• WordNet 3.6
    • v emulate compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with "This artist's drawings cannot emulate his water colors"
    • v emulate imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software
    • v emulate strive to equal or match, especially by imitating "He is emulating the skating skills of his older sister"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Emulate Striving to excel; ambitious; emulous. "A most emulate pride."
    • v. t Emulate To strive to equal or to excel in qualities or actions; to imitate, with a view to equal or to outdo, to vie with; to rival; as, to emulate the good and the great. "Thine eye would emulate the diamond."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • emulate To strive to equal or excel in qualities or actions; vie or compete with the character, condition, or performance of; rival imitatively or competitively: as, to emulate good or bad examples; to emulate one's friend or an ancient author.
    • emulate To be a match or counterpart for; imitate; resemble.
    • emulate To envy.
    • emulate Emulative; eager to equal or excel.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Emulate em′ū-lāt to strive to equal or excel: to imitate, with a view to equal or excel: to rival
    • adj Emulate (Shak.) ambitious
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  • David Packer
    David Packer
    “Make a technical contribution; innovate, don't emulate.”
  • Confucius
    “When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, then examine your inner self.”
  • Henry Fielding
    “Worth begets in base minds, envy; in great souls, emulation.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. aemulatus, p. p. of aemulari, fr. aemulus, emulous; prob. akin to E. imitate,


In literature:

It was a fine sight; for many entered the lists, and as their friends were spectators, there was great emulation.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 2" by Various
He would try, down here in the bowels of the earth, to emulate his friend.
"Dragon's blood" by Henry Milner Rideout
They shot themselves, likewise, in emulation, but their arrows always fell to the ground far short of his.
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol. 6" by Samuel Johnson
It is impolitick, sir, as it has a natural tendency to extinguish in the soldiery all emulation and all industry.
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, Vol. 10." by Samuel Johnson
Indeed, there was not any body so equal with her, in their own opinions, as to envy what all aspired but to emulate.
"Clarissa, Volume 4 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
The mines of Mexico and Peru undoubtedly enriched Spain, and filled Europe with envy and emulation.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume VI" by John Lord
Emulation is a dangerous and mistaken principle of constancy.
"Four Early Pamphlets" by William Godwin
A creature of a most perfect and divine temper: one in whom the humours and elements are peaceably met, without emulation of precedency.
"Character Writings of the 17th Century" by Various
I was slightly leading, and full of eager anxiety and emulation.
"Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier" by James Inglis
Pump in your gas, emulators of Godard!
"Paris under the Commune" by John Leighton
All soldiers stationed anywhere else will emulate you and foes will be terror-stricken.
"Dio's Rome, Volume V., Books 61-76 (A.D. 54-211)" by Cassius Dio
RIVALSHIP or emulation between married parties respecting right and power, 291.
"The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love" by Emanuel Swedenborg
Yon, one would have thought the very larks joined me with emulation.
"The Life of Col. James Gardiner" by P. Doddridge
To innumerable blousards in Paris these dancers are objects of emulation.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 15, No. 90, June, 1875" by Various
Every man who possesses spirit or emulation hastens to such works of himself.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 3" by Various
For their buoyancy we love them all, and because of it we emulate them.
"Principles of Freedom" by Terence J. MacSwiney
Once a spirit of emulation is inspired, great things are accomplished.
"Evelyn Innes" by George Moore
The number was incredible, and they seemed to strain their throats in emulation of each other.
"John Rutherford, the White Chief" by George Lillie Craik
If they are inferior, it is because they plagiarize from the ancients instead of emulating them.
"The Art of Letters" by Robert Lynd
The young man beside him could not emulate his easy composure.
"Lady Rose's Daughter" by Mrs. Humphry Ward

In poetry:

Praise in old time the sage Prometheus won,
Who stole ethereal radiance from the sun;
But greater he, whose bold invention strove
To emulate the fiery bolts of Jove.
"Epigram : On The Inventor Of Gunpowder (Translated From Milton)" by William Cowper
He spoke and he sat down; the people of the town,
Who were fired with a brave emulation,
Now rose with one accord, and voted thanks unto the lord-
Mayor for his oration:
"The Legend Of St. Sophia Of Kioff" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Around the banners of their bleeding lords,
With shock impetuous, close the adverse hordes,
Each squadron emulous to bear away
The blazon'd trophies of the doubtful fray.
"Alfred. Book V." by Henry James Pye
Returning from the cruel fight
How pale and faint appears my knight!
He sees me anxious at his side;
"Why seek, my love, your wounds to hide?
Or deem your English girl afraid
To emulate the Indian maid?"
"From Pocahontas" by William Makepeace Thackeray
No gentleman of England now sits at home at ease,
But emulates on shore the heroes of the seas;
A common cause unites them, to meet the daring foe,
All they wish, all they ask, is a fav'ring wind to blow.
"Two Songs" by Sir John Carr
Voice, with what emulous fire thou singest free hearts of old fashion,
English scorners of Spain, sweeping the blue sea-way,
Sing me the daring of life for life, the magnanimous passion
Of man for man in the mean populous streets of To-day!
"To-Day" by Helen Gray Cone

In news:

Panthers defense hopes to emulate Steelers.
Media Should Emulate C-SPAN's Brian Lamb.
NASCAR's promising stars look to emulate Jeremy Lin's rise.
Stars need to emulate efforts that carried franchise to top in '90s.
Newt Gingrich Should Emulate Ron Swanson.
How Alex Smith attempts to emulate Tom Brady.
Chrono Trigger is a pretty good reason to try emulating an SNES.
For users who want superfaithful emulation , a third option is the somewhat infamous bsnes.
Perhaps the most important SNES emulator feature is a fast-forward button.
Natural Gas Exporters Won't Emulate OPEC, Russia's Yonovsky Says.
Youth refs should emulate Willy Wonka, not Pierluigi Collina.
Transition to 3-4 defense should emulate Green Bay Packers, some NFL coaches say.
7 types to avoid, 6 to emulate.
Arsene Wenger maintains his latest generation of Arsenal youngsters have all the ingredients to emulate his team of " Invincibles ".
Arsene Wenger maintains his latest generation of Arsenal youngsters have all the ingredients to emulate his team of “ Invincibles &rdquo.

In science:

Figure 9 shows the schematic of the emulated hybrid.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
The noise was measured at the output of an emulated hybrid which was connected to the detector cable.
Characterisation of the VELO High Voltage System
For example, they allow emulation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo approaches on quantum computers. A collection of results has pointed out that they would be superior to their classical counterparts with respect to a variety of aspects (see e.g. [15,2,16]).
Efficient tests for equivalence of hidden Markov processes and quantum random walks
To test equivalence for quantum random walks, that is random walk models to be emulated on quantum computers, is relevant for the same reasons that apply for hidden Markov processes.
Efficient tests for equivalence of hidden Markov processes and quantum random walks
It is also important to test the VCS prediction of steepening of P1 when the beam is made wide enough to emulate the low resolution regime.
Turbulence Spectra from Doppler-broadened Spectral Lines: Tests of the Velocity Channel Analysis and Velocity Coordinate Spectrum Techniques
Emulation is currently the most widely accepted method of digital preservation and access for variable media art (Rinehart, 2002; Rothenburg, 2003), including videogames.
Collecting and Preserving Videogames and Their Related Materials: A Review of Current Practice, Game-Related Archives and Research Projects
Any emulation will necessarily be partial; and the resulting preserved-entity would only be able to serve as a simulation or representation of the original experience, and would therefore serve primarily as a snapshot or fragment to preserve some critical historical evidence of the original.
Collecting and Preserving Videogames and Their Related Materials: A Review of Current Practice, Game-Related Archives and Research Projects
We could emulate dynamic typing in Java, using method arguments of type Object (or any other relevant superclass) and then check the run-time type with instanceof and make type casts.
Symbolic Script Programming for Java
The third harmonic at 355 nm with an absorption length of ≈ 1 m is expected to be the most suitable wavelength to emulate a hadronic cascade with a typical length of 10 m and a diameter of 10 cm.
Sensor development and calibration for acoustic neutrino detection in ice
Phantom GRAPE library for calculations of gravity, which is a software emulator of GRAPE pipelines (kindly provided by Kohji Yoshikawa).
FAST: A Fully Asynchronous Split Time-Integrator for Self-Gravitating Fluid
In D E L PH E S, the same data are for trigger emulation and for final analyses.
THE TOOLS AND MONTE CARLO WORKING GROUP Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
We denote v = e for v = e and v for usages of v to emulate syntactically non-array variables.
Exact Gap Computation for Code Coverage Metrics in ISO-C
In order to eventually replace paper with devices, designers of new technology will have to successfully emulate these qualities.
Examining Motivations behind Paper Usage in Academia
None of these qualities of paper have been successfully emulated by any of today’s technologies.
Examining Motivations behind Paper Usage in Academia
A successful alternative to paper will have to emulate its positive attributes while addressing some of its less desirable properties in a sophisticated manner.
Examining Motivations behind Paper Usage in Academia