electrical device


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n electrical device a device that produces or is powered by electricity
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In literature:

Everything was exactly as he had left it, and he looked at his simple electrical devices with some amusement.
"The Master Key" by L. Frank Baum
GENERICALLY considered, a "battery" is a device which generates electric current.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions" by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
As yet no one had discovered that electricity could be stored, or generated in any way other than by some friction device.
"A History of Science, Volume 2(of 5)" by Henry Smith Williams
As is well known, this instrument is a device for raising or lowering electric pressure.
"Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIV" by John Lord
Some of the electrical controlling devices are not yet in place.
"The Moving Picture Boys at Panama" by Victor Appleton
ACCUMULATOR, a hydraulic press for storing up water at a high pressure; also a device for storing up electric energy.
"The Nuttall Encyclopaedia" by Edited by Rev. James Wood
Such a device as manufactured by the Dean Electric Company is shown in Fig.
"Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy Vol. 1" by Kempster Miller
The question will naturally arise as to whether the child's hearing of speech can be aided by an electric or mechanical device.
"What the Mother of a Deaf Child Ought to Know" by John Dutton Wright
It is the device which has the power to convert the unseen electric current into motion which may be observed by the human eye.
"Electricity for Boys" by J. S. Zerbe
The returns were tabulated by an electrical device first employed ten years before.
"History of the United States, Volume 5" by E. Benjamin Andrews
Her proudest possession and the greatest labor-saving device on the place is the electric washer.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
This same mechanism controls in addition various electrical devices, such as signal bells, etc.
"Christopher and the Clockmakers" by Sara Ware Bassett
A fit device to begin with is the Electric Bell, which has so largely replaced wire-pulled bells.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
Not only electrical ears, but every possible eavesdropping device might be upon us.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various
All the while he had been in college he had been working on an electrical device to enable deaf men to receive wireless messages.
"The Camp Fire Girls on the Open Road" by Hildegard G. Frey
Be especially careful when operating electric devices in the bathroom.
"Electricity for the 4-H Scientist" by Eric B. Wilson
These parts are the piston, the valves, and their joints, and the ignition devices whether they be of the hot-tube or electrical variety.
"Gas-Engines and Producer-Gas Plants" by R. E. Mathot
There are several known devices for giving motion in proportion to an electric current.
"The inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla" by Thomas Commerford Martin
We have all heard of electric toasters and other devices for heating by electricity.
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower
This is the formula for the electrical device I was talking about.
"The Onslaught from Rigel" by Fletcher Pratt

In news:

THE Visavox was a proto-television device developed here in the 1920's by the electronics wizard Frank Sprague, founder of the Sprague Electric Company.
The device converts energy from a heartbeat and delivers enough electricity to operate a pacemaker.
Pulses of light may replace electrical stimulation in some medical devices and experiments.
His company then was nothing more than a hospital-equipment repair shop, and the notion of implanting electrical devices in the human body evoked Frankenstein-ish images.
Fuller, a chemist who was a co-inventor of a device to convert solar energy into electricity, died on Friday at his home in Vero Beach, Fla.
ThinkEco's innovative modlet smart plug that can help people save energy and monitor the electricity usage of devices is now available through Best Buy.
Beware of electric devices that draw phantom power.
McCaskill's letter says the federal policy seems to reflect an outdated fear of devices that run on electricity.
The electrical ground system ultimately includes the grounded device itself and the entire pathway back to the earth ground .
Unprecedented Accuracy in Locating Brain Electrical Activity with New Device.
Unprecedented accuracy in locating brain electrical activity with new device.
Pacemakers are small devices that send electrical signals to regulate the heartbeat.
In the last decade, several manufacturers have successfully developed and demonstrated many new devices for the enhancement of electrical power distribution.
Although often overlooked, the package is an inseparable part of an RF/microwave semiconductor device, contributing to electrical performance and long-term reliability.
Noel Bracelin of West Seattle is thankful her house is still standing and her family is safe after a device meant to help protect from electrical fires -- a surge protector -- apparently caught fire in her home.

In science:

The very rapidly developing field of spintronics is based on the proposal to use the spin of the electron instead of its electrical charge in future devices.
Spin dependent quantum transport effects in Cu nanowires
In this work, we investigate the effect of short-time and long-time annealing at 250◦C on the electronic and magnetic properties of GaMnAs by in-situ measurements of the electrical conductivity, by microRaman spectroscopy, and by superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetization measurements.
Electronic and magnetic properties of GaMnAs: Annealing effects
A key remaining experimental challenge is the detection of the effect through electrical means which could lead to actual useful devices.
Spin-Hall effect: Back to the Beginning on a Higher Level
Electrical engineers have commonly treated electrons as semiclassical particles that move through a device under the influence of an electric field and random scattering potentials.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
Carriers undergo a random walk through a device with a small bias in one direction imposed by the electric field.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
Since most devices contain regions with high electric fields, the assumption that W = 3nkB T /2 is not usually a good one.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
The result is that for bulk semiconductors or for large devices in which the electric field changes slowly, there is no need to solve all four equations; we need to solve the carrier continuity and drift-diffusion equations with field-dependent parameters.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
Electric fields above 104V /cm are common in nanoscale devices.
Modeling of Nanoscale Devices
Also, the probe should encompass a device to measure its own electric potential.
A mission to test the Pioneer anomaly: estimating the main systematic effects
Fig. 1 shows the block diagram of the system. Electrical testing of the samples to device specifications shall also be performed to detect electrical failures accelerated by the temperature cycles.
Vibration Combined High Temperature Cycle Tests for Capacitive MEMS Accelerometers
Server-based Tiered Security Our tiered security system is a software program that is stored on the mobile device and downloadable electrical triggers that can be stored on the device or on a server.
A Tiered Security System for Mobile Devices
The electric field map is obtained from the TCAD device simulation, and the charge propagation inside the silicon sensors is simulated by software of N.
Status of the Chronopixel Project
It is already known since a few decades [221] that the inhomogeneous electric fields of multipolar devices can be used to manipulate (deflect, focus and orient) beams of dipolar molecules.
Formation and interactions of cold and ultracold molecules: new challenges for interdisciplinary physics
However, we did not apply more than 5 V as the devices undergo electrical breakdown slightly above this voltage.
Efros-Shklovskii variable range hopping in reduced graphene oxide sheets of varying carbon sp2 fraction
Note that devices with ’dissipation’ do not have this property.) Thus, X ≺∗ Y means there is a process in which the mechanical/electrical device starts in some state M and ends up in the same state, a weight moves from height h to height h′ , while the state of our system changes from X to Y .
The Physics and Mathematics of the Second Law of Thermodynamics