• WordNet 3.6
    • v emphasize to stress, single out as important "Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet"
    • v emphasize give extra weight to (a communication) "Her gesture emphasized her words"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Jazz began in the 20th century, when bands in New Orleans began to apply the syncopated rhythms of ragtime to a variety of other tunes. In the first days of jazz, ensemble playing was emphasized. Only gradually did jazz come to be based on improvised solos.
    • emphasize To utter or pronounce with emphasis; render emphatic; lay stress upon: as, to emphasize a syllable, word, or declaration; to emphasize a passage in reading.
    • emphasize To bring out clearly or distinctly; make more obvious or more positive; give a stronger perception of.
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  • Paul Klee
    “To emphasize only the beautiful seems to me to be like a mathematical system that only concerns itself with positive numbers.”
  • Hertzler
    “Why fools are endowed by nature with voices so much louder than sensible people possess is a mystery. It is a fact emphasized throughout history.”
  • James Reston
    James Reston
    “Europe has a press that stresses opinions; America a press, radio, and television that emphasize news.”
  • Wayne Dyer
    “Live one day at a time emphasizing ethics rather than rules.”
  • Friedrich Von Bernhardi
    Friedrich Von Bernhardi
    “The inevitableness, the idealism, and the blessing of war, as an indispensable and stimulating law of development, must be repeatedly emphasized.”


In literature:

Nominalism represented by social psychology emphasizes, or seems to emphasize, the independence of the individual.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
But the two raids emphasized that a few weeks more would see intensive resumption of war in the air.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
Arizona's manner had only emphasized the gravity of his case.
"The Night Riders" by Ridgwell Cullum
What words must be emphasized to show the surprise of the challenged guard?
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
Orthodoxy emphasized doctrine and Pietism, life.
"Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark" by Jens Christian Aaberg
I again emphasize the fact that in normal women, especially young girls, the sexual appetite is subordinate to love.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
Pinel also emphasized the apathy of these cases.
"Benign Stupors" by August Hoch
Of expressions of appreciation and gratitude there was no limit, and they greatly over-emphasized my services.
"The Note-Book of an Attache" by Eric Fisher Wood
Claude emphasized his annoyance.
"The Side Of The Angels" by Basil King
It is easy for a physician to agree to anything which emphasizes the visible, and erases the invisible fact.
"The Gates Between" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
It has a more intensely emphasized solidarity.
"Why I Preach the Second Coming" by Isaac Massey Haldeman
It emphasized the importance of measurements in investigation.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
It is important, therefore, that the work be done in a way that will emphasize the thinking rather than the finished product.
"Primary Handwork" by Ella Victoria Dobbs
He may either obliterate or emphasize his own personality as a factor in the story.
"Materials and Methods of Fiction" by Clayton Hamilton
He emphasized his speech by gestures.
"The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman" by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
The air was all the sweeter that a whiff of chimney-smoke broke into it now and again, and emphasized its quality.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
But it was the political aspect of the pact that the Conservatives most emphasized.
"The Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier" by Oscar D. Skelton
It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that Prussia is not a nation, but a State, and that State is an entirely artificial creation.
"German Problems and Personalities" by Charles Sarolea
The use of color in the church should be emphasized; greens, blues, reds, black and white, rose and gold all mingle here in the decoration.
"The Complete Club Book for Women" by Caroline French Benton
This is the truth, and I am glad to have young singers know it as it emphasizes my point.
"Great Singers on the Art of Singing" by James Francis Cooke

In poetry:

What has the Calendar to do
With poets? What Time's fruitless tooth
With gay immortals such as you
Whose years but emphasize your youth?
"To Holmes: On His Seventy-Fifth Birthday" by James Russell Lowell
Where have I heard a silence before
Like this that only a lone bird's cries
And the sound of a brawling burn to-day
Serve in this wide empty glen but to emphasize?
"The Glen Of Silence" by Hugh MacDiarmid
Anon, with lapse of tender ways
That emphasized the courting days,
The housewife in her apron blue,
As mistress of her new abode,
By frequent lachrymations showed
Her grief and blunders too.
"Never Had A Chance" by Hattie Howard
Amid such flowers, underneath such skies,
Embodying all life knows of sweet and fair,
She stood; love's dreams in girlhood's face and eyes,
Fair as a star that comes to emphasize
The mingled beauty of the earth and air.
"The Picture" by Madison Julius Cawein
Amid such flowers, underneath such skies,
Embodying all life knows of sweet and fair,
She stood; love's dreams in girlhood's face and eyes,
White as a star that comes to emphasize
The mingled beauty of the earth and air.
"Rosemary" by Madison Julius Cawein
But most of all, yea, it were well for me,
Me and my heart, that I forget that flower,
The wild blue iris, azure fleur-de-lis,
That she and I together found that hour.
Its recollection can but emphasize
The pain of loss, remindful of her eyes.
"A Wild Iris" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Classes emphasize the need to be present and harness the body's energies to improve your body and mind.
This home in northern Illinois emphasizes its natural surroundings both inside and out, with a rubber tree growing in the living room.—Stefanos Chen.
Hey, somebody plunk those guys at Signal Mountain in the ribs, make sure they're awake and then emphasize to them that they're in the playoffs.
Then it focuses on the differences between commonly confused entities and emphasizes pathologic findings to help you obtain the most accurate diagnosis.
0Kim Kardashian emphasized her world-famous curves wearing a red dress in NYC Sept 5.
Kim Kardashian emphasized her world-famous curves wearing a red dress in NYC Sept 5.
Piggly Wiggly has begun offering its retailers a new private-label, prepaid phone card that emphasizes the stores' close ties to their local communities.
As Parris puts it, the act of getting married and its subsequent photography too often emphasizes style over substance.
But, speakers emphasized there is no data to say that a patient who has sticking platelets on clopidogrel will respond better with another agent.
NEW YORK — Facebook is revamping users' profiles to emphasize the pages for bands, books and businesses that millions have become fans of on the world's largest online social network.
As demand for shark fin soup grows, Calvelli emphasizes that efforts to conserve vulnerable shark species must incorporate a curb on the trade of their fins.
Aiming to bring teens together across racial, gang, and socio-economic lines, Louder Than A Bomb provides friendly competition that emphasizes self-expression and community through poetry, oral storytelling, and hip-hop spoken word.
From now until Nov 6, President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will emphasize their differences.
COLUMBIA – Downtown Columbia Leadership Council member Randy Gray and City Manager Mike Matthes emphasized community input at a panel discussion on tax-increment financing, or TIF, districts on Tuesday night.
Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, a fact emphasized by our Surgeon General 50 years ago.

In science:

In the inlay we have emphasized the scaling part by plotting the correlators scaled by 2√n as the function of the scaling variable x = r 2√n .
Matter Correlations in Branched Polymers
We write upper indices to emphasize the covariant nature of objects.
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
We emphasize that this relation is based on the asymptotic properties of the even order skew-orthogonal polynomials only.
Spectral Universality of Real Chiral Random Matrix Ensembles
We want to emphasize that at very high energy, compared to the energy scale V in the system, when multiple scattering and the new phase becomes insignificant, we recover Friedel sum rule perfectly.
Violation of general Friedel sum rule in mesoscopic systems
This formulation emphasizes the geometrical nature of the axion and dilaton fields and raises questions about the most appropiate geometry for the discussion of physical phenomena involving these fields.
A class of colliding waves in metric-affine gravity, nonmetricity and torsion shock waves
We emphasize that both subgroups of G are in general not isomorphic as topological groups.
On the Gribov Problem for Generalized Connections
We would like to emphasize that the parameters L are the fraction (0 ≤ L ≤ 1) of coherently oriented dipoles of the mixed system components.
Random field based model of mixed ferroelectrics phase diagram
We emphasize that in the definition of kξk, isolated vertices in ξ also count as connected components.
Explicit isoperimetric constants and phase transitions in the random-cluster model
It is emphasized that the investigation of some physical phenomena on graphs provides a more general understanding.
Branching annihilating random walk on random regular graphs
It is worth emphasizing that the standard interchange of momentum and winding has in this case the rather non-standard effect of mapping a theory with gravity to a non-gravitational theory.
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
We emphasize that these two ob jects do not give rise to two decoupled theories: they can interact through the exchange of wound closed strings.
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
As we will also emphasize, the various NCOS theories simply correspond to different states in the universal Wound IIA/B theory.
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
We would like to emphasize that the Wrapped point of view is distinct from that of Matrix theory [27, 28].
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
All input numerical data for these calculations not specified in the Tables were obtained from .) A similar point was emphasized by T.
Like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry in the decay of B B-bar pairs
We emphasize that only labels of vanishing monodromy charge QJ (ρ) = 0 appear.
Conformal field theory, boundary conditions and applications to string theory