• WordNet 3.6
    • v engender make children "Abraham begot Isaac","Men often father children but don't recognize them"
    • v engender call forth
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Engender One who, or that which, engenders.
    • Engender To assume form; to come into existence; to be caused or produced. "Thick clouds are spread, and storms engender there."
    • Engender To cause to exist; to bring forth; to produce; to sow the seeds of; as, angry words engender strife. "Engendering friendship in all parts of the common wealth."
    • Engender To come together; to meet, as in sexual embrace. "I saw their mouths engender ."
    • Engender To produce by the union of the sexes; to beget.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • engender To breed; beget; generate.
    • engender Hence To produce; cause to exist; bring forth; cause; excite: as, intemperance engenders disease; angry words engender strife.
    • engender Synonyms To call forth, create, give rise to, occasion, stir up.
    • engender To be caused or produced; come into existence.
    • engender To come together; meet in sexual embrace.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Engender en-jen′dėr to beget: to bear: to breed: to sow the seeds of: to produce
    • v.i Engender to be caused or produced
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  • David Seabury
    “Modern science knows much about such conflicts. We call the mental state that engenders it ambivalence: a collision between thought and feeling.”
  • Roland Barthes
    “I call the discourse of power any discourse that engenders blame, hence guilt, in its recipient.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. engender, L. ingenerare,; in + generare, to beget. See Generate, and cf. Ingenerate


In literature:

This is the case here, and the water, being stagnant, engenders disease.
"The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to His Death, Volume I (of 2), 1866-1868" by David Livingstone
Kindness, unselfishness and sympathy are all engendered by trench life.
"Private Peat" by Harold R. Peat
Some plain water engendered convulsions occasionally, when magnetized water did not.
"Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men" by Francois Arago
This will engender incurable distrust.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
With all the anxious fears which such a summons would naturally engender, Luther resolved to obey it.
"Luther and the Reformation:" by Joseph A. Seiss
Much scrimping and hoarding may engender a baser love of money for money's self.
"The Secret of a Happy Home (1896)" by Marion Harland
How such a horrible taste should have been engendered here, is a question not easily solved.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, Complete" by Various
A pretty list of diseases engendered purely by the hateful money greed of the manufacturers!
"The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 with a Preface written in 1892" by Frederick Engels
It is the effect of marriage to engender in several directions some of the reserve it annihilates in one.
"The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy
He never uses vulgar bad language himself, but has a singular power of engendering it in others.
"Certain Personal Matters" by H. G. Wells
By the elements of competition, chance, and possible danger they bring out and the excitement thereby engendered.
"The Navy as a Fighting Machine" by Bradley A. Fiske
Self-reliance leads to and engenders self-support, and both these underlie and condition self-respect.
"The Vitalized School" by Francis B. Pearson
That was all he knew, all he considered, excepting a passionate hatred engendered by one of those faces he had just seen.
"Beth Norvell" by Randall Parrish
Thus dead substances engender motion of themselves.
"Superstition In All Ages (1732)" by Jean Meslier
His irritation was gone with the fatigue engendered by the day's work.
"Bella Donna" by Robert Hichens
What sorrow is engendered!
"Mrs Whittelsey's Magazine for Mothers and Daughters" by Various
There has thus been engendered among us the real sense of political responsibility.
"Among Famous Books" by John Kelman
A position of so much excess engendered fresh excesses.
"History of the Expedition to Russia" by Count Philip de Segur
Thus it is that belief naturally engenders persecution.
"The Heavenly Father" by Ernest Naville
Bob goes to his meals with an excellent appetite engendered by his violent encounters with that disreputable monarch.
"The Patient Observer" by Simeon Strunsky

In poetry:

But all may now a treasure hoard,
That ne'er engenders strife;
For we may all, around this board,
Partake the bread of life.
"Hymns for Communion VI" by John Pierpont
The wilderness, a world of thirst,
in wrath engendered it and filled
its every root, every accursed
grey leafstalk with a sap that killed.
"The Upas Tree" by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
The years rolled by, yet Jehan rested not,
Tho' hope, so long delayed, engendered gloom,
Content to live himself in any cot;
But no inferior hand must touch her tomb.
"The Taj Of Agra" by Joseph Horatio Chant
``But while from futile feuds you dwell apart,
Never forget to render what is due,
In hour of need, from manly hand and heart,
To the male Land whose soil engendered you.
"Sacred And Profane Love" by Alfred Austin
ANNICCA (aside).
Tommaso judged aright. I dare not tell him.
Dear father, listen. Pray, be calm. Sit down;
Your own hot rage engenders in my mind
Thoughts, fears, suspicions.
"The Spagnoletto. Act III" by Emma Lazarus
Hell’s throat may swallow down its lie,
For men knew how to live and die
And take the gifts of motley fate,
Before the fiends of fear and greed,
Clasping, engendered from their seed
The hissing brood of hate.
"For Valour" by John Le Gay Brereton

In news:

As anniversaries go, the 35th of anything does not engender a lot of passion or excitement (except perhaps for a wedding anniversary).
Just that word engenders some deep opinions among NHL players, fans and coaches.
The show engendered enough ill will when the NBC preview overlapped the Olympics' closing ceremonies.
Personal and professional success may lead to happiness but may also engender success.
The organization will use contributions to work to protect habitat and, in the case of bats , to fight bat diseases and the fear that bats engender in many people.
Therefore, has engendered substantial discussion in the agricultural law community regarding the scope of patent rights for agricultural biotechnology .
When studios were trying to create brands by making popular "tent-pole" movies, there wasn't anything necessarily mutually exclusive between the movie and the brand it engendered.
If the industry had a history of playing fair, perhaps more sympathy would be engendered by the revelation of customer cases like this.
Does it engender some sense of equality.
At synagogues and kosher restaurants, they engender blank stares.
The hope that they — and, indeed, Sanchez — had engendered with that fourth-quarter comeback now appears, at best, misguided.
This masterpiece of darkness concerns judgment and the evil it can engender.
Yes, the Meads took pleasure in the access and maybe even the gratitude their support engendered.
However, we feel there is something about two men using their genitals to play the piano - and the shock that such a move engenders - that translates into any language.
Coverage of various studies engenders frustration.

In science:

The paradigm shift engendered by cuprates also fuelled renewed interest and study of older systems.
Preformed Excitons, Orbital Selectivity, and Charge-Density-Wave Order in 1T-TiSe_2
In this Appendix we illustrate the issue of projectability of variations engendered by diffeomorphisms in the Nambu-Goto relativistic string.
Gauge transformations in the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms of generally covariant theories
Provided these rules are satisfied, probabilities are assigned using a set of non-negative weights calculated from the unitary time evolution engendered by Schr¨odinger’s equation.
Choice of Consistent Family, and Quantum Incompatibility
An avalanche engendered by carriers created in the conduction band of the diode can not only be caused by an impinging photon, but also by unwanted causes.
Quantum Cryptography
Much of the intellectual excitement engendered by these developments comes from the realization that they afford a window into a new regime of quantum field theory: high density, nonlinear interactions and yet weak coupling.
Summary: Working Group on QCD and Strong Interactions
This engenders pronounced mean-field behavior that stabilizes the finite temperature transition for the cluster sizes treated in Fig. 7.
Quantum Cluster Theories
Askaryan that high-energy For these and other reasons, electromagnetic showers will produce RF signals in dense media stronger than their optical counterparts, has (inevitably) engendered a very recent flurry of activity in this field.
Radiowave Neutrino Detection
Superbubbles are engendered by the collective effects of supernovae (≃ 30 in average) and stellar winds (Ferri `ere 2001).
Supernova remnants, planetary nebulae and superbubbles: prospects for new XMM-Newton observations
There is also the possibility that QH subgroups can grow, in the sense that their Euler characteristics can decrease, and that rigid vertex groups can engender multiple child rigid vertex groups.
Krull dimension for limit groups II: aligning JSJ decompositions
Carrying this electromagnetic conceptual framework further (corresponding to mental models identified by the authors), the task is then to find the field engendered by the material source.
Book Review: The Genesis of General Relativity
Wide support for the funding of an expensive space mission would be all the more difficult to engender.
Hipparcos: a Retrospective
As to the source of engendered building blocks-- again in agreement with the two-level scaffold paradigm -- note that field-controlled aggregates also have the potential to host the formation of chiral organic guests.
Field-control, phase-transitions, and life's emergence
Bohmian mechanics engenders an inner tension that has haunted the sub ject since its inception.
Book Review: Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal
Streitmatter & Stephens OG 3.2.03), and therefore offer observational diagnostics complementary to those engendered by matter traversal.
Cosmic Ray Origin, Acceleration and Propagation
The thermal destabilization caused by magnetic field is especially noteworthy because it is engendered by what seems at first a purely dissipative process: thermal diffusivity.
Viscous Shear Instability in Weakly Magnetized, Dilute Plasmas