• WordNet 3.6
    • n dropper pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time "she used an eye dropper to administer medication to the eyes"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • dropper (Mining) A branch vein which drops off from, or leaves, the main lode.
    • dropper (Zoöl) A dog which suddenly drops upon the ground when it sights game, -- formerly a common, and still an occasional, habit of the setter.
    • dropper A dropping tube, usually of glass or plastic with a narrow opening at the tip and a rubber bulb at the top which can be squeezed to control intake or outflow of the fluid. The word is used in combinations with obvious significance, as eye dropper medicine dropper, etc.
    • dropper (Fishing) One who, or that which, drops.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dropper One who or that which drops. Specifically— A glass tube with an elastic cap at one end and a small orifice at the other, for drawing in a liquid and expelling it in drops; a pipette. Also dropping-tube.
    • n dropper Among florists, a descending shoot produced by seedling bulbs of tulips, instead of a renewal of the bulb upon the radical plate, as in the later method of reproduction.
    • n dropper In mining, a branch or spur connecting with the main lode: nearly the same as feeder, ex-cept that the latter more generally carries the idea of an enrichment of the lode with which it unites.
    • n dropper A dog which is a cross between a pointer and a setter.
    • n dropper An artificial fly ad-justed to a leader above the stretcher-fly, used in angling. Also called bobber and drop-fly. See whip.
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In literature:

The tear of Sensibility must not be dropped in a manner giving real pain to the dropper.
"A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1" by George Saintsbury
A medicine dropper, minus the rubber part, attached to a fountain syringe, makes a good nozzle for this purpose.
"The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI)" by Various
You know I never touched dropper anything.
"Anderson Crow, Detective" by George Barr McCutcheon
It would also diminish the number of the children's playmate 'droppers-in' at meal-times.
"The Brass Bound Box" by Evelyn Raymond
The hinges were strong bits of leather, the soles of the boots whose legs had been used for corn-droppers.
"The Boy Settlers" by Noah Brooks
With a medicine dropper gradually add the dilute caustic soda (NaOH), stirring as you add it.
"Common Science" by Carleton W. Washburne
Fat party appealed to Mr. Dropper's magnanimity to hear his explanation, which Mr. Dropper consented to do.
"The History and Records of the Elephant Club" by Knight Russ Ockside and Q. K. Philander Doesticks
You ought to be called 'The Great American Dropper,' for everything goes from you.
"Harper's Round Table, October 29, 1895" by Various
With a dropper he sucked up a bit of the liquid from the test-tube.
"The Social Gangster" by Arthur B. Reeve
I guess that bomb-dropper of mine is a cinch.
"Miss Million's Maid" by Bertha Ruck

In news:

INTERVIEWS Yuck's Fuzzed-Out 'Chew': A Shoegaze-Tinged Jaw- Dropper .
I am a name dropper .
The NAME- DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp, now available in both black & white ink.
"As a result of our investigation, we identified a dropper file with an MS 0-day kernel exploit inside," the CrySys researchers wrote.
INTERVIEWS Yuck's Fuzzed -Out 'Chew': A Shoegaze-Tinged Jaw-Dropper.
RESTAURANT name-droppers pepper their conversations with big-deal places sporting foreign names that begin with La, Le and Chez.
The NAME-DROPPER Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp, now available in both black & white ink.
Unbreakable transparent eye dropper.
Calling All Food-Droppers: the Five-Second Rule May Actually Be REAL.
Imagine the Hatfields and the McCoys - complete with police blotter, caught on tape jaw-droppers, "They started it first" defenses, and the horrific bullying of disabled children - and we're just talking about the grown-ups.
The name droppers are at it again.
On his second album, " Kaleidoscope Dream" (RCA), Miguel Pimental drops enough references to his heroes and inspirations that he could be considered a bit of a name-dropper, a clever mimic rather than an innovator.
It is a "scroll water dropper" sought as a collectible today.
Meet the 25 party-starters, beat-droppers, headliners and underground kings who rock the dance floor from Miami to Ibiza.
Blake Shelton's crudest comments ranging from Christina Aguilera's huge "duo" to his panty-dropper mullet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.

In science:

Their randomized Name Dropper algorithm operates as follows: in each round, each node chooses a random neighbor and sends all the IP addresses it knows.
Discovery through Gossip
The Name Dropper discovery algorithm has been applied to content delivery systems.
Discovery through Gossip
As mentioned earlier, Name Dropper and other prior algorithms for the discovery problem [16, 24, 23, 1] complete in polylogarithmic number of rounds (O(log2 n) or O(log n)), but may transfer Θ(n) bits per edge per round.
Discovery through Gossip
For some materials near the critical temperature the resistance increases a little and after reaching some maximum value quickly droppers to zero.
Equilibrium Distributions and Superconductivity