• WordNet 3.6
    • n ejaculation an abrupt emphatic exclamation expressing emotion
    • n ejaculation the discharge of semen in males
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Over the course of his lifetime, the average man will ejaculate approximately 18 quarts of semen, containing about a half trillion sperm.
    • Ejaculation (Physiol) The act of ejecting or suddenly throwing, as a fluid from a duct.
    • Ejaculation The act of throwing or darting out with a sudden force and rapid flight. "An ejaculation or irradiation of the eye."
    • Ejaculation The uttering of a short, sudden exclamation or prayer, or the exclamation or prayer uttered. "In your dressing, let there be jaculations fitted to the several actions of dressing."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ejaculation The act of throwing or shooting out; a darting or casting forth.
    • n ejaculation The uttering of exclamations, or of brief exclamatory phrases; that which is so uttered.
    • n ejaculation Specifically, in physiology, the emission of semen; a seminal discharge: as, the vessels of ejaculation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Ejaculation a sudden utterance in prayer or otherwise: what is so uttered
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. éjaculation,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. e, out, and jaculāri, -ātusjacĕre, to throw.


In literature:

It is not necessary to take the poems in this little volume more seriously than any seventeen-year-old ejaculations.
"Shandygaff" by Christopher Morley
When the driver allowed them to lag, Borasdine ejaculated 'POSHOL!
"Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life" by Thomas Wallace Knox
God, boys," he ejaculated to his fellows, "what a peach of a story!
"No. 13 Washington Square" by Leroy Scott
The silence which followed that ejaculation was like the hush of earth before a thunder-storm.
"Camp and Trail" by Isabel Hornibrook
After a few minutes, devoted to private ejaculations, I returned to the dining-room; and that is all my story.
"In the Wrong Paradise" by Andrew Lang
Nick rightly guessed their true character, yet he allowed an ejaculation of admiration to escape him.
"With Links of Steel" by Nicholas Carter
His canticle died joyfully away in those last ejaculations of triumph: 'Queen of virgins, Queen of all saints.
"Abbe Mouret's Transgression La Faute De L'abbe Mouret" by Emile Zola
With an ejaculation of the utmost indignation, she sprang away from him, and with all the dignity she could assume, walked to the house.
"The Sorcery Club" by Elliott O'Donnell
Art and prayer are the only decent ejaculations of the soul.
"Là-bas" by J. K. Huysmans
It is an ejaculation provoked by the ghastly facts.
"The Worst Journey in the World, Volumes 1 and 2" by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
Staples' stock ejaculation and expressed a variety of emotions.
"Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp" by Alice B. Emerson
The word vintner caused him to give vent to an ejaculation of surprise.
"The Goose Girl" by Harold MacGrath
The marauder stopped, uttering an astonished ejaculation.
"Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island" by Alice Emerson
Many ejaculations did he utter, and some oaths, in consequence of the delay of certain parties whom he expected to meet there.
"The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine Traits And Stories Of The Irish Peasantry, The Works of William Carleton, Volume Three" by William Carleton
He climbed beside the driver, then with an ejaculation of apology, leaped to the road and helped her in.
"Sundown Slim" by Henry Hubert Knibbs
When the milkman has done his worst, the watercress people come and mournfully ejaculate.
"Lost Leaders" by Andrew Lang
Putting his eye to the keyhole, he also ejaculated, turned pale, and trembled.
"Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine" by Lewis Spence
The prayers were long, and broken by ejaculations from the pews.
"Tales of the Chesapeake" by George Alfred Townsend
He uttered an impatient ejaculation.
"An Alabaster Box" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
Making sure he would be killed, I uttered an ejaculation of horror.
"Animal Ghosts" by Elliott O'Donnell

In poetry:

When I faced the bowling of Hirst
I ejaculated, ‘Do your worst!’
He said, ‘Right you are, Sid.’
-- And he did!
"Clerihew – Hirst" by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
So Man, grown vigorous now,
Holds himself ripe to breed,
Daily devises how
To ejaculate his seed
And boldly fertilize
The black womb of the unconsenting skies.
"Prelude to Space" by C S Lewis
Thou may'st some short ejaculation say,
Even when, on thy task, thou'rt most intent,
And shou'dst with never-ceasing ardor pray ;
Though God has given thee thy heart's content.
"Advice To Pray Earnestly, And On All Occasions, Supposed To Be Address'd To His Own Son" by Rees Prichard
He passed his time designing traps
To flurry unsuspicious chaps -
The taste was his innately;
He couldn't walk into a room
Without ejaculating "Boom!"
Which startled ladies greatly.
"The Sensation Captain" by William Schwenck Gilbert
"I worked with watchful eye,
With fingers soft but wary, It seemed a decent tie,
But not extraordinary. But when at length I gazed,
To put the final clip in, I staggered back amazed,
Ejaculating 'Rippin'!"
"For One Night Only (A Tragedy) " by P G Wodehouse
To PETER an idea occurred. "Suppose we cross the main?
So good an opportunity may not be found again."
And SOMERS thought a minute, then ejaculated, "Done!
I wonder how my business in the City's getting on?"
"Etiquette" by William Schwenck Gilbert

In news:

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It leads us to think that there is a general orgasmic principle of building up excitation from different parts of the body leading to a climax and a resolution -- not necessarily ending in ejaculation, but a feeling of an orgasmic experience.
Some men have a real problem and it's called Premature Ejaculation .
Medication available for premature ejaculation, but do men really need it.
If you're doing the test from home, you'll be given a small specimen jar to ejaculate in.
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