• WordNet 3.6
    • v emblazon decorate with heraldic arms
    • v emblazon decorate with colors "color the walls with paint in warm tones"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Emblazon To deck in glaring colors; to set off conspicuously; to display pompously; to decorate. "The walls were . . . emblazoned with legends in commemoration of the illustrious pair."
    • Emblazon To depict or represent; -- said of heraldic bearings. See Blazon.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • emblazon To adorn with figures of heraldry or ensigns armorial: as, a shield emblazoned with armorial bearings.
    • emblazon To depict or represent, as an armorial ensign on a shield.
    • emblazon To set off with ornaments; decorate; illuminate.
    • emblazon To celebrate in laudatory terms; sing the praises of.
    • emblazon To blaze forth; shine out.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Emblazon em-blā′zn to deck in blazing colours:
    • v.t Emblazon em-blā′zn (her.) to blazon or adorn with figures: to depict heraldically
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. em-, + blazon,. Cf. Emblaze
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Em, and blaze, blazon.


In literature:

My whole is a modern painter's name, Emblazoned high on the roll of fame.
"Harper's Young People, May 4, 1880" by Various
The class that had scored the highest weekly average of red marks enjoyed its emblazoned splendours for the next week.
"Ghetto Comedies" by Israel Zangwill
Emblazon upon your backs and breast the Red Lily of his House!
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930" by Various
Even the animal's head was emblazoned in the most fantastic manner.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
Emblazoned in gold, 2l.
"Notes and Queries, Number 217, December 24, 1853" by Various
The head's inner surface was emblazoned, like the figures on the wall, with crimson and gold in strange designs.
"Astounding Stories, March, 1931" by Various
He made it a perpetual war-cry and emblazoned it on a banner that was many a time rent, but was never out of the field.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
At the back of the throne were emblazoned the Royal Arms of England in silver.
"Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria's Reign" by John Ashton
These portable receptacles were often covered with leather and emblazoned with heraldic designs.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1" by Various
These grand purposes, shall be emblazoned on its banners, appealing to the chivalry and knighthood of the republic for support.
"Solaris Farm" by Milan C. Edson
In the hall windows are emblazoned the arms of Lord Keeper Guildford (1684).
"Old and New London" by Walter Thornbury
The knight carried a shield, and emblazoned on it were two words.
"The Scarlet Lake Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
It flew a red and white pennant, with the initials of the owner, "T. C.," emblazoned on it.
"Madge Morton's Trust" by Amy D. V. Chalmers
Above the throne was suspended a gorgeous canopy, on which were emblazoned the arms of the ducal house of Burgundy.
"History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain." by William H. Prescott
The old facades are mostly emblazoned with the bearings of their ancient proprietors, sculptured in high relief.
"The Pictureque Antiquities of Spain;" by Nathaniel Armstrong Wells
The emblazoned bear thereon was a symbol to the Atvatabarese of a species of divinity that protected us as beings of another world.
"The Goddess of Atvatabar" by William R. Bradshaw
We entered this edifice and noted the reredos back of the high altar, emblazoned with the arms of St. Louis and the record of his virtues.
"A Flight in Spring" by J. Harris Knowles
Who was this scented, emblazoned correspondent of old Anastasia Pipelet?
"The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 1 of 6" by Eugène Sue
Her eyes had happened to fall upon the emblazoned genealogical record.
"The Hillman" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
A fleet of gaudily emblazoned native boats shot hither and thither over the near surface of the bay.
"The Story of Malta" by Maturin M. Ballou

In poetry:

And where is this wonderful castle,
With its rich emblazonings,
Whose pomp so far surpasses
The homes of the greatest kings?
"My Castle" by Horatio Alger Jr
Go! with your bright emblazoned scroll
And tell the years to be,
The first of names that flash your roll
Is ours -- great Robert Lee.
"Sentinel Songs" by Abram Joseph Ryan
The noble blood of Gothic name,
Heroes emblazoned high to fame,
In long array;
How, in the onward course of time,
The landmarks of that race sublime
Were swept away!
"Coplas De Manrique (From The Spanish)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Emblazon'd high in Albion's rolls of fame,
A guiding star by which her sons may steer;
This proud inscription let his memory claim—
Above himself, he held his Country dear!
"Sheridan" by Thomas Gent
You whom the fathers made free and defended,
Stain not the scroll that emblazons their fame
You whose fair heritage spotless descended,
Leave not your children a birthright of shame!
"Never Or Now" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Far-visioned in ecstatic wonder,
Sweep the worlds above and under;
Zion so glad and beautiful,
And Tophet's fierce emblazoned pool.
Burst in larger song sublime,
Persuasive to the end of time.
"To A Young Poet" by Thomas Aird

In news:

Turmoil in Egypt isn't stopping a shipment of 20 F-16 fighter jets, including this one - already emblazoned with Egypt's flag.
Mark Twain is being emblazoned on a commemorative coin, and his Missouri hometown figures to reap some of the benefit.
HANNIBAL — Mark Twain is being emblazoned on a commemorative coin, and his Missouri hometown figures to reap some of the benefit.
(AP) — Mark Twain is being emblazoned on a commemorative coin, and his Missouri hometown figures to reap some of the benefit along with other sites associated with the famous author.
The company Practice Safe Policy is now selling condoms emblazoned with the images of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain.
The company Practice Safe Policy is now selling condoms emblazoned with the images of presidential hopefuls Barack.
Trace Adkins caused a bit of a stir wearing in-ear monitors emblazoned with the Confederate flag on Wednesday night's Christmas in Rockefeller Center special on NBC.
The purchaser is confident he can freely pass off the Andrew Jackson-emblazoned fake 20s—the most common counterfeit note in the country—without any resistance from retailers, just as he did his previous stack.
The motto "In God We Trust" is now emblazoned above all four main entrances of the Putnam County Courthouse .
Earlier this year, Teater was seen on tour sporting shoes emblazoned with "Free Enes" on the heels.
A teenager's western-style purse emblazoned with a handgun emblem on the front caught the attention of the Transportation Security Administration.
That was the headline emblazoned atop the.
The Gap removed a black T-shirt emblazoned with the words " Manifest Destiny " from its stores today, following complaints and a petition from consumers who believed it is racist.
Mark Twain is being emblazoned on a commemorative coin.
Mark Twain is being emblazoned on a commemorative coin, and his Missouri hometown figures to reap some of the benefit.