• WordNet 3.6
    • n dosage a measured portion of medicine taken at any one time
    • n dosage the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dosage same as dose{1; as, 200 mg q.i.d.
    • Dosage (Med) The administration of medicine in doses; specif., a scheme or system of grading doses of medicine according to age, etc.
    • Dosage The process of adding some ingredient, as to wine, to give flavor, character, or strength.
    • Dosage the quantity of a medicine or other substance given to an animal, expressed as a quantity per body weight; as, use a dosage of 10 milligrams per kilogram
    • Dosage the quantity of radiation given to or absorbed by an object; as, a maximum dosage of 1 mrad per day is allowed.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dosage In medicine, the act or practice of administering medicine in doses; a course or method of dosing.
    • n dosage The operation of adding to wine, especially to sparkling wine, such as champagne, whatever is needful to give it an artificial distinctive character, as that of being dry or sweet, light or strong.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Dosage a practice or method of dosing
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. dosage,. See Dose (v.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. dose—Gr. dosis, a giving—didōmi, I give.


In literature:

His feeling to-day was that Mme Roussell's paralysis was due to arsenical dosage, and that Perrotte had died of poisoning.
"She Stands Accused" by Victor MacClure
No three hours could pass, without that dosage.
"The Air Trust" by George Allan England
Bromides in solution are unpalatable, patients grow careless of regularity and dosage.
"Epilepsy, Hysteria, and Neurasthenia" by Isaac G. Briggs
That would at least have kept our dosage down enough for safety.
"Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Tiger had taken over the anaesthesia, keeping the patient under as light a dosage of medication as was possible.
"Star Surgeon" by Alan Nourse
Several series of experiments with rats indicate that if the dosage is large enough, the offspring can be affected.
"Applied Eugenics" by Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
And the recipient subject was maintained on an adequate dosage of algetin.
"The Alembic Plot" by Ann Wilson
Mercurials in moderate dosage have also a favorable action in most cases.
"Essentials of Diseases of the Skin" by Henry Weightman Stelwagon
Now, she's gone, I don't even know the dosage.
"Valley of the Croen" by Lee Tarbell
On my return I found him under heavy dosage for the recovery of strength and lost appetite.
"The No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting-Cure" by Edward Hooker Dewey
Frequently, the case has been rendered incurable by massive dosage or surgery.
"Doctor Jones' Picnic" by S. E. Chapman
In 1920, Dr. Whitebread added a number of specimens of medical-dosage forms and pharmaceutical preparations to the Division's collections.
"History of the Division of Medical Sciences" by Sami Khalaf Hamarneh
The dosage purged them so thoroughly that they did not recover until three or four days later.
"Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699" by Thomas P. Hughes
The dosage, mixed in the coffee he had given them earlier, was a light one.
"Pariah Planet" by Murray Leinster
Perhaps his recent exposure to a normal dosage had immunized him.
"Instant of Decision" by Gordon Randall Garrett
The "Goldilocks dosage," not too much, not too little.
"Syndrome" by Thomas Hoover
His endeavors to reduce his daily dosage fail, and he becomes thoroughly enmeshed.
"Habits that Handicap" by Charles B. Towns
Kanthack found that a dosage 3-3.6 p.p.m.
"Chlorination of Water" by Joseph Race
Measurements of radiation dosage have been made by chemical and photographic dosimetry, ion chambers, and biological dosimetry.
"Significant Achievements in Space Bioscience 1958-1964" by National Aeronautics and Space Administration
It should be given in about the same dosage as the tomatoes, and seems applicable where the swede can be readily obtained.
"Scurvy Past and Present" by Alfred Fabian Hess

In news:

When the researchers introduced low dosages of titanium dioxide nanoparticles prior to exposure, they found the damage was further enhanced.
EGH is one of four hospitals in the nation that will collaborate with Siemens to develop best-in-class clinical processes and protocols that reduce patient CT radiation dosage , improve patient outcomes and strengthen clinical operations.
Utilizing this new connectivity, when Fusion customers perform CT exams with contrast, Certegra sends the CT dosage information to Fusion to auto-populate the radiology record.
The threat of Zocor side effects has prompted the U.K.'s drug regulator to advise doctors there to alter dosage of the medication in patients taking certain other drugs, Bernstein Liebhard LLP reports.
He told KUER that every patient processes these drugs differently and each one has a distinct appropriate dosage .
Their improved compound removes the bacteria's antibiotic resistance and allows the antibiotic to once again become effective at normal dosage levels.
The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) approved rules that increase the maximum allowable dosage of irradiation in meat and poultry products.
This technical forum is part of a special issue on Solid Dosage and Excipients.
Earnest, but not earnest like a mall emo band, and punk rock, but edgier than mall punk bands, The Gaslight Anthem, which also throws a heavy dosage of Springsteen into the mix, goes far beyond most Warped Tour attendees' grasps.
HP digital titration uses inkjet technology to measure the precise dosages of medications needed to fight diseases at considerably lower cost than even the existing automated processes currently used to test experimental drugs.
Patients who were given a dosage of caffeine were able to control their movements better and had less difficulty moving.
The latest NFL programming note from ESPN stood out for its heavy dosage of NFC West coverage.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved rules that increase the maximum allowable dosage of irradiation in meat and poultry products.
This outstanding clinical reference provides valuable insights into solving clinical dilemmas, formulating diagnoses, developing therapeutic plans, and verifying drug dosages for both reptiles and amphibians.
Six product brands encompassing 20 dosage strengths have been available during the past two years.

In science:

Warfarin loading dosage and individual patients response.
The application of a perceptron model to classify an individual's response to a proposed loading dose regimen of Warfarin
As described in Martin et al. (1996), the appropriate time scale for photodegradation is the total (i.e., cumulative) effective UV dosage, denoted by DTot .
A Review of Accelerated Test Models
Intuitively, this total effective dosage can be thought of as the cumulative number of photons absorbed into the degrading material and that cause chemical change.
A Review of Accelerated Test Models
Then the total dosage model in (9) can be used to predict photodegradation under other combinations of wavelengths [i.e., for other E0 (λ, τ ) functions].
A Review of Accelerated Test Models
The gene dosage effect is called haploinsuffi ciency (HI) and has been verifi ed experimentally (Venkatachalam et al 1998; Song et al 1999).
The p53-MDM2 network: from oscillations to apoptosis
The standard likelihood ratio test rejects the null hypothesis at the 10% nominal level, i.e., it suggests that there are differences in mean slopes for different dosages.
Improved testing inference in mixed linear models
The chip is therefore not applicable for the higher radiation dosage and lower power budget requirements of the pixel detector.
New Results on ATLAS Pixel Opto-Link
This indicates that the chips may not be adequate for the pixel detector as we expect the optical link to receive a dosage of 20 Mrad.
New Results on ATLAS Pixel Opto-Link
Accordingly, it was concluded that in a clinical setting an over or under dosage may occur in the order of a few percent.
Analytical expressions for stopping-power ratios relevant for accurate dosimetry in particle therapy
This is in sync with the biomedical philosophy of “hit first and hit hard ” , i.e., to treat the disease with high dosage in the early phase of the treatment and once a physical recovery takes place, gradually decrease the dosage.
Free Final-Time Optimal Control for HIV Viral Dynamics