• WordNet 3.6
    • n earplug a plug of cotton, wax, or rubber that is fitted into the ear canal for protection against the entry of water or loud noise
    • n earplug an earphone that is inserted into the ear canal
    • ***


In literature:

Now, have you all your earplugs in and turned on?
"Little Fuzzy" by Henry Beam Piper
Now he got a Megabuck unit, put the earplug into place, and tried again.
"The Pirates of Shan" by Harold Leland Goodwin

In news:

MENDON, MI – Earplugs could be a hot commodity Saturday night in Mendon.
Over-the-counter earplugs Keep stage volume low Custom in-ear monitors Wadded up bar napkins stuffed in ears Point the speakers at someone else What's that.
Tinnitex is the first and only earplug to help relieve tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing in the ears, the company said.
Custom-made earplugs protect hunters' hearing.
In fact, using either rubber eartips in various sizes, or foam eartips that expand to fit any size ear canal , canalphones are designed to seal your ear canal s closed, blocking external noise—much like a pair of earplugs.
In fact, many canalphones look and fit just like earplugs.
These acts make you feel so strongly that when you see them live you either kiss your neighbor or reach for earplugs and a barf bag.
For concertgoers, it's V-Moda's Faders VIP earplugs.
Nobody asked to hear the story of the earplug in the toilet or the escapades on the exercise course at the park near Ben's house, but I'm going to tell you anyway.
Well, I'll skip the earplug business.
Bring your dancing shoes or earplugs if you plan a night out during the.
After I run my nitro car, I put an earplug in the exhaust to keep unburned fuel from leaking out.
To the "tacky" writer whose name I won't mention, go stuff some earplugs in your ears.
Wearing earplugs could have saved the author's hearing, but at the cost of his soul.
I now wear earplugs to bed every night and no longer snore .