• Si Decides to Enlist 017
    Si Decides to Enlist 017
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v enlist join the military
    • v enlist engage somebody to enter the army
    • v enlist hire for work or assistance "engage aid, help, services, or support"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: President George Washington created the Order of the Purple Heart in 1782. It's a decoration to recognize merit in enlisted men and non-commissioned officers.
    • Enlist To engage for military or naval service, the name being entered on a list or register; as, to enlist men.
    • Enlist To enroll and bind one's self for military or naval service; as, he enlisted in the regular army; the men enlisted for the war.
    • Enlist To enter heartily into a cause, as if enrolled.
    • Enlist To enter on a list; to enroll; to register.
    • Enlist To secure the support and aid of; to employ in advancing interest; as, to enlist persons in the cause of truth, or in a charitable enterprise.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: John Philip Sousa enlisted in the Marines at age 13. He worked as an apprentice in the band.
    • enlist To enter, as a name on a list; enroll; register.
    • enlist To engage for public service, especially military or naval service, by enrolling after mutual agreement: as, to enlist men for the army.
    • enlist To unite firmly to a cause; employ in advancing some interest; engage the services of: as, to enlist one's sympathies in the cause of charity.
    • enlist Synonyms and Enroll, etc. See record, v.
    • enlist To engage in public service, especially military service, by subscribing articles or enrolling one's name; specifically, to engage in such service voluntarily.
    • enlist To enter heartily into a cause, with devotion to its interests.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Enlist en-list′ to enrol: to engage as a soldier, &c.: to employ in advancing an object
    • v.i Enlist to engage in public service, esp. as a soldier: to enter heartily into a cause
    • ***


  • Paul P. Parker
    Paul P. Parker
    “You can handle people more successfully by enlisting their feelings than by convincing their reason.”


In literature:

The Army offers splendid grounding for the young man who prefers to serve but a single enlistment and then return to civil life.
"Uncle Sam's Boys in the Ranks" by H. Irving Hancock
I'd sooner enlist as a private soldier.
"The Rough Road" by William John Locke
The sergeant would speak to the crowd, and try to get them to enlist.
"Ben Comee" by M. J. (Michael Joseph) Canavan
Many women showed their love of country by sacrifices still greater than enlistment in the army.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume II"
Wallace threatened to enlist.
"In Orchard Glen" by Marian Keith
Although his great life-work was finished, Mr. Garrison abated no activity in the various reforms in which he had enlisted.
"Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 6 of 8" by Various
Half of his soldiers were men who had enlisted for three months, who had suddenly left their homes at the call of the President.
"My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field" by Charles Carleton Coffin
The result was, that a very unreliable class offered to enlist.
"From Farm House to the White House" by William M. Thayer
Many new enlistments from the country around had come in.
"A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
The news of war, and the possibility of Negroes enlisting as soldiers was truly a step closer to the answering of their prayers for freedom.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States, From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Nevertheless, once enlisted in the campaign, he had thrown himself into it.
"The Siege of Boston" by Allen French
He had made no mistake in this man whose sympathies he had succeeded in enlisting.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
And, yet, the pay for enlisted men was but thirteen dollars a month.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
I'm going to enlist to-morrow, and perhaps I won't get so good a chance as this!...
"Changing Winds" by St. John G. Ervine
You enlisted first and then went to her for her consent?
"The Eye of Dread" by Payne Erskine
M'Donald compromised, and by offering a higher wage induced a number to enlist.
"The Red River Colony" by Louis Aubrey Wood
Although most states excluded slaves from service, they did not exclude free blacks from enlisting in the militia.
"The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783" by Virginia State Dept. of Education
Early in the war he had run away, and enlisted on board a privateer.
"Benjamin Franklin, A Picture of the Struggles of Our Infant Nation One Hundred Years Ago" by John S. C. Abbott
Months were spent in trying to enlist two patrons.
"The Book of Courage" by John Thomson Faris
He was the first man in Maine, they said, to enlist for the three-years' service.
"Christmas Eve and Christmas Day" by Edward E. Hale

In poetry:

So round his melancholy neck
A rope he did intwine,
And, for his second time in life,
Enlisted in the Line.
"Faithless Nelly Gray" by Thomas Hood
But in this great hour of trysting
Life is opened, its course brightened,
Growth eternal calls, enlisting
Every spirit-power heightened.
"They Have Found Each Other" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Then wild the Union to assist,
As regulars or volunteers,
The blacks rushed forward to enlist
'Midst thunder shouts and deafening cheers.
"The Triumph Of Liberty" by James Madison Bell
Awake! Oh you young men of England,
For if, when your Country’s in need,
You do not enlist by the thousand,
You truly are cowards indeed.
"Awake! Young Men of England" by George Orwell
Tom was well-wade, surpass'd most men,
Compleatly measur'd five feet ten;
Enlisted in the Inniskilling;
To fight and swear was always willing.
"The Parrish Wedding" by William Hutton
And now, my dear Sally, you're chang'd to a wife,
And I am enlisted a husband for life.
The darts, and the flames, and the killings are o'er,
With all the false ware Cupid keeps in his store.
"The Wedding Night" by William Hutton

In news:

Hall Thompson enlisted a young Jack Nicklaus to deliver on his vision for a timeless classic that would delight generations of club members while also testing the best players in the world.
Police say a Delaware County woman is facing charges after she enlisted her 10-year-old daughter in a shoplifting scheme.
So it is no wonder I've enlisted his help in learning more about shrubs .
Sony enlists 400 promo partners as it looks to grow fanbase for webslinging franchise.
When Yarvis first enlisted and served as a tank platoon leader two decades ago, he didn't know the Army had social work ers.
On Tuesday, Sept 18, McKean High School unveiled its new kitchen, with a "Battle of the Delaware Celebrity Chefs" competition, while also enlisting 30 culinary students to act as sous chefs.
On Tuesday, Sept 18, McKean High School unveiled its new kitchen, with a "Battle of the Delaware Celebrity Chefs" competition, while also enlisting 30 culinary students to act as sous che.
He proudly served his country while enlisted in the US Navy Armed Guard.
And high school in Matthews, before enlisting in the Army Air Corp.
Sub base's top enlisted man retires after incident at local bar.
Thales Portugal enlists wireless tech company Firetide for a challenging surveillance project.
Soldiers are enlisting the sun's power in Afghanistan.
The late-'90s angst peddlers enlisted newly popular dubstep DJs for Path of Totality.
Cashback website Quidco has enlisted the help of a PR agency to ramp up awareness of its app.
In those days, the boys who went off to war sometimes stayed with those from their county who had enlisted at the same time.

In science:

Make Header() produces the head of the header which means that the class definition and the standard methods will be enlisted.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Here index ω enlists the codons, and ˜fω ∈ eF is quasi-equilibrium frequency.
Codon Usage Bias Measured Through Entropy Approach
We have, as investigators of the universe, enlisted machines to do a lot of our understanding for us.
Proceedings of the 2011 New York Workshop on Computer, Earth and Space Science
We have enlisted all the identities below: 1.
The dynamical origin of the refinement of the Gribov-Zwanziger theory
We now enlist a few applications of Theorem 3.1 for the operator L = H , the Dziok Srivastava operator, by taking y(z) = √1 + z as dominant.
Subordination and superordination for multivalent functions defined by linear operators
FuturICT will enlist the help of supportive policy-makers and regulators in order to further develop use cases, test conditions and success criteria.
There seems to be no other choice than to enlist the help of a real stellar evolution code, albeit a simplified one.
The Starlab Environment for Dense Stellar Systems
Thomson enlisted the aid of mathematicians Tait, Little and Kirkman to produce the first tables of knots, with the hopes that these tables would shed light on the structure of the chemical elements.
Review of "Knots" by Alexei Sossinsky, Harvard University Press, 2002, ISBN 0-674-00944-4
This theory inspired Kelvin to enlist the aid of mathematicians Tait, Kirkman and Little to construct the first tables of knots.
Review of "Knots" by Alexei Sossinsky, Harvard University Press, 2002, ISBN 0-674-00944-4
The project is lead by the two maintainers Stian Grenborgen and Michael Burschik and has 60 members enlisted on the SourceForge.net project page4 of which 46 are designated as developers and 13 of which are deemed active5 .
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects
It is therefore important to take high-resolution images as soon as possible, to refine the prediction, as in this case, we should enlist a large number of observers.
Searching for Planets During Predicted Mesolensing Events: II. PLAN-IT: An Observing Program and its Application to VB 10
Kincaid, J.P., Derivation of New Readability Formulas (Automated Readability Index, Fog Count, and Flesch Reading Ease formula) for Navy Enlisted Personnel, ser.
User Taglines: Alternative Presentations of Expertise and Interest in Social Media
In this analysis, the model enlisted, via Regge factorization, and using unitarity arguments, leading pion, nucleon and ∆ data to help constrain it.
Summary of the Structure Function Working Group at DIS'99
We use the analytical fits to the noise curves of LIGO and VIRGO which we enlist in Table 1.
Computational cost for detecting inspiraling binaries using a network of laser interferometric detectors
In Section 1 we have enlisted arguments for weak dependence of the velocity–density relation on the cosmological param eters.
The velocity-density relation in the spherical model