dynamic balance


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n dynamic balance (aeronautics) the state of equilibrium in which centrifugal forces due to a rotating mass (e.g., a propeller) do not produce force in the shaft and so vibration is reduced
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In news:

Charles Cramer's magnificent landscape photographs reflect his musical training in the use of form, balance, dynamic range and a sense of scale.
Preoperative computerized dynamic posturography as a prognostic indicator of balance function in patients with acoustic neuroma .
The dynamic nature of the stability ball encourages fluidity and rhythm in active stretching, resulting in enhanced muscle balance, stress reduction and total relaxation.
After the proggy overindulgence of their previous two albums, these Texans gracefully balance the dynamic alt rock of 2002's Source Tags & Codes with their more recent multimovement epics.
This lightweight air disc brake package features an aluminum hub and the Splined Disc rotor assembly that reduces total wheel-end weight, greatly reduces rotor dynamic stresses, provides improved thermal balance.
Designed as a dynamic, lightweight alternative to a full size guitar, the Vagabond really knows how to get around… an impressive rich, balanced, and satisfying.
Dynamically balanced cast-iron wheels with replaceable rubber tires, mounted on heavyduty bearings.
A film still from Melodie Mousset's "Balancing power in fast-changing societal and natural dynamics (on stoning and unstoning)".
Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann balance laughs and drama, fiction and family dynamics in 'This Is 40'.
Transition into dynamic stretches that also train for balance.
Explaining Static vs Dynamic Sheave Balancing.
Amplify.net's iSurfJanus-RX provides dynamic load balancing for inbound and outbound traffic and backup of traffic flows across three connections.
Experience a continuum of complex movement that integrates dynamic movement and balance with strength.
What if California could balance its budget without gimmicks, lose its reputation for partisan gridlock, reverse the erosion of public services and restore the dynamism of its economy.

In science:

Patton J L, Pai Y-C and Lee W A: "Evaluation of a model that determines the stability limits of dynamic balance".
Review of Nonlinear Methods and Modelling
We also describe some background material, especially related to completely positive semigroups, quantum Langevin dynamics and the Detailed Balance Condition.
Reduced and Extended Weak Coupling Limit
Finally, in Subsect. 3.5 we analyze the Detailed Balance Condition, which singles out c.p. dynamics obtained from a thermal reservoir.
Reduced and Extended Weak Coupling Limit
The detailed balance condition in quantum statistical mechanics 25 (1984) 614 [MaSt] Ma jewski, W. A., Streater, R. F.: Detailed balance and quantum dynamical maps Journ.
Reduced and Extended Weak Coupling Limit
In a world with increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases, not only the temperature increases, also the large-scale circulation adjusts to achieve a new (thermo)dynamical balance.
Extreme Associated Functions: Optimally Linking Local Extremes to Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation Structures
Kajita, M. Nakamura, "Dynamical Balance of a Humanoid Robot Grasping an Environment", Proceedings of 2004 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS'2004, October 2004, Sendai, Japan. F.A. Mussa-Ivaldi and N.
Passive Control Architecture for Virtual Humans
Section 6 following the idea already exploited in where we deal with a quasi-linear internal energy balance equation coupled with a vectorial and nonlocal phase dynamic.
Well-posedness of an extended model for water-ice phase transitions
Balance: tasks that involve improving the static and dynamic balance, balance shaft bipodal hip displacement (oscillations) bipodal balance by manipulation, changing the method of balancing. Unipodal balance, balance unipodal with manipulation.
The physical condition from the perspective of complexity: Application of a physical activity program for Alzheimer's disease
The services are provided and try to maximize their own costs profits in situation of the data is prioritizing the consumers jobs. These factors may leads to competition, negotiation, dynamic allocation, and automatic load balancing .
Social Secret Sharing for Resource Management in Cloud
The solutions found in Section 7 for the detailed-balance equations should be useful for other dynamical processes than those discussed in Sections 8 and 9, in a better understanding of critical dynamics.
Reaction-Diffusion Processes, Critical Dynamics and Quantum Chains
The deconfined QGP state evaporates over a few fm/c in time, during which time it is kept by a balance of dynamical processes near to the freeze-out temperature: the evaporation and work done against the vacuum cool the surface down, which is internally heated by the explosive energy flows.
Last Call for RHIC Predictions
When ˙N2,c ≫ ˙N2,t , and the dynamics are dominated by the condensate is large, however, the dipolar decay rate from the condensate in balance with the evaporation rate.
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atomic Hydrogen
The fact that a stationary state is reached as a balance between the emptying dynamics and the reactions was numerically observed in all the previously studied dynamical systems (e.g., flow in the wake of a cylindrical obstacle) [2, 3], corroborating the generic character of the stationary state.
Autocatalytic Reactions in Systems with Hyperbolic Mixing: Exact Results for the Active Baker Map
The slim disk can describe the dynamical structure of the flow reasonably well, since the energy balance is given by Qvis ∼ Qadv and does not depend on the radiative loss.
Does the Slim-Disk Model Correctly Consider Photon-Trapping Effects?
The balance of the paper is organized as follows. model and the master equation governing its dynamics using an operator formalism, which is then mapped to the path-integral representation.
Path-integral representation for a stochastic sandpile