• WordNet 3.6
    • adj eleven being one more than ten
    • n eleven a team that plays football
    • n eleven the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The state of California has more 7-Eleven stores than any other state. There are approximately 1,200 stores
    • Eleven A symbol representing eleven units, as 11 or xi.
    • a Eleven Ten and one added; as, eleven men.
    • Eleven (Cricket & American Football) The eleven men selected to play on one side in a match, as the representatives of a club or a locality; as, the all-England eleven .
    • Eleven The sum of ten and one; eleven units or objects.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: On average, Americans move to a new place eleven times in their lifetime
    • eleven One more than ten: a cardinal numeral beginning the second decade: as, eleven men.
    • n eleven The number which is the sum of ten and one.
    • n eleven A symbol representing eleven units, as 11, or XI., or xi.
    • n eleven A team or side in cricket or foot-ball: so called because regularly consisting of eleven players: as, the Philadelphia eleven; there were two strong elevens matched.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: It took eleven years to built the Taj Mahal, (1632-1643)
    • n Eleven e-lev′n the cardinal number next above ten: the figure (11 or xi.) denoting eleven: a team of eleven cricketers
    • adj Eleven noting the number eleven
    • ***


  • Vance Havner
    “Too many church services start at eleven sharp and end at twelve dull.”
  • Vance Havner
    “It's about time we quit playing church in these services that start at eleven o clock sharp and end at twelve o clock dull.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. enleven, AS. endleofan, endlufon, for nleofan,; akin to LG. eleve, ölwe, ölwen, D. elf, G. elf, eilf, OHG. einlif, Icel. ellifu, Sw. elfva, Dan. elleve, Goth. ainlif, cf. Lith. vënolika,; and fr. the root of E. one, + (prob.) a root signifying “to be left over, remain,” appearing in E. loan, or perh. in leave, v. t., life,. See One, and cf. Twelve


In literature:

At eleven o'clock we reached what is known as Marshall's store, near which, until recently, the enemy had a pretty large camp.
"The Citizen-Soldier" by John Beatty
From then till half-past eleven it was a regular downpour, when it ceased, and it has not rained since.
"The Shrieking Pit" by Arthur J. Rees
Miss Sharp arrived about eleven to-day.
"Man and Maid" by Elinor Glyn
The moon rose at eleven, and the advance was continued.
"Through Three Campaigns" by G. A. Henty
He also carried off the Peacock Throne, which alone was worth eleven million pounds.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
They was eleven negro boys served in my regiment for their masters.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
In their first innings they put together 215 as smartly and merrily as if they were playing against an eleven of the Den.
"Follow My leader" by Talbot Baines Reed
And a slip's the very man we want to make up the eleven for Rockshire.
"The Willoughby Captains" by Talbot Baines Reed
We always have our regular eleven and a scrub eleven, and, besides that, we have two or three games with rival schools.
"The Rover Boys at Colby Hall" by Arthur M. Winfield
As it was, our loss was over eleven thousand men, and a vast amount of war material.
"Three Years in the Sixth Corps" by George T. Stevens
But whether eleven or twelve it makes no difference.
"The Dash for Khartoum" by George Alfred Henty
Half-past eleven and recess drawing on!
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Now, at eleven o'clock that same morning two distinguished Italians sat down to breakfast in one of the fashionable hotels.
"The Lure of the Mask" by Harold MacGrath
My husband once killed a goose and eleven young ones with one shot.
"Old Rail Fence Corners" by Various
On the "Alliance" were eleven dead, and twenty-one wounded.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
We're all proud of the Gridley High School eleven.
"The Grammar School Boys of Gridley" by H. Irving Hancock
How he used to envy the members of the Elevens as they rolled arm-in-arm down the High Street!
"The Hill" by Horace Annesley Vachell
They also presented their guests with eleven live hogs, for which they were given in return some knives, old nails, and glass beads.
"Notable Voyagers" by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frith
Why, he could make a football team out of eleven clothing store dummies!
"Left Guard Gilbert" by Ralph Henry Barbour
The eleven went into practice with as much vigor as if they were training for some championship games.
"Dave Porter and His Rivals" by Edward Stratemeyer

In poetry:

Says I: 'Why was it only four,
Not five or six or seven?
I think I would have made it more,—
Even eleven.
"What Kisses Had John Keats?" by Robert W Service
Other months are cold and gray,
Some are bright, but what are they?
Earth may take the whole eleven—
Hopeful May—happy May!
Thine the borrowed month of heaven
Cometh thence and points the way.
"Welcome, May" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
When, a mischief! Were they seven
Strings the lyre possessed?
Oh, and afterwards eleven,
Thank you! Well, sir,--who had guessed
Such ill luck in store?--it happed
One of those same seven strings snapped.
"A Tale" by Robert Browning
Seven and four-pence th' Engraver before them both spread,
And till some one oppos'd him was that much a-head;
But the Beggar immediately open'd his store,
And with eight and eleven-pence soon did him o'er.
"The Triumvirate" by William Hutton
Behold my minstrels, just eleven.
For half my life I've loved them well.
And though I have no hope of Heaven,
And more than Highland fear of Hell,
May I be damned if on this shelf
ye find a rhyme I made myself.
"Bookshelf" by Robert W Service
Monikie is as bonnie a place as ye could wish to see,
And about eleven or twelve miles from bonnie Dundee;
It's the only place I know of to enjoy a holiday,
Because there's a hall of shelter there to keep the rain away.
"Beautiful Monikie" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

A Share shares post worst week in eleven months.
Eleven-year-old 'taking a stand' against SIDS .
Eleven-year-old Jessica Olkosky has been waiting for months for one very special day to arrive.
A couple of Silverback gorillas are proud parents to a new baby gorilla who was born eleven days ago.
A man in a ski mask robbed a Northeast 7-Eleven store at gunpoint this morning.
Man accused of robbing Tacoma 7-Eleven was trying to skip town .
Lights & Sirens » Robbery » Police: Man accused of robbing Tacoma 7-Eleven was trying to skip town .
Sleeping ducks, dangerous sleep walking , and eleven other facts about the most important eight hours of your day.
Sleeping in the nude, dangerous sleepwalking , and eleven other facts about the most important eight hours of your day.
At about eleven in the morning last week Monday, police responded to the six-hundred block of Park street for a theft call.
Eleven people were facing possible conspiracy charges in connection with a loan modification scam that allegedly bilked 65 mostly Spanish-speaking victims out of more than $1 million.
Meredith Jenks for ESPN The MagazineThe tennis star put her fashion degree to use with the debut of her EleVen by Venus sportswear line.
Williams shows off one of the watercolor pieces from the EleVen collection.
After losing to Southern Mississippi a week ago in eleven innings, Louisiana head coach Tony Robichaux was second-guessing his decision not to try to squeeze home the winning run.
Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc is ramping up its Slurpee season with the promotion of the May 2 release of "Iron Man," a Marvel Comics superhero movie, the company said.

In science:

M5-branes with nonvanishing temporal components of the background three-form tensor field can be different from the tension M 3 p /(2π )2 of membranes where Mp is the eleven-dimensional gravitational scale.
S-Duality from OM-Theory
In particular, the eleven-dimensional scale and the radius of the circle along the x4 direction are coincident.
S-Duality from OM-Theory
This is a purely eleven dimensional near-horizon limit of OM theory, meaning that it can describe OM theory with the Lorentz symmetry SO(1, 2) × SO(3).
Open Branes in Space-Time Non-Commutative Little String Theory
This theory contains a spin 2 particle (the graviton) and it is known as eleven-dimensional supergravity.
Large N field theories from superstrings
The Wrapped p-brane theories, on the other hand, are always defined on a ten- or eleven-dimensional spacetime (with at least p compact directions).
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
Witten, “Heterotic and Type I String Dynamics from Eleven Dimensions”, hep-th/9510209, Nucl.
Bosonic M Theory
While the consistent superstring theories give microscopic models for quantum gravity in ten dimensions, M-theory seems to be most naturally described in eleven dimensions.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
Indeed, there is a unique such classical theory in eleven dimensions with local supersymmetry (Cremmer, Julia, and Scherk, 1978).
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
The generators Qα extend the usual eleven-dimensional Poincar´e algebra into a super-Poincar´e algebra.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
We recall here some basic features of eleven- and ten-dimensional supergravity theories.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
There is, however, a “black membrane” solution in eleven dimensions, which has a source extended infinitely in two spatial dimensions.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
This idea was explored extensively in the 80’s, when it was first realized that a consistent classical theory of a supermembrane could be realized in eleven dimensions.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
This eleven-dimensional theory quantum theory of gravity, for which no rigorous definition has yet been given, is often referred to as “M-theory” (Hoˇrava and Witten, 1996)† .
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
In the ten- and eleven-dimensional limits, there are a variety of dynamical extended ob jects of various dimensions appearing as effective excitations.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory
As we shall see in the remainder of this review, matrix theory can be thought of alternatively as a quantum theory of membranes in eleven dimensions, or as a quantum theory of pointlike D0-branes in ten dimensions.
M(atrix) Theory: Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Fundamental Theory