• WordNet 3.6
    • v enroll register formally as a participant or member "The party recruited many new members"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: When Leonardo Da Vinci was young he drew a picture of a horrible monster and placed near a window in order to surprise his father. Upon seeing the picture his father believed it to be real and set out to protect his family until the boy showed him it was just a picture. Da Vinci's father then enrolled his son in an art class.
    • Enroll To envelop; to inwrap; to involve.
    • Enroll To insert in a roil; to register or enter in a list or catalogue or on rolls of court; hence, to record; to insert in records; to leave in writing; as, to enroll men for service; to enroll a decree or a law; also, reflexively, to enlist. "An unwritten law of common right, so engraven in the hearts of our ancestors, and by them so constantly enjoyed and claimed, as that it needed not enrolling .""All the citizen capable of bearing arms enrolled themselves."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The largest school in the world is a k-12 school in the Philippines, with an enrollment of about 25,000.
    • enroll To write in a roll or register; insert or enter the name of in a list or catalogue: as, to enroll men for military service.
    • enroll To record; insert in records; put into writing or on record.
    • enroll To roll; involve; wrap.
    • enroll Synonyms and Enlist, Register, etc. See record, v.
    • enroll In law, to engross; to prepare in proper legal form; also, specifically, to make a legislative bill ready for the consideration of the Executive.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Enroll to insert in a roll or register: to enlist: to record: to leave in writing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. en-, + roll,: cf. F. enrôler,; pref. en-,L. in,) + rôle, roll or register. See Roll (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. enroller (Fr. enrôler)—en, and rolle, roll.


In literature:

The badge of the recruits enrolled under the Derby enlistment scheme.
"If Winter Comes" by A.S.M. Hutchinson
Lamartine had them enrolled into his new corps, the Garde Mobile.
"France in the Nineteenth Century" by Elizabeth Latimer
The general also enrolled himself in the mathematical section of the institute.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
I add that in 1874 women were likewise enrolled at Paris to practise this odious commerce.
"Là-bas" by J. K. Huysmans
Originating in the Orange Lodges and the Unionist Clubs, it soon enrolled large numbers of men outside both those organisations.
"Ulster's Stand For Union" by Ronald McNeill
The first was the honourable refusal of the committee to allow companies to be enrolled except according to locality.
"John Redmond's Last Years" by Stephen Gwynn
The field-work of enrollment of four of the nations has been completed.
"Messages and Papers of William McKinley V.2." by William McKinley
All the able-bodied males sixteen years of age and over were enrolled, put under competent officers, and drilled for the coming struggle.
"Lippincott's Magazine, August, 1885" by Various
The next instant, the enrolling officer rose and spoke.
"The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him" by Paul Leicester Ford
You are an enrolled militiaman.
"The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army" by Oliver Optic
The whole male population was enrolled in a militia.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Second Series" by John Addington Symonds
It had been in operation two terms when he offered himself for enrollment.
"From Canal Boy to President" by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Corps of patriot volunteers were enrolled in different places with self-elected officers.
"History of Holland" by George Edmundson
We have enrolled this year two hundred and thirty two pupils, and many have been turned off because we could not seat them.
"American Missionary, Volume 44, No. 6, June, 1890" by Various
On the fourteenth of the said month, I made a muster and enrolment of the said men.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Volume XX, 1621-1624" by Various
Our school is very large, there being enrolled two hundred.
"The American Missionary, Vol. 43, No. 7, July, 1889" by Various
A small force was enrolled and sent to the assistance of Gurgenes.
"The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 7. (of 7): The Sassanian or New Persian Empire" by George Rawlinson
Volunteers were enrolling for the army.
"The French Revolution" by R. M. Johnston
Early enrollment figures suggested they would not.
"Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965" by Morris J. MacGregor Jr.
The day school had 112 children enrolled and the Sabbath School 80.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918" by Various

In poetry:

Although he trod on it, indeed,
To save his very soul
From stifling in the thoughts of me
Its sweetness might enroll.
"A Woman's Mood" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
What should we gain tho' arts and arms,
Our honour'd name enrol;
If to obtain the spoils of time,
We sacrifice the soul.
"Address To Solitude" by Elizabeth Bath
But again the mystic angel
Came with swift and silent tread,
And our sister, Jamie's mother,
Was enrolled among the dead.
"Jamie's Puzzle" by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
The last of these is Toil,--
Who maketh true,
Within the world's turmoil
The other two;--
Through whom we may behold
Ourselves with kings enrolled.
"Three Things" by Madison Julius Cawein
Myriads of souls, that knew one parent mould,
See sadly sever'd by the laws of Chance!
Myriads, in Time's perennial list enroll'd,
Forbid by Fate to change one transient glance!
"Elegy XIII. To a Friend, On Some Slight Occasion Estranged From Him" by William Shenstone
Until with his riches and splendor,
Aladdin as lover enrolled!
For the first thing he did was to send her
Some forty great baskets of gold,
And all the fine gems they would hold.
"Aladdin" by Clara Doty Bates

In news:

After leaving school at age 16 with no qualifications—and, by his own account, no ambition—he enrolled in a horticulture program and was advising farmers in Sussex County on growing fruit trees when the war broke out.
Housatonic Community College this semester has enrolled 6,097 students at its downtown Bridgeport campus.
Some 4,041 part-time students enrolled, representing 66.3% of the student body.
This year, I'm enrolling my school-aged children in the Young Writer's Program, part of National Novel Writing Month.
Ballston Spa's High School is officially enrolling students in the IB Program for fall 2012 classes.
NGFA-commissioned study recommends banning new enrollment.
Enrollment Completed for Iliac Artery Stent Trial.
The fake Stanford student who fooled dorm residents, teachers, and even the ROTC into thinking she was an enrolled member of the university community.
Artists were also making the crossing, enrolling in art schools and feasting on a smorgasbord of monuments, Renaissance paintings and the increasingly impressionistic painting styles of their European contemporaries.
With limited money to spend on the Oregon Health Plan in 2008, state officials decided the fairest way to enroll additional people would be a random lottery.
Enrollment of horses for the new USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program will open on Thursday, Nov 15.
The Transit Ridership Incentive Program (TRIP) will provide up to $1,700 to Chicago's Cook County businesses that enroll employees in a pre-tax transit benefit program.
Obama wants to ' indoctrinate ' students by boosting college enrollment.
It is school without grades, a school where 4-year-olds enroll with senior citizens, a school where students come back year after year, sometimes for decades.
For-Profit, Online Schools Enroll Large Number of Students.

In science:

After graduation, Brian enrolled at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, where he ma jored in physics.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
The enrollment option allows the student to register for courses.
Thin Client Web-Based Campus Information Systems for Fiji National University
This option also allows students to enroll for current and preceding terms of study.
Thin Client Web-Based Campus Information Systems for Fiji National University
The class list option allows the staff to access the list of the students that are enrolled for a particular unit.
Thin Client Web-Based Campus Information Systems for Fiji National University
Student menu page has several options students can to go to their profile, program details, graduation, enrollment, timetable, transcript, course work, class shares, finance and finally log out.
Thin Client Web-Based Campus Information Systems for Fiji National University
The author was supported by an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and enrolled in the ALGANT integrated master course during part of the preparation of this paper.
The Log-Convex Density Conjecture and vertical surface area in warped products
Based on the efficacy data collected in both phase I and phase II, each new cohort of patients enrolled in phase II are immediately randomized to a more efficacious treatment arm with a higher probability.
Bayesian phase I/II adaptively randomized oncology trials with combined drugs
Coordinator provides username and password to patient. Patient signs into myConnect web portal and completes online enrollment forms. Baseline data sent to PASS-PC database when patient completed enrollment. Coordinator receives auto email upon patient enrollment submission.
C-PASS-PC: A Cloud-driven Prototype of Multi-Center Proactive Surveillance System for Prostate Cancer
Several years ago I reported a survey (Hake 1998a,b,c) of pre/post test data for 62 introductory physics courses enrolling a total of 6542 students.
Lessons From the Physics-Education Reform Effort
The course-enrollment N-weighted = 0.57 obtained for 31 test/control group studies (2559 students) of achievement by Springer et al. (1999, Table 2) in a metaanalyisis of the effect of small-group learning among undergraduates in science, math, and engineering.
Lessons From the Physics-Education Reform Effort
Case study 1: Framings can have inertia The first case study comes from a group of three students enrolled in the class Intermediate Theoretical Methods (PHYS 374).
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants
Enrollment: In order to incline the weight of a participant who cooperates, these groups combine to create a new share on the initial Secret Sharing scheme for the cooperating participating. This operation is performed in the absence of the sender.
Social Secret Sharing for Resource Management in Cloud
The decrease in Steward coolness is attributed to the departure of interesting graduate students from Steward that enrolled at LPL.
Superiority of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) over Steward Observatory (SO) at the University of Arizona
Many of these schools no longer have the staffing levels or student enrollments to justify the operation of local training mines.
Reference Design Project Book: NUSEL-Homestake
In these datasets, we investigate the homophily in the following contexts, including student or faculty flag, gender, ma jor, second ma jor, dorm, year of enrolling and high school.
Being Rational or Aggressive? A Revisit to Dunbar's Number in Online Social Networks