• WordNet 3.6
    • v dramatize add details to
    • v dramatize represent something in a dramatic manner "These events dramatize the lack of social responsibility among today's youth"
    • v dramatize put into dramatic form "adopt a book for a screenplay"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Table salt is the only commodity that hasn’t risen dramatically in price in the last 150 years.
    • v. t Dramatize To compose in the form of the drama; to represent in a drama; to adapt to dramatic representation; as, to dramatize a novel, or an historical episode. "They dramatized tyranny for public execration."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Murder is the only crime that does not increase during the full moon. Theft, disorderly conduct, larceny, armed robbery, assault and battery, and rape all statistically increase dramatically during the full moon.
    • dramatize To make a drama of; put into dramatic form; adapt for representation on the stage: as, to dramatize an incident or an adventure; to dramatize a legend or a novel.
    • dramatize To express or manifest dramatically; bring out in a dramatic or theatrical manner.
    • dramatize Also spelled dramatise.
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  • Jane Fonda
    Jane Fonda
    “A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.”
  • Mal Pancoast
    “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”
  • Clark Moustakas
    Clark Moustakas
    “The most dramatic conflicts are perhaps, those that take place not between men but between a man and himself -- where the arena of conflict is a solitary mind.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of the final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.”
  • Albert Einstein
    “In a healthy nation there is a kind of dramatic balance between the will of the people and the government, which prevents its degeneration into tyranny.”
  • John Reeves
    John Reeves
    “Of all the dramatic media, radio is the most visual.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. dramatiser,


In literature:

Donizetti lacked the dramatic instinct in conceiving his music.
"Great Italian and French Composers" by George T. Ferris
Malibran's stage portraits of the peasant wench the truest and finest dramatic justice.
"Great Singers, Second Series" by George T. Ferris
All art is a compromise, and all dramatic speech is in fact impossible.
"An Introduction to the Study of Browning" by Arthur Symons
There had been something curiously dramatic in the meeting which he would have done a great deal to prevent.
"Great Possessions" by Mrs. Wilfrid Ward
Every accent of his dramatic music was embodied in his piano compositions.
"For Every Music Lover" by Aubertine Woodward Moore
Harvard Dramatic Club, Plays of the.
"Contemporary American Literature" by John Matthews Manly and Edith Rickert
One of the most important laws of dramatic construction might be formulated in this way.
"The Autobiography of a Play" by Bronson Howard
The deliberate pursuit of scenic realism is antagonistic to the ultimate law of dramatic art.
"Shakespeare and the Modern Stage" by Sir Sidney Lee
Italians possess the art of interpreting a serious dramatic action by pantomime.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
To the figure he gave more motion, dramatic gesture, life.
"A Text-Book of the History of Painting" by John C. Van Dyke

In poetry:

Now I'm prepared to bet a guinea,
Were this a mere dramatic case,
The page would have eloped with MINNIE,
But, no - he only left his place.
"Little Oliver" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Brave Lincoln on the right with kindling eye
Smiles 'mid the cares of grave command immersed,
To see dramatic retribution nigh
And Charleston's fate reversed!
"Arms And The Man - The Lines Around Yorktown" by James Barron Hope
Faintly and slow adown my burning face;
A keen sense of the woman touched you then,
The nice dramatic sense you women have,
Playing upon the feelings of us men!
""Now That The Pain Is Gone, I Too Can Smile."" by Elizabeth Drew Barstow Stoddard
There was once a young man quite erratic
Who lived all alone in an attic,
He wrote magazine verse
That made editors curse,
But his friends thought it fine and dramatic.
"Genius" by Edwin Carty Ranck
So they were buried on that hill in France,
Before their ears had heard the battle din;
Before life gave them its dramatic chance—
A lasting fame, or glorious death to win.
"In France I Saw A Hill" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Or white lightning, seascapes of Chateaubriand
Shores the dramatic ocean beats upon,
Where the lone hero, gloomy on the wild strand
Sees friends and lovers and companions gone,
Hawk, gull, and heron flying.
"Lightning For Atmosphere" by Marya Zaturenska

In news:

With dramatic losses in the stock market and banks in crisis, investors are worried about their savings.
Dramatic, mathematical guitar lines meet grunge chords in the climax.
Seamless, recyclable container dramatically changed beverage packaging.
Miley Cyrus has changed her hair — dramatically.
Some people in Hollywood think of me as a model for dramatic midlife transitions: suburban housewife to Emmy-winning actress.
Throw it over one of your new expressive blouses for a dramatic, flow-y look.
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif — Tom Meyer of Jerusalem will dramatically speak the entire Book of Revelation from the Bible word-for-word, from memory, at 11 am, Nov 13 at the First Baptist Church of South Lake Tahoe.
I've been to the Bootleg Theater for dramatic readings from comic books, a Black Dahlia musical and the 99-cent store holiday revue, but lady arm wrestling might top them all.
Farm children at dramatically higher risk of death, injury according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics.
Peter Yates produced dramatic, SciFi and comedy films.
Only a few megaselling authors of popular fiction deviate dramatically from formula--most notably Stephen King but recently Grisham, too.
In this clip, Wheeling (W. Va.) Police Officer Brandi Alderman, actor Paul Jeffries, and actress Kimberly Monahan dramatize an actual incident narrated by the officer who lived it.
Megan DeMarco/The Star-Ledger New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, shown with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, has seen his approval rating increase dramatically.
The architect splits open a neoclassical building—and the exhibitions inside—with a dramatic, v-shaped shard.
Kristin Gundred has a flair for the?dramatic.

In science:

The introduction of at least one trap, setting di > 0 for at least one site i in (15), dramatically changes the random walk behaviour.
Random walks on graphs: ideas, techniques and results
Indeed, dramatically different behaviours can occur, according to the graph topology.
Random walks on graphs: ideas, techniques and results
We note for the number weighted dipole the dramatic increase in shot noise beyond 15000 km s−1 , where the dipole’s behaviour cannot be interpreted reliably.
The Dipole Anisotropy of the 2 Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey
The situation changes dramatically when the spin-flip energy becomes large, the worst scenario corresponding to ω0 = kπ/(2∆t), with k odd.
Dynamical control of qubit coherence: Random versus deterministic schemes
This regime of an ideal gas with large thermal fluctuations dramatically differs from the well studied case of a rotating and interacting Bose-Einstein condensate in the LLL at T = 0, where the vortices are known to form an Abrikosov lattice [4, 5, 6].
Seeing zeros of random polynomials: quantized vortices in the ideal Bose gas