of 2012 at the Baccalaureate Service held Sunday, May 13, at St Paul's Evangelical Church , Jamestown.
The Jamestown Graduating Class of 2012 held its Baccalaureate Service at St Paul's Evangelical Church , Jamestown.
Paul's Evangelical Church Presents Children's Christmas Program.
Vocal evangelicals tripped by personal scandals.
Funeral service will be 11 am Saturday, Aug 25 at St Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Ulm with Pastor Donald Sutton officiating.

In science:

As nicely stated by Michael Peskin in the U.S. meeting, we have a task of ”evangelism”, that is we have to convince our colleagues involved in present collider experiments to join the LC world.
After Sitges