• WordNet 3.6
    • n erg a cgs unit of work or energy; the work done by a force of one dyne acting over a distance of one centimeter
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Erg (Physics) The unit of work or energy in the C. G. S. system, being the amount of work done by a dyne working through a distance of one centimeter; the amount of energy expended in moving a body one centimeter against a force of one dyne (981 dynes exert the same force as a one gram mass in the earth's gravitational field). One foot pound is equal to 13,560,000 ergs. The absolute Joule is equivalent to 107 ergs, which are equivalent to 0.2389 gram-calories at 15° C. See also mechanical equivalent of heat under equivalent.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n erg In physics, the unit of work in the centimeter-gram-second system—that is, the amount of work done by the unit of force, one dyne, acting through the unit of distance, one centimeter. One foot-pound is approximately equal to 1.356 × 10 ergs, and one horse-power (English) is equal to 7.46 × 10 ergs per second. Also ergon.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Erg erg the unit of work in the centimetre-gramme-second system—that is, the quantity of work done by a force which, acting for one second upon a mass of one gramme, produces a velocity of one centimetre per second.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Gr. work
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. erg-on, work.


In literature:

Back ercross I goes erg'in, an' ther pork keeps right on my trail.
"Ted Strong's Motor Car" by Edward C. Taylor
Erg (Gaelic, airigh), a sheiling, Norse, setr; pl.
"Sutherland and Caithness in Saga-Time" by James Gray
Ef I ax fer er million er money, hit 'u'd be 'cause I'd natch'ly want ter quit work, an' dat's erg'in' his law.
"Standard Selections" by Various
And just remember the decillions of ergs of energy that the sun is giving off!
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
This was the Great Erg.
"Border, Breed Nor Birth" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
Here in the Western Erg, the Chaambra will rule, and I, Abd-el-Kader will lead them!
"Black Man's Burden" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
With what mushily reacted like the last erg of energy in the normal drive converter tanks, the jet responded feebly.
"Spillthrough" by Daniel F. Galouye
She won't bust erg'in.
"The Cottage of Delight" by Will N. Harben
The theoretical unit of work is one erg, the work required to move a mass of one gramme through one centimetre against a force of one dyne.
"The Mechanism of Life" by Stéphane Leduc
One watt is 10^7 ergs (one joule) per second.
"The Nature of Animal Light" by E. Newton Harvey

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In science:

We present a new model for low-luminosity X-ray sources in globular clusters, with LX . 1034 erg s-1 .
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
There is also a population of dim cluster X-ray sources (DCXSs), with LX ∼ 1031 - 1034 erg s-1 , where the lower limit is set by the detection sensitivities.
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
In this case, only when a NS passes within . 0.1 pc of a mass-losing AGB star might the density be sufficiently large to yield an accretion luminosity & 1030 erg s-1 .
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
For instance, if we assume a gas temperature of 104 K, then the maximum accretion luminosity of a nonmagnetic NS is LX ∼ 1032n erg s-1 (eq. ).
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
The energy provided by Type II supernovae is estimated by assuming ESN = 1051 ergs is released from stars with initial masses > 8M⊙ and that ηI I Type II supernovae are produced per solar mass of stars formed.
Entropy Evolution in Galaxy Groups and Clusters; A Comparison of External and Internal Heating