drawing pin


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n drawing pin a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board
    • ***


In literature:

Pins and discs, discrimination of, in mechanical drawing, 96.
"Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught" by Joshua Rose
I want you to pin some of my drawings and some of my texes on the wall.
"A Young Mutineer" by Mrs. L. T. Meade
The girl paused in the porch of the hut to read the typewritten regulations which were fastened by drawing-pins to a green baize board.
"The Keepers of the King's Peace" by Edgar Wallace
There were also white drawing-pins, each bearing a letter, placed at irregular intervals.
"Night Bombing with the Bedouins" by Robert Henry Reece
Even a pin prick anywhere in the body draws blood.
"Applied Physiology" by Frank Overton
He took careful notes; he even made a very bad drawing, but the Treasury of Boondi defied pinning down before the public.
"From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling
Not being able to find any, he pinned a large sheet of drawing-paper to a board and produced a pencil.
"Carnival" by Compton Mackenzie
He slipped the eye once more into the draw, and managed to drop his pin.
"The Nerve of Foley" by Frank H. Spearman
She loosened her heavy hair, drawing the pins from it one by one, until it fell in a brown mane upon her shoulders.
"Phases of an Inferior Planet" by Ellen Glasgow
He felt a chivalrous pity to see the disorder of her simple dress, and, drawing the pin out of his tie, he tried clumsily, to repair it.
"The Man with the Double Heart" by Muriel Hine
Draw up the gathering thread to the proper length and fasten by winding over a pin.
"Handicraft for Girls" by Idabelle McGlauflin
Her mind was made up now; she meant secretly to draw the pin from her belt, and drop it on the ground.
"The Diamond Pin" by Carolyn Wells
Draw a circle five inches in diameter, and by its side thrust a pin through the paper.
"Ingersollia" by Robert G. Ingersoll
When the lock, drop and draw are correct it is next necessary to see that the fork length and guard pin freedom are correct.
"Rules and Practice for Adjusting Watches" by Walter J. Kleinlein
Draw a circle five inches in diameter, and by its side thrust a pin through the paper.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 2 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Lectures" by Robert G. Ingersoll
The grasshopper was pinned to my drawing-board, and against a piece of newspaper.
"Eye Spy" by William Hamilton Gibson
The stretching is best done with drawing pins, which may be used again and again for the same work.
"Practical Bookbinding" by Paul Adam
The artists began sharpening pencils, and pinning paper on drawing boards.
"Cape of Storms" by Percival Pollard
As he was about to pass through the door his glance fell on a chart fastened to the table with drawing-pins.
"Commander Lawless V.C." by Rolf Bennett
When he advances to seize and kiss her, she draws a dagger-like hat pin.
"The Complete Opera Book" by Gustav Kobbé

In poetry:

Stings big as drawing pins!
It seems bees have a notion of honor,
A black intractable mind.
Napoleon is pleased, he is pleased with everything.
O Europe! O ton of honey!
"The Swarm" by Sylvia Plath

In news:

The pin was a link to the blog Once Upon a Drawing .
This minuscule water boatman might be smaller than a drawing pin, but it's also the loudest animal on the planet.

In science:

Fig. 4 Edge pinning method and designed droplets. Left side is the schematic drawing and right side shows the top and side views of rectangular and annular droplets generated by this method.
Acoustophoresis in Variously Shaped Liquid Droplets