• WordNet 3.6
    • n earful a severe scolding
    • n earful an outpouring of gossip
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

A boy covers his ears while a girl plays the piano A boy covers his ears while a girl plays the piano
Another Took Me by the Ear 285 Another Took Me by the Ear 285
With all her womanly faith, and all her ear-rings and breast-pins, etc., etc With all her womanly faith, and all her ear-rings and breast-pins, etc., etc
The boy grabs the hare by the ears The boy grabs the hare by the ears
"Nestie whispered something in Speug's ear." "Nestie whispered something in Speug's ear."


  • Thomas Carlyle
    “By nature man hates change; seldom will he quit his old home till it has actually fallen around his ears.”
  • Lord Byron
    “No ear can hear nor tongue can tell the tortures of the inward hell!”
  • Virgil
    “Death twitches my ear. Live, he says, I am coming.”
  • Lord Byron
    “He scratched his ear, the infallible resource to which embarrassed people have recourse.”
  • German Proverb
    German Proverb
    “It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears.”
  • Horace
    “Avoid inquisitive persons, for they are sure to be gossips, their ears are open to hear, but they will not keep what is entrusted to them.”


All ears - If someone says they're all ears, they are very interested in hearing about something.
Be all ears - If you are all ears, you are very eager to hear what someone has to say.
Bend someone's ear - To bend someone's ear is to talk to someone about something for a long-enough period that it becomes tiresome for the listener.
Cloth ears - If you don't listen to people, they may suggest you have cloth ears.
Dog-eared - If a book is dog-eared, it is in bad condition, with torn pages, etc.
From your lips to God's ears - When you say this to someone, it means that you hope what they are saying will come true.
In one ear and out the other - If something goes in one ear and out the other, you forget it as soon as you've heard it because it was too complicated, boring etc.
Keep your ear to the ground - If you keep your ear to the ground, you try to keep informed about something, especially if there are rumours or uncertainties.
Lend an ear - If you lend an ear, you listen to what someone has to say. ('Lend your ear' is an alternative form.)
Little pitchers have big ears - (USA) This means that children hear more and understand the world around them better than many adults realize.
Make a pig's ear - If you make a pig's ear of something, you make a mess of it.
Music to my ears - If something someone says is music to your ears, it is exactly what you had wanted to hear.
Play by ear - If you play by ear, you deal with something in an impromptu manner, without guidelines or rules. It refers to playing music without using written notation.
Play it by ear - If you play it by ear, you don't have a plan of action, but decide what to do as events take shape.
Prick up your ears - If you prick up your ears, you listen very carefully. ('Pick up your ears' is also used.)


In literature:

He considered it to be a distinct species, and not an Albino, from the black face and ears and brown eyes.
"Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon" by Robert A. Sterndale
It is now easy to understand how any unfavorable condition of the throat may affect the ear, or that of the ear influence the throat.
"Voice Production in Singing and Speaking" by Wesley Mills
His mouth grinned open wide from ear to ear; and now Aoyama could see distinctly the horns sprouting from his temples.
"Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House)" by James S. De Benneville
That cry of a woman from the mystery of the rocks had startled, had fascinated his ears.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
Those accents of kindness, so strange to his ears, what a magic power they had!
"Eventide" by Effie Afton
For my ears were indeed filled with that strange and enchanting music.
"Simon Dale" by Anthony Hope
The familiar sounds of the early summer evening assailed her ears.
"The Secret of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
The man shifted his hold from ear to shoulder and led Philip through one of those doors which he had thought of exploring by daylight.
"The Magic City" by Edith Nesbit
Listening with strained ears, the boomer heard the deadly thing sliding slowly from rock to rock, coming closer at every movement.
"The Boy Land Boomer" by Ralph Bonehill
I was wonderin' if Joe wasn't taking too much hair off the sides, just above the ears.
"Torchy As A Pa" by Sewell Ford

In poetry:

The Lord! how glorious is his face!
How kind his smiles appear!
And O! what melting words he says
To every humble ear!
"Hymn 21" by Isaac Watts
The eyes of memory will not sleep,
Its ears are open still;
And vigils with the past they keep
Against my feeble will.
"The Knight of St. John" by John Greenleaf Whittier
'Tis not uttered to our ear,
To our spirit it is spoken,
In the wonderful, unbroken
Heavenly speech that spirits hear.
"Warning" by Marietta Holley
But as I dream within my ear,
The engines as they thunder
Along the gleaming of the rail
Shriek out in smoky wonder:—
"A Dream Of Yarrow" by Alexander Anderson
Up to my ear my soul doth run—
Her other door is dark;
There she can see without the sun,
And there she sits to mark.
"Songs of the Winter Nights" by George MacDonald
Better than self-indulgent years
The outflung heart of youth,
Than pleasant songs in idle ears
The tumult of the truth.
"My Birthday" by John Greenleaf Whittier

In news:

NEW YORK (AP) — Marvin Hamlisch was blessed with perfect pitch and an infallible ear.
Cirrus Healthcare Products has expanded its ear care offerings with a new product, slated to hit retail shelves in spring 2011.
Tinnitex is the first and only earplug to help relieve tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing in the ears, the company said.
In the land of the over-stimulated mermaid, the landscape is always the same: the tiny tables crowded with laptap squatters, lost in their ear buds and their private worlds, and the fresh-brewed coffee and eye-candy pastries.
AP Photo/Frank Franklin IITerry Collins had an earful for umps during the game -- and for his players after it.
As the first chord of Matchbox 20's song " Closing Time " strikes my ear, I reflexively reach over and turn the radio up.
The pH of commonly used topical ear drops in the treatment of otitis externa.
In my imagination—and I bet in Chris's, too—the host of Hardball would yell in Obama's ears until he really was "fired up," as he still likes to say he is, and ready to fight for something real.
The phone is pressed to Jonathan Givony's ear for at least six hours a day.
A feel-good compliment will surely please the other party's ears, but if you uttered those feel-good words, that same compliment will just as surely please your own heart.
Our city's cup overfloweth with the bounty of words, poetry and local voices lifting up their words to the ceiling for the pleasure of our eager ears.
An Amarillo man has been charged with felony animal cruelty after allegedly cutting off a puppy's ears and trying to sew them back on.
A Conversation With Fell On Deaf Ears At The WFIT Studios.
Ego-friendly cerebral pornography for the ears.
Before The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity begins, two wrestlers for hire go through their motions in a ring onstage, writhing with pseudo-pain after every ear-piecing slam on the forgiving mat.

In science:

Wiersma, “Fifty y ears of Anderson localization,” Phys.
Modes of Random Lasers
Tarnanen, “Upper bounds on permutation codes via lin ear programming”, Europ. J.
Applications of semidefinite programming to coding theory
In equation (30) ℑm and ℑeare vanishing due to Lorentz gauge conditions applied for the cases of electric and magnetic charges.
Generalized Split-Octonion Electrodynamics
On one hand, what we have done will never replace the technician’s techniques and the listener’s ears.
Analysis on the relations between piano touch and tone
Heat-bal ance in te gral method (HBIM) of Good man is an ef fec tive method for solv ing heat dif fu sion prob lems with strong non-lin ear ity ei ther in the en ergy equa tion or at the bound aries.
Research Note on a Parabolic Heat-Balance Integral Method with Unspecified Exponent: An Entropy Generation Approach in Optimal Profile Determination